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2023-08-09 10:27:52

Another Super Easy Chinese Chicken w_ Onions in Oyster Sauce 洋葱蚝油烧鸡 Quick Chinese Stir Fry Recipe

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Hi and welcome to Spice and pans today .

We'll be cooking stir fried chicken with onion and oyster sauce .

So let's start cooking .

Now we're going to fry the chicken , heat up a pan , add in just a little bit of oil .

I'm using a nonstick pan over here , so I'm not adding in too much of an oil once the oil has heated up and in chicken I'm using over here , one boneless chicken thigh , approximately 230 grams , two pieces like this .

We do not need to marinate the chicken because this dish comes with some sauce .

Don't move the chicken first .

We want to brown the chicken on all sides .

Just let them pan fry for a minute or two .

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Now we'll turn it to the other side .

Now , all this one , I'm using medium heat , we can do the same .

This is how we want it to be a little bit brown .

We will do the same for each side .

Now that the chicken has brown , you add in two pieces of red onion kinds of pieces like this .

Put it in .

If you like your dish to be a little spicy , you can add in some dried chili .

I've soaked two pieces of dried chili .

Just make it around fry this for a minute or two .

We just want the onions to soften a bit .

Now we add in four cloves of garlic slice very thinly like this .

Make sure that your onion has softened or become translucent like this .

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Before you add in the garlic , I'll be adding in two pieces of spring onion , putting in the white stand part first two pieces like this , just mix it around very beautiful dish .

Now we're adding our seasoning , one tablespoon of oyster sauce , one tablespoon of duck soy sauce and one tablespoon of soy sauce .

Mr is a we are now adding one teaspoon of sugar .

Same thing we will mix this around .

Now we are adding four tablespoons of Chinese rice wine .

If you do not take alcohol , then you can just change this to water .

It's fine .

Smells really , really good .

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This is almost ready , add in a few dashes of white pepper and now all we need to do is thicken this up with solution , just mix it around , give this a mix and add in the rest of the spring onion time to have our lunch .

And now the dish is done .

Let's have a taste .

Hm The chicken is cooked just nice .

You can put a little bite on the chicken .

The sauce is really really , really fantastic .

I think this goes best with steam rice .

So ladies And gentlemen , I hope you like our video .

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Thank you for watching .


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