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2023-08-09 09:56:50

How To Remove_Minimize Jean Stains Tutorial!

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Raw denim jeans plus a light colored kick equals .

That's right .

Jean stains .

Now , we've all been in this situation , right ?

We wear our raw denim pants with light colored kicks .

Now , a whole bunch of kicks look great with denim pants .

Don't get me wrong , but they will affect your shoes .

You'll get some damage right there as well as a blue patch up here .

Depending on what your kick looks like .

This might look a lot worse or a little bit better .

But I wanna give you guys some tips on how to fix this problem .

So let's get right to it .

First of all , I'd recommend you to purchase some nice high quality products to keep your cakes nice and fresh right here .

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We have a bottle of Angelis easy Cleaner and this could be purchased at Angelis direct dot com for a limited time starting from now to the end of February 28 2015 .

I will have a code that will get you 10% off everything on their site .

That code is SI N TB .

Make sure to use that when you are purchasing anything from Angel List direct dot com .

To save yourself some money .

I'm going to start off this tutorial by pouring some angel easy cleaner into a little container .

This makes my job a little bit more easy .

So I'm just gonna add a little splash of it .

Like , so that should be enough peep .

Stand out real quick .

The homie stand is right there .

Here .

I'm doing a video .

Get out .

Oh , he's drowning , right .

Oh , I just killed Stan .

Anyways , I'm gonna show you how to remove everything right now .

Pretty much .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's just a matter of scrubbing and how much you do it .

The people that don't really get it off , they don't really scrub it as much as they're supposed to .

So , like I said , all it is is a matter of scrubbing .

I have two little brushes right here .

One is a little bit more stiff than the other .

So we have a soft bristle toothbrush and a little bit harder bristle right there .

Depending on the materials you're working on .

You might need to switch it up .

You could just really experiment with it .

But I would really recommend this , the soft bristle for materials that are really delicate , such as New Buck suede and this for leathers like the Conquered Elevens , the leather by the ankle .

So let's get right to it .

I'm really not sure how well you could see the little denim marks .

Uh We have a like little patch right here .

I'm not sure how , well you can see that .

I know you could see this one .

Well , but anyways , it's the same idea for pretty much any material .

All you're going to do , like I said is get a brush .

I'm gonna start working on this one right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm using a harder bristle brush , dip it in Angela , easy cleaner and just start scrubbing away and the harder you scrub , uh , the more likely the stain will get out .

So we're gonna get to it right now and I'll show you guys the results when I'm done .

What ?

So as you can see , that's pretty much it .

We still have a slight little tint of blue right here .

And I just want to make this very clear , this method will not get rid of it 100% of the time , but it will minimize the way that the jean stains looking .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you have something like on your leather right here , you can apply a little bit of nail posh remover onto a cotton ball and just dab it just a little bit and that will get rid of the blue , uh , the slight blue hue .

But as far as the mesh , it's looking really , really nice , nice and white and you can see like a little bit of the difference right here because this part is wet and this part is dry .

But like I said , this does work on a ton of shoes , a ton of materials .

So go ahead and check out the site , Angelis direct dot com .

If you guys have this problem , if you're wondering why my Concords are looking a little bit different than everyone else's .

It's just because this was a failed custom attempt , actually murdered the other side of the shoe .

So this is the one that came out , kind of nice .

But yeah , I'm not sure how many people have been rocking with me , uh , since that time , but the older subscribers know what I'm talking about .

So yeah , this is like the failed custom Jordan 11 right here .

And yeah , I just use this to pretty much uh do demonstrations , practice stuff on and all that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is kind of like an explanation why it looks kind of different .

Quick .

Shout out to small potato for giving me the video idea .

Thank you homie .

Anyways , I wanna thank you for watching my video .

Sorry for killing that bug in the video .

I feel like we have to do a small moment of silence for him .

So let's pray .

Lastly , I want to give a big shout out to the homies Romeo and he sway at the Hemy for always holding me down .

If you want to purchase this long sleeve tea , you could do so in the description below .

Thank you for watching and thank you for tuning in .

It's sneaker head of the bay and I'll catch you guys next video .

I'm out .

Peace .


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