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2023-08-07 14:30:10

How To Make Popcorn Healthy

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Hello , everyone .

Today , I'm going to show you how I make these popcorn , green jars without a pressure cooker .

I use the oven to sterilize these jars and a pressure cooker is definitely the preferred method for grain sterilization , but I don't have a pressure cooker .

So today I'm just going to be using the oven to sterilize these jars .

So the first thing we have to do is prepare our jars .

Here , I have a dozen .

You can get them at like Target or Walmart for $12 .

They're pretty cheap .

So the first thing we have to do is drill some holes into these jars .

So here I have this drill .

You don't need a drill though .

You could also just use screws and hammer the screws into the lid or a screwdriver and just punch some holes in here .

But I have a drill .

So I'm just gonna use it .

Ok .

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So now we have the holes in the jar lids and you're gonna wanna make sure that you empty the jars because there's gonna be like metal shavings that fall into the jar .

And so now we're gonna create our injection port .

So just pick a hole that you want to be the injection part port and you grab your red R TV and you put like a doll on the hole and do the same thing on the other side .

OK ?

This was like super messy but you see there's like peaks here and you're gonna want to flatten it out .

So just grab a really wet paper towel and you can just press it against the R TV and it flattens it out without sticking to the paper towel .

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So now you have like a nice flat injection for it and you want to do that same thing on the other side and one tip is to always finish by pressing it on the side that you're not gonna inject on .

So you're gonna wanna press it on the back side because it creates a nice little bubble which shows you where you can inject it .

So we have our injection ports and now we're gonna add the filter for the air exchange hole .

I like to use just two layers of micro port tape .

You can also use Tyvek um envelopes as a filter or filter discs , whatever works best for you .

Her second layer of micropore on and that's it .

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So you're just gonna wanna wait for the injection port to dry , which usually takes about 24 hours for it to fully dry and then you're good to go .

All right .

So we've got our jars done and now it's time to hydrate the popcorn .

Um So you wanna bring the water to a rolling boil and now we're just gonna add our popcorn .

Uh Today I'm doing six , £6 of popcorn , split them into two pots because I don't have a pot big enough and then turn down your heat to medium low to make sure it's at like a simmering stage , not a boiling .

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And if you want , you can also add some ground coffee .

Uh I do one tablespoon for every £2 .

So one tablespoon in here and then two tablespoons in this one .

So then you're gonna wanna wait until the water goes into a simmer and then set the timer for about 45 minutes .

Once your water reaches this point in simmering , that's when you wanna set your timer for 45 minutes , make sure you stir every 10 minutes or so to make sure that there's nothing burning on the bottom .

OK , guys .

So it's actually been 50 five minutes of this simmering .

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I let it run for an additional 10 minutes because I didn't feel like it was hydrated enough at the 45 minute mark , but now it's been 50 five minutes .

So I'm gonna turn off the heat and then strain it through a colander to check to see if your popcorn is hydrated enough .

Something that I like to do is to bite through the grain and well , if you can't bite through it at all , it's definitely not hydrated enough .


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