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2023-08-09 10:00:27

How To Clean White Leather Sneakers - New Balance 550

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What's going on with rejuvenation ?

Welcome back to the channel .

I'm Johnny Bubbles and on today's episode of True Care Academy , I'm gonna be showing you guys how to clean up these new balance five fifties that Miguel had the luxury of wearing for the past few weeks , but unfortunately , you didn't get them dirty enough .

So I had to take liberty and dirty them up .

And if you guys wanna see how I did that , I shot behind the scenes on our Tik Tok .

So go follow us on Tik Tok , check out that video and let us know in the comment section if you want us to show more behind the scenes on how we sometimes have to get shoes more dirty because they're not as dirty as we would like them .

So for today's video , I am gonna be using the deep signature bundle that you can find at reum dot com .

Just click right here and automatically save 10% off .

Thanks to your boy or you can click the link in the description below .

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But without further ado let's get bubbly right guys , now that we have our set up before I get started , it's time for the comment of the week .

Shout out to Alexie for leaving my favorite comment of the week and that is love me some Johnny Bubbles .

As always guys , make sure you go ahead and leave me a comment .

And if your comment is my favorite comment on today's video , you'll see that .

Shout out in the next one , but now guys , it's time to clean this up .

That's gonna put the left shoe aside for before and after purposes .

And as always , the first step , remove the laces .

Now that the leases are removed , it's time to grab our adjustable shoe tree and adjust it to size .

These are a size 10.5 .

So I believe it's going to be about the fourth hole up right there .

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What this is going to allow me to do is apply more pressure to that toe box and also keep the form of the shoe .

Now it's time to grab our bottle solution here and pour two small squirts into our bowl of water .

And the first brush I'm going to begin with is our soft bristle brush .

No , right guys , go ahead and check out the upper .

I am all done using the soft brush .

Now , there were little chunks sticking to the leather material when I was cleaning it .

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However , it doesn't seem like they're there anymore , but there is some gunk in the crack here and of course , the canvas or what would you call this ?

Bro , what is this mesh material , canvas mesh material meshy is still dingy and that's because this shoe definitely has to go in the wash , get it all flushed out and hopefully comes back to its nice clean color .

Same thing with the tongue .

It just looks nasty and dingy .

So if this happens to you guys don't worry , we're gonna put it in the wash and get it nice and clean .

But now it's time to move on to our medium brush and get a deeper scrub .

Hopefully get in these crevices and of course , attack that mid .

So , so go ahead and grab it and we'll start with that now .

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Oh , there you go , guys .

I am done hitting up the entire uppers with the medium brush as well .

We no longer have any gunk in the crevices and the shoe is looking a lot better .

It is now time to hit up the with our stiff brush .

Then we gotta clean up the laces and then put the shoe in the laundry bag because it's gonna go in the washer which we'll get to in just a bit .

So let's go ahead and grab the stiff brush and get the soap cleaned .

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Laces are clean , shoes are clean .

Now it's time to put them in the laundry bag .

Now , Miguel , I put you through the test .

Miguel hit me with the laundry bag , ok ?

Uh We're not even gonna try to get , you almost took me out we're just gonna go ahead and put it in the bag , secure it .

Bam , grab your laces , add them in the little pouch in the same pouch is where we're going to add the laundry pod .

So we're not gonna lock it up .

We're gonna go ahead and put this in the wash and I'll see you guys in just a second .

All right , guys , we are back .

I want him to let the shoe dry overnight and as you can see , they cleaned up immaculately .

Now , the last thing to do guys is to lace them up .

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So we're gonna go ahead and grab the laces and boom , just like that .

The shoe is all laced up .

Now it's time to bring the left shoe up .

Damn .

Look at that before and after on this show , this gotta be one of my favorites .

So far as you can see guys , there is a big difference from the before and afters just to repeat what I did .

I took the soft brush on the entire uppers , got it nice and bubbly .

However , there was some deep dirt in the crevices .

So I had to go over with the medium brush .

I also took care of the , with that same medium brush and then lastly took care of the , with the stiff brush .

But because of the nylon material on the tongue and in the inner lining , we had to put these in the wash .

So that's what we did normal cycle , cold water , let the shoes dry overnight .

It's pretty much dead stock and that was all achieved using our deep clean signature bundle which you can find at re dot com by clicking right here .

Get a automatic promo code 10% off .

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Thanks to me , I would try to wear this pair , but it's a 10.5 .

So I'm pretty sure my foot won't fit .

But thankfully , Kicks Road came in clutch Jordan , let me show you what I picked up from Kicks World .

Now , if you guys don't know who Kicks Road is , it is a subscription service sneaker rental business .

Now , I know what you're thinking .

Renting sneakers .

That's a little weird .

Trust me when I say we've been doing it for the past year .

It's totally worth it .

They have different tiers , a tier 12 and three that allows you to have different budgets to rent however many sneakers is in that budget .

So for me , I had to go with the new balance maroon turquoise color Miguel .

Get a nice up close shot of this sexy shoe right here as always .

This is a brand new pair of oh new bounce .

Just got that Ortho smell .

It smells like a brand new orthopedic ino that my grandpa would wanna wear to be comfortable .

I'm not even gonna lie .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , I'm excited to watch these and I'll probably welcome after this video but make sure you guys check out Kicks World and use our promo code in the description below .

You'll save 20% off your first subscription service guys though .

Kicks World .

Always coming in touch .

Thank you for that one .

But that's when I'm going to wrap it up for today's video guys .

If you liked it , make sure you hit that like button and if you're new here , hit that subscribe button .

I'm Johnny Bubbles .

I'll see you guys next time .

Peace .


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