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2023-08-08 07:02:26

Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe

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Hi guys today , I'll show you how to make chicken biryani a faster way .

Usually bii takes hours to prepare .

This recipe is much quicker but still tastes good .

I'll put all the ingredients and exact measurements in the description below .

First heat , a few tablespoons of vegetable oil in a heavy pot on medium heat .

I'll be adding whole spices .

Five cardamom pods crush them .

So they're open one teaspoon seeds , six cloves , one cinnamon stick , one star and half a teaspoon of black peppercorns .

Put all the whole spices into the hot oil stir until you smell them and the cumin seeds turn darker about 30 seconds .

Now add chopped red onion .

This is about two medium onion .

Saute this for a few minutes until golden brown take six garlic cloves and a one inch piece of fresh ginger and grind .

It , add the ginger garlic mixture and saute for a few minutes until golden .

That looks good .

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Add a half a teaspoon ground turmeric stir and cook for 30 seconds .

Add 1.5 teaspoons of Kashmiri chili powder .

This is the chili powder that's not spicy more for color .

You can substitute paprika if you don't have this chili powder .

Now , add one teaspoon of hot chili powder .

Have more if you like it spicy , add two teaspoons of ground coriander seeds and one teaspoon of ground fennel seeds .

I just ground them up in my spice grinder .

Stir that for a few seconds .

So the spices are a bit toasted .

Turn the heat down if you see that , the spices are burning and add a little more oil if you need to .

Now add chopped tomatoes .

This is two small tomatoes .

Stir this cover and cook until the tomatoes are soft .

You can mash them easily .

I'll be using cut up chicken .

These are from a whole chicken with the skin removed .

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I'm using all different parts with the bone in .

It's just more flavorful with the bone in .

If you want to substitute boneless pieces , that's fine too .

Add 1.5 teaspoons of salt , mix the well and cover .

Cook this for 25 to 30 minutes .

Stirring in between .

If you're using boneless pieces , cook only 10 minutes for breast and 15 for thighs .

Basically , you want to cook the meat about three quarters of the way .

After 20 minutes , my pot needs water .

So I'm adding a half a cup stir and cover .

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It's been 30 minutes .

Now , I add a half a teaspoon of salt and bar smoothy rice that's been rinsed , add water and bring this up to a full boil .

Now there are bubbles in the middle cover the pot with a tight fitting lid and cook for 15 minutes .

After 15 minutes , the race is just about done .

Turn the heat off , cover it and leave for five minutes .

Open the lid , fluff up the rice with a fork .

The rice is cooked well and the meat is moist .

If you like cilantro , add a handful of chopped cilantro leaves .

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Other garnishes include cashews and or golden raisins , saute it and for a few minutes , these are all optional and depends on your taste .

I hope you give this recipe a try and let me know what you think in the comments below .

Subscribe and I'll see you next time .

Thanks for watching .


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