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2023-08-09 10:01:02

How to clean Jordan 12s with REFRESHED Shoe Cleaner!! _REVIEW_ (FASTEST WAY)

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What's up guys ?

So today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to clean some shoes .

In this case , I'm gonna clean my Jordan 12 Feba .

As you can see , they're really dirty for white shoes , they're dirty the other side , you can see and to clean them .

I'll be using refreshed .

Now , refreshed is a shoe cleaner and I got this from like it was like from those people that say try this and then they clean one of your shoes and if , if you buy one like their product , they'll clean the other shoe .

It comes with the brush , two cleaners and conditioners , water stand repellant and the touch up bottle .

So let's open it up .

As you can see the two cleaner conditioners , the touch up bottle , it's more of like a paint , got to shake it up to use it .

So the two cleaners and conditioners , these were for leather suede nuba cloth , rubber , canvas , vinyl , and nylon and then I have the brush and then the water is still repellent .

Ok ?

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We're gonna put the box on the side .

So you're gonna need some water and then all you gotta do is take your brush and then you dip it in the water like that and then you get your cleaner and conditioner bottle and you don't wanna put too much just like a , like a few drops .

Right .

Not too much and then dip it back , take it off a little bit and then you start scrubbing as you can see all already coming off dirt and like this dirty stuff that's lightly stuck on the shoe comes off really easily and then the rest that's like a little , a little tough to get off , comes off a little , takes a while to get to take off .

All right .

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Dip it again to the other side .

You can see this is a little more harder to take off .

So you gotta scrub it a little more .

It's really easy to do this .

See , do that on the whole shoe and it's already looking fairly white .

Ok .

So you can take your brush , put it back in your water and for my shoes , I am gonna clean the shoe , the laces also today .

So , um , I'm gonna take off the laces .

All right .

So I got the laces off right here .

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So I'm gonna try to clean them as best as possible in a minute .

All right .

So as you can see where the laces were , there's still like spots where the laces just rubbed on and just left the dirty right there .

So I'm gonna try to clean that also .

So you're gonna take your brush again , shake off some water .

So it doesn't get like in the shoe , the scrub , the dirt that was once there from the shoelaces is gone .

Yeah .

Again a little bit .

All right .

So I like to keep a towel under just so I can , um , kind of like lift right here and just dry them off like this .

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You can see .

So right now we're not quite done yet .

Still have like two more steps , right .

So once you ride your shoe , this is what it's gonna look like for .

Now , you can see compared to the dirty one .

Now I'm gonna clean this one .

So on this one , I'm just take off the laces first real quick .

So I'm taking off the laces now on both shoes .

See this was still dirty .

Start to clean this one .

A lot of shoes get this right here like the other shoe .

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It's just from the like the little debris and stuff that just gets caught up in here and just keeps on getting rubbed from the shoelaces .

All right .

So I clean this one now , dip your brush , shake it off a little bit and then s so now I'm just cleaning where the laces were .

Once you got all that little debris that's just built up in there to get all that out as much as possible .

Majority of it is gone .

So OK , put that to the side , kinda show up here we go .

He was the , the final product I can say pretty clean .

So overall refresh did a pretty good job .

I got to clean the laces and do the touch up .

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So I'm going to do the touch up right now .

So what you do for the touch up is take your shoe , right ?

So those little like the little stitching right there , see how it's still dark because the dirt is still like kind of built up in there .

You can see also on this one .

So what you do , you take the touch up bottle more like a pit to shake it up a little bit clean it up and then what you do is you kind of you like for the liquid to come out , you have to like push it down and firmly squeeze .

So I'm gonna start with this one right here .

If you're just gonna push it down and kind of squeeze .

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You see , it's like a paint type of thing and just put all over the stitching like that .

Try not to get it on like colored parts like this , but it does come off , you just go like that , it would just come off .

So that's a good part .

And then you could put it like right here , see how it's still kind of dirty right there in the leather part , you do that and it's clean and this , they're all over the stitching that .

So once you think you've done good enough and what you do .

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If you still have like excess , um touch up liquid , then you can just take the same towel and just kind of take the excess off .

All right .

So now let's compare both these shoes are still clean , but one has a touch up and one doesn't , you can see the one on the left does have the touch up on the right does not .

And then this one on the other hand still dark because of the dirt .

Now , I'm gonna do the one on the right real quick .

Then you can also put this on here if it's white .

So just do this and just and white that up also .

But I don't like really doing that because it takes up a lot of liquid .

He's already looking pretty new compared to what they looked like before the cleaning .

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So how I clean my laces is I just take the same water that I was using and then kind of just dip them in there and then you kind of just like twirl them in there , just mix them up and stuff .

And if you see the water start to get dirty , that's pretty good because you're taking out the dirt , the liquid in there is mixed with water in this .

So it's cleaning your laces pretty well .

Sergeant rinse them off you that pretty much los video .

But we do have the water stain repellent .

So after you've cleaned and then you've touched up your shoes , take off the cap and then what you do kind of just , just spray them like a foot away like that .

And this is all right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is what you get after doing all those steps .

So I'm gonna to lace them up real quick .

This is gonna be a result right here , refresh your cleaner .


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