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2023-08-07 13:58:58

Chicken Keema Biryani Recipe _ How To Make Keema Biryani _ Chicken Biryani By Smita Deo

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Hi , this is Meta Dave and welcome to get current on a busy day when you're looking to cook for something interesting , which is a one pot meal .

I have a perfect recipe for you , which is a chicken Kima Biryani .

Let's see how to make this delicious recipe .

I have about 800 g of chicken mince .

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We're gonna marinade this with a few spices , one tablespoon of ginger paste , one tablespoon of garlic paste , a teaspoon of turmeric powder , two tablespoons of chili powder , a teaspoon of cumin seed powder , a tablespoon of coriander seed powder , a tablespoon of garam masala powder .

And now let's just mix this well .

Yeah .

And let's just keep this aside for at least half an hour while we prepare the gravy .

Let's heat five tablespoons of oil and add some whole spices to this .

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We're gonna add an inch of cinnamon stick , a star five green cardamoms , five cloves , 10 peppercorns and two bay leaves , a teaspoon of Shaha gira and four onions that I have finely chopped .

We have to sort out these onions because they are beautiful golden and crisp .

The onions have turned translucent now to fasten the grounding process .

I'm going to add some salt to this .

This is one of the reasons why I didn't add sauce in the marinade when we were marinate the chicken because I wanted to brown the onions really fast .

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The onions are brown , beautifully looking nice and crisp and golden .

Let's add a tablespoon of garlic paste , a tablespoon of ginger paste and just sauce this .

So the rough smell of the ginger garlic is gone .

Here , I have three tomatoes that I have finely chopped .

I'm going to add this and we're gonna fry this mixture .

So the tomatoes are nice , soft mucky and cooked well done .

Let's add some spices to this .

A teaspoon of red chili powder , half a teaspoon of turmeric powder .

A teaspoon of garam masala powder just let's quickly and let's add the marinated on to this .

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I kept the flame of the stove high .

Let's mix this well .

And once we've sorted this for a minute or two , I'm going to add half a cup of yogurt to this for the mince to remain a little moist , mixed as well .

No .

What a cup of finely chopped mint leaves is what I'm gonna add .

Now , half a cup of freshly chopped green coriander , 5 to 6 slip green chillies to give that little extra punch and I'm gonna adjust the salt .

So teaspoon more and I'm just going to mix this well and I'm gonna simply cover this and cook till the chema is done .

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We're not going to add any water because I want the chemo to cook in its own juices .

And I'm going to reduce the flame to a medium and say in about 15 to 20 minutes , the chema will be ready .

A chicken Kima usually doesn't take too much time to cook .

We kept this to cook for almost 15 minutes and the mince is ready .

I'm getting a beautiful fragrance of all the spices , the onion and what we're gonna do is we're gonna biryani now to set the biryani .

I've taken a clay pot .

You can take whatever pot that you have at home , put a layer of chema .

So with this chema , you know , there are different things that you can make , you can make cutlets , you can just coat eggs with this chema and then coat this with breadcrumbs and fry them and you can make a burger patty and make burgers as well for your little ones .

Whatever .

There are lots of options that you can use this Kima for .

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So I'm putting a layer of the mince .

I have some boiled eggs here which I'm just gonna place just half them .

Here , I have some Parma rice .

Uh We just boil it the way you boil it for a biryani .

I'm just gonna add this .

So here I have used about five cups of rice .

I've got some saffron water oil , simply just crushed saffron and add water to it .

I'm going to use the oil that I had used to fry the onions in .

This gives a lovely sheen to your rice .

I Sprinkle some fresh coriander , fresh mint , some fried onions .

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And I'm going to add the second layer of the meat .

I'm saving some of the for my boy as he loves , I'm gonna add some eggs .

The remaining rise two tablespoons of the oil saffron mentally use corda leaves some fried onions .

I'm going to cover this and cook it on a thumb on a low flame for at least 20 minutes .

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We kept the biryani on a down for almost 20 to 25 minutes and it's ready to be served .

Let's remove it in a serving bowl .

It's smelling really nice .

So you see what an easy and a quick recipe this was do , try this at home .

Let me know and keep watching .

Get current .


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