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2023-08-06 16:12:09

How To Clean White Vans!

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Hello .

Uh , so today I'm gonna show you guys how to clean some white vans .

All right .

So to start , um , you're gonna need your vans .

Um , well , first here , this is actually one that has already been cleaned .

It's kind of hard to tell with this lighting and then the camera , but like obviously that this one's a lot cleaner .

I didn't , I didn't really clean the rubber part too well , but , you know , I just barely went over it , but if I went over it better , just regular , it would all be clean just like , you know , that more so , um , but this is , this is still dirty .

I haven't cleaned this one at all .

Um , it's kind of hard to tell , but like , just because my shoes are not too dirty , but there's some blue up there , some staining from the , you know , from the , from jeans dirt along in there .

It's , it's a little bit dirtier .

I guess if you were to look at it from my view .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But so that's basically the shoe .

Um , hopefully if I have a chance I'll do another video when my shoes are dirtier so that I can prove a little bit better that this cleaning shoe , these , this cleaning shoe method works .

All right .

So , first what you're gonna need is some baking soda .

I mean , baking powder might work .

I'm not sure .

I , you could try it .

I think it would work .

I know baby powder works .

So you can get that too water , just regular water , whatever , like a little bowl like this or something .

And then , um , basically what you're gonna do is you're just gonna take the baking powder , dump a little bit of it into like a container like this and , or a container like this without the water in it at first and then pour just a little bit of water and um , you're gonna get a little mixture like this .

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It's hard to , to see , but it's not , it's , it's a , it's a little bit soupy but it's still like it's , you still wanna have a little thick , thicker consistency .

So , all right .

But so then basically it will end up looking like that .

And what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the dirty shoe and you're basically gonna take it all .

Also , what you will need is a toothbrush .

So just a regular toothbrush , whatever .

And you're just gonna wanna take this dip this into here like this , just get a little bit of it on it .

What you're gonna do is you're just gonna like slowly in circles , whatever motion you really want , but you're gonna kinda just rub it along the shoe as you see me doing and , and if you do notice it clump too much , just add a little bit more water and it won't , it won't come clump up so much , but it doesn't , it's not a big deal that it's clumping up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , as you can see , you just continue to , you just kind of want to get the shoe fully covered .

Like so , and you wanna , you just wanna get up here , you know where , where it is the worse .

And , um , let me see , it's a little bit hard to do with the camera and um , only my right hand to clean it , but just , just do it like this .

Um And then , and then you can do the same thing with the , um , the rubber , the sole of the shoe or whatever .

Uh You can just rub it along it just as you did with the fabric .

Um , and it , it'll just help create a white .

Um Also I guess you can use , um , toothpaste .

I heard that works .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So whatever you have at your house or whatever , I guess you have to go buy .

Um , fortunately I don't have to buy anything because we already had baking soda at the house .

So this works .

Um But yeah , just kind of rub it along .

You just kind of want to just get it all covered up .

You don't , you're not necessarily looking to clean it so much like get all the dirt off right away , but just kind of coat it in the , in the , um , baking soda mixture , water mixture .

But , and also one other thing .

Yeah , same with , same with the fabric .

You just , you're just looking to kind of coat it too .

Um , but you don't get like dirt from here on the dirt from here because that might actually leave , you know , might make that dirty .

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I don't know , just be careful and that you're not like transferring dirt , you know , make sure your shoes aren't dirty dirt , got dirt stuck to them or anything like that , but just kind of cover them .

And I'd say I'd say lather a little bit more , leave it thicker on a little bit more where it's , um , a little bit more , you know , discolored or whatever and dirty or whatever .

But , so basically you do that and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna do the whole shoe back , front side , you know , the whole rubber .

I've never done the inside .

I don't know if that would work , but I don't feel the need to .

So , basically , and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the dirty shoe and you are going to just put it in the sunlight like that , just throw it out , out on your deck or whatever and just let it sit there and , um , I don't know , I waited about an hour .

I , and it was dry .

Actually , I think I waited like , honestly a half hour and it was dry , but that was pretty sunny .

So , who knows ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But , and then basically the outcome will be this what you saw earlier .

I mean , everything is pretty clean .

I could have , I could have done this so much better , but I don't really believe you even need to use baking soda for that .

I've cleaned it many times with just soap and water .

It's just the rubber and , um , but , but basically it's gonna end up turning out like this .

It's gonna be very white , good looking and , uh , fresh .

Um , I may make a video , I may cut this video and start a new video just to show after the shoe is done drying over there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You're gonna wanna just , um , take it and you're just gonna like it's gonna all dry on the shoe and it's gonna kind of lather become thicker and lather up and you're just gonna wanna like pound it off , maybe take the , uh , brush and just kind of go over the shoe and just get all that , you know , because it's , it's kind of like a powdery substance that dried on it and just get it all off and there you have , have it .

You have white clean fresh vans .

All right , I hope you all enjoyed .

All right .

So we're back , here's the shoe when it's all done and as you can see it's so white .

I ended up just throwing them out on the porch , everything is pretty much all white , including , you know , there's tons of dirt everywhere and , you know , I didn't even have to , like , clean it , clean it .

I just had to coat it in it and then , I don't know , does it work for you ?

Even the blue pretty much all came out .

I don't see really any of it .

So , yeah , it does .

Amazing job .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , there you go .

There you have it and then once you get to this part , so it's gonna be as you can see , you know , it's all you can see it on the deck .

It's just like coming off .

You just kind of just it .

I'm just like , um maybe take this , the toothbrush dried off , obviously so that it doesn't stick to it or , you know , put the old , old stuff on it .

But I just wanna go like that .

So there you have it um , way to clean your bands and they're white as white as , I don't know , just white as shit .

So there you go .

They kick ass piece .


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