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How to Perform Umrah (full) - Procedure of Umrah - KSA2 - 2011

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Me is obligatory once in a lifetime .

As a prophet peace be upon him , said to perform .

He once and those who perform more , it would be as voluntary .

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It is recommended to perform more often because the prophet has mentioned , said to eliminate sins committed in between pillars of are 31 two , the W three C duties are 21 , putting their harm from two shaving of the hair or cutting it short conditions of five , he must be a Muslim .

He must be an adult .

He must be of a sound state of mind .

He must be free and women must have a , it is important for those who intended to travel to perform Amra or other worshiping too .

Have a clear intention purely for a law .

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Make sure to perform it in accordance to be three times then say , oh Allah , make easy for us , this journey of ours and shorten for us , the distance thereof .

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Oh Allah , you are our companion in this journey and guardian in our household .

Oh , Allah , I seek refuge in you against the toil of this journey from beholding a miserable sight and on ill return in my wealth household .

And my Children , the are points at which pilgrims on their way to their assume the state of Iran that is consecration and the ritual outfit .

These places are the of the residents of Medina and those passing through it .

It is also known as a , a the meat of the residents of Syria and Egypt as well as of those passing through those two countries .

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Nowadays , people enter the from the meat of the people of Yemen and countries aligned with it and those passing through them of the people of and those passing through them .

It is also known as a cab which is 75 kilometers away from Mecca .

And the valley of Mam is the highest point in the meat of the people of Iraq , middle and north of naj the towns aligned with them as well as those passing through them .

Yeah .

No , his that did so .

Yeah , they eat in home when reaching one of those places .

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It is good to wash up and put perfume as done by the prophet peace be upon him in the hadith narrated by Aisha , the wife of prophet peace , be upon him .

I used to send Aahs Apostle when he wanted to assume and also on finishing Ira before the round the it is the sun to have a shower before wearing to shave the armpits , clim the nails .

So he will not need to do those things .

When in state of prophet Mohammed Yon him guided us to take care of hygienic issues in the body in general .

As narrated by Abu Hua five practices are characteristics of the circumcision , shaving the pubic hair , clipping the nails and cutting the mustaches short , fell down after having a shower and cleaning oneself and taking off any sew clothes for men .

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Pilgrim wrapped themselves from below the chest with white fabric and draped another piece over the shoulders while women are allowed to wear what she wants , but not to wear makeup or perfume and must cover her hair , not her face , wearing of the burqa , a veal with which a woman covers her face having in it , two holes for the eyes and gloves are prohibited for her .

Then a pilgrim other than those menstruating or experiencing post natal bleeding , prays the obligatory prayer if it is its time .

Otherwise he makes his intention by praying the tuna .

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When he or she finishes the prayer , they should intend by heart to enter the state of Nuuk , which is by saying the or a man should raise his voice when saying TBI .

Here I am here , I am , here , I am .

Here .

I am .

Surely all the praise is yours and the Dominion .

There is no associate with you .

Here I am while a woman should only say it loud enough that the person beside her may hear while a woman should only say it loud enough that the person beside her may hear one in a one in , I should say the TBI as often as possible , starting from the time he puts on his arm till he starts to off .

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It is necessary for those who go to Mecca by airplane to get ready by washing before getting on board and wearing a hem when reaching the meat should say , and it is not allowed to pass Miha without being in the state of Aram in case he or she feared incapability to perform sickness or any obstacle .

It is invited to say at the time of Ira .

If I am held back by any obstacle , I may break my a in the place in which you hold me .

It is better to utter the intention of performing when getting on board , either an airplane or a car .

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And ok , that prohibited things during a are shaving or trimming the hair from any part of the body , clipping fingernails or toenails , covering the head for a male and covering the face for a woman .

If no male , strangers are around wearing soon clothes by male wearing perfume , hunting , consummating marriage , sexual intercourse in any way .

Oh , when reaching Mecca , it is sooner to wash for entering Mecca .

Only when possible as prophet Mohammed py upon him used to wash himself .

When entering Mecca .

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A pilgrim enters the holy message .

He puts forth his right foot first and says in the name of a law may peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allah .

Allah forgive me my sins and open to me the doors of your mercy .

I seek refuge in Allah , the almighty and in his eminent face and in his eternal Dominion from the a cursed Satan , a pilgrim enters humbly and to praise Allah , his almighty and appreciate the pleasure of reaching the holy Mosque with the help of his almighty A Muslim .

I as you can to and Russia when reaching the Caba TBI to be stopped .

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And during this throw off , it is necessary for men to do two things from the beginning of the off until the end , which means placing the upper towel under his right arm and the ends of it over his left shoulder .

Thus covering his right shoulder .

During the first three circuits , Ael means to speed up one's pace with small steps .

A pilgrim should walk at a normal pace .

During his last four circuits begin with circulating the caba starting off with the black stone .

Every time he reaches the black stone , he is invited to grab it with his hands and kiss it if possible .

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Otherwise , it is enough to point at it saying , oh Allah , I am doing this believing in you and attempting and attesting oh Allah , I am doing this believing in you and attesting to your book and fulfilling your covenant and following the sun of your prophet peace be upon him during his tho he may say that he pleases of supplications mentioning Aah and recitation of the Koran .

What once he reaches a , he should say Allah and hold it if possible without kissing it when being unable to reach it , he could move in the me should say the following between a lie and the black stone or our Lord grant us good in this life and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the hellfire .

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Each time he passes the black stone , he should say , yeah .

And he in our life in our work , when he completes seven circuits of Tawa , he should approach the Mukham Ibrahim , the station of Ibrahim and recite and take the station of Ibrahim as a place of prayer with Ibrahim .

He prays two short raqqah as close as conveniently possible behind Makham Ibrahim .

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During the first Raqqa , he should recite Surat Ron and during the second Raqqa , when he completes the tour , Raaz , he should return to the black stone and touch it if convenient in the following of the prophet peace .

Be upon him .

There are it is also the sun to drink the Zamzam water till he feels he's filled with it .

For what prophet Mohammad be upon him said of what means the water of Zamzam fulfills the purpose for which it has been drunk .

Mhm Not worth me .

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I I went out mhm To go away for , you know , in he should proceed thereafter to the little hillocks of Asafa and Mara and recite the following verse while he climbs the first in Bali as and Mara are among the rights of Allah .

So there is no sin upon him who performs the Hajj or the arm to walk back and forth between them .

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And whoever does good voluntarily , then verily Allah is appreciative and all knowing only at this area , know he should ascend as Safa until he is able to see the Kaba facing the Kabbah and raising his hands .

He should praise Allah and then say three times , Allah is the greatest .

There is no true God except the law alone .

He fulfilled his promise and made his slave prevail and he defeated the Klans all alone and make any supplications he wishes .

Then he should walk down the hill humbly until he reaches the first green light where he starts walking briskly to the second green light after which he should resume his normal pace to reach .

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And women do not have to take a brisk walk in or once he is atop it , he should face the cab and repeat what he recited on a Safa then back and forth between the two hills .

Thus to complete seven rounds ending them on during his say , he may recite what he will of supplications , recitation of the Quran and mentioning of the law .

It is the Sunna to maintain purity by having evolution while tripping and to perform .

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Say starting with the Safa and ending on after the is over .

It should be followed by either shortening all of the hair or better yet shaving it off as the prophet peace upon him , prayed three times for those who shaved their heads .

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And once for those who cut their hair , as for a woman , it is enough to mark the end of by clipping a tiny part of her hair with that the is completed and a pilgrim is free to dress in other clothing and all other things which were prohibited from him during Yara .

And may he exalt the mention of our prophet Mohammed and all of his household and companions .

They are .


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