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2023-08-08 12:54:22

How to Transfer Music, Videos to iPhone, iPad in macOS

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Hello and welcome to the deleted video .

In this video , we will see how to manually transfer music files and video files to your iphone or ipad .

If you have just got your Mac computer and iphone , then this video will definitely be very helpful to you .

If you have already used the microwaves and iphone and you have confused with the recent changes that Apple have made after killing the itunes .

And in Catalina , they have made a few changes that you need to adopt .

All right , now go to the finder window and on the left side , if you have connected to your iphone or ipad through lightning cable , then you will see the options under locations , the devices , list of devices that you have connected there , you can see my icloud music library is turned down .

So right now I'm going on my iphone to turn it off in order to manually upload the songs and any movie files that I have in my local computer .

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So as you can see that I have went to the settings , music and then I have turned off the sync music library option and there now I will be able to control the music file uploads for that to take effect .

I need to disconnect the iphone and reconnect it .

And then if I go to the music tab in my finder window , I will be seeing the option to sync any existing library of folders that I have in my computer .

This is one kind of easy way where you can simply put all your songs in a folder and when you perform the sync operation , then it naturally , you know syncs every time you connect your iphone and simply the managing will be a little bit easier .

And the other way around is manually manage music .

Uh The films and TV programs should be selected on under the general tab .

That is very , very important if you want to simply drag and drop any music files or movie files to your iphone or ipad .

So make sure that particular option is turned down in your uh this one that the general tab on your finder .

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And then you can go to the folder that you want to copy and paste the song to your iwis device , simply drag and drop in this tab .

And as you can see when I search for that particular song that I have just transferred .

It is there , you can drag and drop on your finder window on your iphone devices list tab on the summary page and it will be transfer .

But in order to manually , you know , see which files you have copied within your iphone .

Now , you have to access the music application .

So as you can see , I am selecting bunch of songs that I simply , you know , drag and drop here .

It's not just , you know , on the summary page of the devices and find a window .

You can also manage your music under the music app , which is completely new , split it from the itunes actually .

And you can simply select delete or you can take control of the songs that is on your devices .

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As you can see , there are two ways right now to , you know , manage your music and movies and for movies , you know , for video files that you want to transfer , you have to go to the Apple TV app and there you have to select the third option , the third tab library and then you will see the I was device that you have connected .

Now , you can select , you know , simply drag and drop any movie file either on the finder window of your device list or in the apple TV app in order to transfer the movie file to your iphone or ipad .

This way , you can also select under delete using the keyboard , delete key , you cannot right click and perform the delete .

So this is , it actually works right now , you know , since you have updated to Mao 10.15 Catalina , so managing the files is a little bit easier , but it is a little bit different .

You know , compared to the Mac Mohave , I hope this tutorial helped you to understand how to manually transfer the files to your iphone and ipad after the Catalina update .

And don't forget to share it with your friends if you find this video useful and for more , don't forget to subscribe .

Thanks for watching .

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Have a wonderful day .


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