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2023-08-08 12:48:04

How To Tie a Tie - Rose Bud Knot

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Hi , everybody .

I'm Patrick Noni .

I am the guy .

This is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single neck tie knot known to man .

And I'm bringing that to you .

So if that's the kind of thing you're looking for , then please subscribe .

All right .

This time , I've got another Rose Bud knot for you .

And this time it's invented by a guy named Jack Robertson and you can check out his youtube channel for the original video if you like , but I'm gonna show you how to do this Rose Bud Knot right now .

OK .

So this is a little end knot .

It's tied with a little end .

So it's the long end .

The big end is uh just a little bit above my belt line .

So when it's done , it's gonna fall exactly at my belt line .

All right .

So taking the big end , we're gonna put a dimple in there and bring it to the middle .

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This is pretty much gonna be tided like a Windsor knot , but with the little end , so I'm going to move speed along through this part and uh explain it as I go .

So , taking the little end cross over the front of your neck tie , feed it up through the back of your neck hole and across .

Like .

So taking it from here , we're gonna take the little end around the back and feed it up through your , up to the front of your neck hole and across again , crossing the front like , so I wanna put my finger in here .

You could either , you could either do it all the way up and then feed it through .

I'm just gonna leave my finger in here so I can feed my little end through that little hole .

So taking a little end up through the back of your neck hole .

And now where your finger is , I'm going to pinch it with my thumb and forefinger and now I sort of have a reversed .

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Well , I have a Windsor knot with a little end .

So then from here , this is where the rose bud part comes in .

So you're gonna fold your neck tie in half like so , and you're gonna feed it up through the front of your neck hole and back down .

So you can see my seam , you could see sort of , it's not even .

So I want to just fix that with my thumb and bring that over here .

So the back is gonna cross this way and I'd like to tighten this part up just a little bit and then , um with the little end , keeping it folded , I'm gonna bring it underneath the whole knot and then feed it up through the back of my neck hole on this side , even though it's gonna wrap all the way around .

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So now , now , now , now that I have it behind my , uh , my knot , I bring it all the way back around .

I don't want to cover up this first end .

Here .

There we go .

And we're gonna do the same thing across the front and then we're gonna tuck it in behind our , our uh color here and wrap it around this end .

So holding onto your knot , pull on the big end , we can cinch it up at this point .

You could flare , you can flare up a little bit of an opening .

If you want , you can open these up a tiny bit .

You have to see how you like to have that .

All right , pull your color down and you're done .

That's how you do the rose .

But knock .

That is how the Rosebud knock is done .

Thank you very much Jack Robertson for inventing that and sharing that with everyone so I could learn it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And uh if you guys are taking any knocked pictures of your own , uh you could share that tag me on Instagram or put that on my Facebook page .

So I can see that .

Uh If you got any inventions of your own , please share that again .

You can email me directly or make a video and you could do that on my Facebook page or on my email .

Uh Thank you so much for watching .

I have so many more coming for you guys .

Stay tuned .


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