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2023-08-09 10:21:43

Poori and Chicken Curry Recipe - Chicken and Poori For Great Breakfast, Lunch Recipe by Vahchef

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With the non vegetarian , whether it's chicken curry or mutton curry is kind of honoring your guest even at our home when I was a child , you know , weekly , once we used to do it and especially when you have guests at home , this is a standard combination and the preparation of this chicken curry or mutton curry with the poppy seed and coke .

It kind of give you a good feeling and you feel very relaxed .

I know you can get a little higher on the poppy seeds , but let's go ahead and make this and chicken curry .

Hello .

Welcome back to another session with your wash and water dot com .

And today we're going to learn this puri and chicken curry and also war magic with chef money , some vegetable carvings .

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So first making this chicken curry , we kind of cook the coconut on the direct flame and then we add poppy seeds and make a fine paste of it , taking a coconut piece , putting it on the direct flame , usually on the charcoal will give a kind of smoky texture and the flavor for the curry .

Don't worry , a little bit burnt like texture , but this will add a nice flavor .

Many times it even catches fire .

Look at this boom , ba boom , ba boom .

This kind of burned coconut just cut it into small pieces .

And then we're going to make it a powder with poppy seeds , take poppy seeds and dry , roast them on a very slow flame .

This will help in grinding these poppy seeds into powder , the poppy seed into a blender .

We're going to add the coconut pieces in this just to help in grinding .

I'm going to add some coriander powder .

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Another thing I love to add grinding , poppy seed is salt , make a very fine powder out of this .

Add some oil in this .

We're going to add onion .

Since I added salt in making the poppy seed powder , I'm going to be very careful and add a little bit of salt .

I want this onions to be slightly colored in this .

We're going to add ginger garlic paste , add some turmeric in this .

We're going to add the chicken pieces slowly fry them .

And in this , add some green chili , we're gonna add some tomatoes .

And in this , we're going to add the coconut poppy seed , coriander potter masala .

So this is what is going to give a very good gravy .

We're going to add red chili powder and some pepper powder will give great results , some cumin powder .

Now look at all these powders in this chicken and mix all of this .

Keep cooking with these masala for around 3 to 4 minutes .

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After a few minutes of slow cooking , the chicken will have great flavor with all these masala cooked along with it slightly dry .

Now , we're going to make the gravy by adding water , the poppy seed , everything will turn this into a very nice gravy , put the lid on and let it cook for at least 12 to 15 minutes .

When this is half cooked , we're going to add some mint leaf and this will give an excellent flavor .

The gravy consistency , you know , it's an individual liking the gravy consistency .

So if you like it slightly thicker , you can do it thicker .

But for the puri a little more is good .

The poppy seed , the coconut , everything is perfectly cooked .

I'm going to add a little extra coriander leaf in this that will make it very , very tasty .

So this is all ready .

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I'm going to keep it on the side and I'm going to fry puri for it , whether you want to have small puri or big puri , make a stiff dough you can make with a actually , I'll post the link for my puri videos .

Many variations .

You can do add a little bit of oil after making these dumplings coat them with little oil so that you don't have to use flour for rolling the pori and now let's roll them .

This oil will help these poor don't stick at the bottom and also a little bit of oil .

What you add in the flow .

So now make round or any continental shapes , the poor when they puff up , they will look nice and dry .

The number one rule when frying the oil has to be nice and hot .

And the other thing is have a lad like this , you have to press it for them to puff up nicely .

So in the hot oil , put them and look at the way I am pressing it .

So this will give a nice puff and you will have a nice round puff .

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The pus fry them till they are nice , slightly colored like this .

Take them off from the hot oil , transfer it onto a paper towel and you have fantastic puri .

Look at the nice gravy .

This is what I want when you have the chicken ready , the gravy has to be so good .

It is nice and the flavor coming from the coconut and the poppy seed .

This is just outstanding and wonderful .

And we're going to enjoy it with puri when this is so good .

Just a little bit of coriander leaf .

This is just outstanding .

So perfect dip in this sauce along with a piece of chicken .

Wow .

Look at it perfectly cooked and from the gravy it has to be pouring and mm the thing is it goes dips in , brings in a lot of flavor and fantastic chicken difference .

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The poppy seed chicken curry is one of my favorite difference .

Keep cooking , keep saying whatever and every dip counts .

Mhm .

Yeah .

Mm .

Mm .

War Magic with chef money .


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