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2023-08-06 15:27:01

Fire TV Stick - How to Download & Install Paramount _ Paramount Plus App

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Gonna show you how to download and install Paramount or the Paramount plus app on your Amazon fire TV stick .

OK ?

Very , very simple here .

So first thing is let's go ahead and click on the home button and the easiest way to do it is we just do a search , ok ?

So you can see the click on the home button .

You can see it's highlighted in yellow where it says home .

Now it's live .

So go back to the home and now you see the um the search icon on the left hand side .

So we're gonna go left right there and then from here , we're gonna go ahead and type in Paramount or if you have a voice remote , you can press and hold and say search for Paramount .

So let me go here , I'll do A P A R and there we go .

You have Paramount plus or Paramount .

So for example , we'll just go with Paramount plus here .

Click on .

Ok ?

Now I'm gonna go ahead and now I just move over to Paramount plus , I'll click on , ok ?

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On the remotes says a free download down there .

So let me click on , ok button .

To download it .

So let's download it first after it's done downloading , it'll still , it'll start to install after now it's installing is done installing and you have an open button right there where you can open it or what I do is just click on the home button .

Now , you can see all the recents down here that I uh download installed .

Paramount Plus , Disney Plus and HBO Max .

But what you wanna do is probably put it down here .

So it's , it's always on your main menu here , your favorite menu .

So what you wanna do is just go down to um your apps and channels .

And what I would do is , I mean , for example , I'll put Paramount like next to H between HBO Max and Disney Plus , since that would be one of my uh main apps .

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So go under your apps and channels and then just move all the way over to the right and we're gonna go to cr and now we're gonna look for Paramount , which is plus , which is all the way at the very bottom here .

Highlight that in the three horizontal lines you see on the remotes , go ahead and tap on that and then you wanna go to see that little menu here , just go to move , click on , OK ?

And now just go ahead and move your Paramount app to wherever you want it .

So for example , I'm gonna go all the way up and I want it in between HBO Max and Disney Plus I'll click on .

Ok .

Right there .

Now , if I click on the home button and then I just go down and right there .

All right .

Pretty simple .

Good luck .


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