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2023-08-07 14:17:01

How To Tie An Ascot (2 ways for different neck sizes)

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Hey there Lynnwood here and today I'm going to be showing you how to tie an Ascot or a .

So if you're interested , stay tuned , thumbs up if you like it .

And if you haven't seen my last video , you can do so by clicking the eye in the top right corner .

Now , before we begin , you'll wanna make sure uh that , you know , a couple of things .

The first of which is that I have flipped the image on this .

So when I say right , it will also be your right .

And when I say left , it will also be your left .

It just makes it a bit easier for people to follow along in the instance of a tutorial like this here .

Uh For the first way , I'll show you to tie it .

You'll want to make sure that one of your sides , whichever side you plan on tying with .

In this instance , it will be my right is about two inches longer than the other side .

Now , I'm gonna be showing you guys two different ways to tie it because if you have a slightly larger neck , they don't make these in extendable lengths like they do for bow ties , things like that .

So I wanna show you guys a way to do it if you have a larger neck as well as if you have a smaller neck like mine .

I have a 15.5 neck size .

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We've got the back portion across the neck here .

Now , if you don't want that to show as much , you can take that and fold it in half and that way , it's less noticeable there .

Uh So I'll go ahead and show you how to do it like that from there .

I'm going to go ahead and bring the right side over the left like so , and I'll just hold the left side of my hand here .

Once I've done that , I'm going to wrap around the back and come back to the right side where I started .

We'll then bring it around to the front again and I'm just keeping my finger in here .

This is basically , if you're familiar , this is like a standard four in hand knot from there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once you've done that , you'll go ahead and bring it up and through the center like so , ok , once you have that portion of the tie done , you'll just take the tip of the tie here or one of the blades and you're going to feed it down through that loop that you just created with your finger .

Was now , I like this method just because it leaves a bit of bulk here .

It causes that Ascot to kind of fill out when you do it .

Uh , so once you've done that , you'll notice you have the other blade that's still rather long back here .

So , what I'm going to do is I'm going to take that blade .

We'll turn to the side so you guys can see a bit better here and we're just going to feed it up through the back .

So I'm gonna take the tip of that blade , we'll feed it up through the back space and then out like this here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you guys can see it gives a nice full look , but you can still have your creasing and things in there .

It also gives some volume this way .

So if you're looking to have that more voluminous look to it , this will give you that .

Now let me throw a shirt on so you can see what it looks like when it's composed .

I didn't put the shirt on with this just because I wanted you guys to see as much detail as possible .

All right .

So once I have my dress shirt on , you guys can see how much fullness this creates where it just kind of comes on out and gives you a lot more visual instead of it just kind of sinking into the shirt .

So that's what I like about this .

Not , you can even take it a step further and dress it up with a sport coat or with a suit jacket .

So I'll go ahead and show you what that looks like as well .

I prefer it like this just because it just gives you an extra something .

Let me go ahead and pull out the cuffs here and that way you guys can kind of see how it goes from being able to be a bit more casual to a bit more dressy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh , just kind of gives you that cavalier type of look , you know what I'm saying ?

So this is the first method that you would use here .

OK .

I'm gonna go ahead and take all of this back off .

So I can show you the other method in case you have a larger neck size or , uh in case you're just not wanting quite as much fullness here .

The nice thing about this not here is that it does stay in place , it does not slide .

So that's a plus , but I will tell you you have to take it down the same way that you put it up .

So feed it back through the back again , then come back up here and pull the tip of that first blade out and it'll come right undone .

OK ?

So if you have a larger neck , what honestly is , the easier method is still keeping us a slight difference here , only like an inch this time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then from there , I'm going to take my longer end , I'm going to tie it around under and we'll go through the middle one just like a standard shoelace knot , right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and tighten that up .

I don't want it too , too snug .

Then from there , I can just begin to unfold and shape .

Now you'll notice this doesn't create quite as much fullness up here .

Um It lays a lot more snug and flat , but it gives you quite a bit more tying space on both ends .

So if you have a larger neck , uh or if you just wanted a more voluminous look , if you wanted to be able to button on or unbutton down further , it would give you that option .

So just to show you how it looks different in the shirt , I'll go ahead and edit to the portion where I have my shirt on .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can see this gives you much more coverage here .

So if you , for some reason decided I wanna have my shirt wide open , you know , quite a bit more , you could easily do that .

Um You could also then go ahead and button it this way , but it doesn't give you as much volume here .

You can see with having it widened out here .

It does give you a bit more exposure around the neck there .

Uh which if you're not accustomed to wearing an ascot , you'll find that this can feel somewhat abrasive to the neck .

So that's why I showed you that first step with folding .

And of course , you can do that with this method as well .

Downside of this method is it does more easily slide and come undone as the day goes about .

So , if you're moving a lot things like that , you can notice some shaping and some movement going on , you guys can see just simple movements like that can easily loosen it up , which of course , you're not gonna be doing that throughout the day .

Uh But this , this method requires more adjusting .

However , if you have more of a uh thicker neck , it allows you to do that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Another benefit is that you can easily untie it and you're done .

So let me know in the comments below which method you prefer or if you could even see yourself wearing an ascot or a if so , let me know until next time you guys take care and God bless .

You're fancy now .

Bye .


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