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2023-08-06 16:16:20

How To Clean White Sneakers _ At Home Solutions _ Alex Costa

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What's up everyone ?

My name is Alex Costa and I am the type of guy who likes to keep my shoes clean at all times , especially white sneakers .

All right , they gotta be fresh .

It's nothing like wearing your brand new .

Your fresh white kicks out right for the whole day looking good .

And then you get home , you look down and you notice stains , it's basically destroyed .

It's now a different color that sucks .

You know , like you need patience and I know it's frustrating but it's solvable right .

There are ways to bring your sneakers back to life .

And in today's video , we're gonna go over the best possible ways to clean your white sneak .

I'm also and I'm just coming up with this in my head right now .

I'm also gonna give away five cleaning kits from Jason Mark .

Uh to you guys , it's one of the best cleaning solutions in the market .

You know , I'm gonna ship it to your doorstep .

So all you have to do is follow me on Instagram , leave a comment on my latest picture and I will pick five of you to win some Jason Mark cleaning kits , right ?

My Instagram is at Alex Costa .

I post a lot about men's fashion grooming hair and travel .

So go check it out .

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I'll pick the five wieners wieners .

I'll pick the five winners in just a few days .

Alright .

You guys are gonna love this cleaning kit .

So at Alex Costa , go check it out .

Follow leave a comment and uh ok .

Yeah , I just came up with this .

All right , let's get into this starting with number one whitening sponges .

Now , these aren't really advertised as sneaker cleaning or whitening sponges .

But the magic eraser that you see on TV and like in commercials all day long , they're actually great for cleaning white shoes .

Honestly , it's probably one of the easiest ways that you can clean your shoes without buying an actual like shoe cleaning kit .

Right ?

All you have to do is grab 11 of these sponges and then get it wet , squeeze out any excess water and then start cleaning .

If you're cleaning the entire shoe , you're gonna find that the sponge actually starts breaking apart as you clean .

That's normal .

So don't freak out .

I recommend you get your shoes at a sink and then clean them in there to keep things organized .

Otherwise you might make a mess .

But this method is perfect for like a quick cleaning , especially like spot cleaning .

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If you have like a small stain , you know , in one specific area .

Keep in mind though that it's not gonna remove any super deep stains for that .

You're gonna need something stronger .

So let me give you more options .

All right , number two , I call this the toothpaste solution because it has toothpaste and I couldn't come up with a better name for this .

So , toothpaste solution .

I know it's a little bit weird to use toothpaste to clean your sneakers , but it works , especially if you have like those really beat up canvas sneakers .

It's perfect for that .

All right , all you're gonna need is some toothpaste dish soap , baking soda , a small bowl and then your brother's tooth .

I mean a toothbrush .

Ok ?

You're gonna put the toothpaste into the small bowl and then you're gonna add a cup of baking soda , tablespoon of dish soap and a cup of water .

Mix it together until you have a liquid somewhat bubbly solution .

I also like to remove the laces to make it easier and to not damage them .

Then also remove the insoles as well if they're removable just because you don't really wanna get them wet either way .

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Then with the tooth brush , you're gonna apply the solution all over the sneakers .

It's going to foam up just a bit , which means it's working pro tip here guys , no need to brush super hard , especially if it's a new toothbrush , which by the way , I don't know why it would be a new toothbrush .

Don't waste a new toothbrush with this older toothbrushes are actually better because they're softer and they won't damage your sneakers .

So , pro tip , once you apply the solution all over the sneakers , then you're gonna wash it off completely in warm water .

And then here is the secret guys , you're actually gonna repeat the whole process , right ?

That's what's gonna make it really nice and white .

It's the second layer of product .

Use the toothbrush again , brush the sneakers again with the solution and then you wash it off another pro tip , right ?

If you don't wash out all of the solution from your sneakers , you're gonna find stains on your sneakers .

So pay attention here , right ?

Make sure that you wash it all off .

If it dries a little bit of solution there , there's gonna be a little stain and you don't want that .

All right .

So let it dry in the shade and now you're all done left with beautiful white sneakers again .

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Number three .

Now , I know some of you guys don't like the idea of getting your sneakers wet entirely and I get it .

I hear you .

So that's why I'm also gonna recommend you the baking soda solution .

Guess how I came up with that name has baking soda .

That's the only reason why the solution is perfect for you guys who don't want to wash your shoes entirely or spend money on cleaning products , which is totally acceptable .

These are the five items that you will need and you can usually find them in your house which makes it super easy .

So we got baking soda , hydrogen peroxide , a small bowl and then a toothbrush and water .

And what you're gonna add to this bowl is two tablespoons of baking soda , one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of warm water .

And you mix it together until it becomes really pasty .

And you're gonna apply this paste all around the sneakers with the toothbrush .

It's not gonna whiten it right away .

So just be a little bit patient here .

Ok ?

Once the shoe is all covered in the space , you're gonna leave it in sunlight for about an hour .

No more than that guys because actually too much sun will damage the sneakers .

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Another pro tip , we're full of pro tips here today .

When you're drying sneakers in general , I would stay away from direct sunlight because that damages the color , you know , it fades the color , it damages the fabric .

So just place them on a wall , you know , like this and then let them dry .

Now , if you don't have the time or patience for these at home solutions , that's fine .

I feel you , you know , time is money .

I've used some great whitening kits here that really work .

All right , these whitening kit and brands like Jason Mark , like the ones that I'm giving you away today and CRE they're designed with high quality ingredients , meaning you're not gonna have to worry about damaging your shoes , ok ?

I've been using these products for years now .

And they're amazing probably the best out in the market right now .

Both of these either crap or Jason Mark doesn't matter .

They're both gonna work really well .

These whitening kits are obviously a lot easier than putting a bunch of ingredients together and , you know , they clean very effectively .

So you just pour the solution into warm water and then you make sure it's warm , right ?

Not hot , not cold , just warm water , dip the brush in there and then you just scrub your shoes .

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It's super easy .

The only downside to this , I mean , obviously you have to pay for them .

You know , it's a little bit more than just coming up with like baking soda , hydrogen peroxide , all that stuff .

So , you know , it's a little bit more , but to be fair , they're not that expensive , they're about 15 to $25 .

And if you clean your shoes a lot like I do and you want to be convenient as possible .

Or if you're traveling , this is the way to go .

I take them when I go on long trips somewhere because you know , it's a small package .

You can use it anywhere .

If you want to keep it in your car , you can do that .

If you're an avid traveler , you can definitely bring it with you to make it easy .

And if you guys want more fashion grooming , hairstyle travel inspiration , if you wanna see my sneakers or behind the scenes here , then you gotta follow me on Instagram .

It's at Alex Costa Plus .

Like I said , I'm doing this giveaway for you guys .

Five Jason Mark cleaning kits are going out to you guys .

All you have to do is follow me and comment on my latest picture .

And if you like today's video , hit that subscribe button below to become part of our growing youtube family .

Thank you guys so much for watching this video .

Hopefully you get nice fresh white kicks and uh I'll see you again soon this .


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