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2023-08-07 14:16:07

How to Tie the Linwood Taurus Necktie Knot

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Hey guys , this not is called the Linwood Torus .

I'll tell you about where I found it after the video .

But first let's get right down to it .

You can see here it's got like two little horns and uh like a head looks a little bit like a bull .

Hence the name , I'm gonna untie it now .

So you can see how many steps there are kind of and what order they go in .

Now this uh I'm tying it with a magnet tie .

You definitely don't need a magnet tie .

I just happen to pick this tie because it looks good with the shirt .

OK .

So my right side here is a big end .

My left side is a little end .

Now , notice how choked up little end is it ?

It's just right off camera just like this .

This is a very hungry knot .

It needs a lot of fabric .

So make sure you give it enough food .

So take it around and do the cross and then pull it on the back .

Keep all these beginning folds loose .

You don't want to be tightening anything right now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So just keep it pretty loose .

I'm tying mine a little bit different to the inventor Linwood Dark .

Um I think my version is a little bit better .

I'm not sure , but I tried both ways and just do mine and then you could find his video and do his and see if you think , but pull it on the right side and create a spiral and then go on the back and then up through the middle to create a pretty traditional tie beginning .

See now it's gonna get weird first .

It's gonna get weird right away , loosen it up .

Stay on your right side .

Now you're gonna feed it through here and through here , you're gonna go through both of those .

So take it and then go right through there and try to keep it kind of going slow because this is gonna want to tangle up , keep your tail end under control , pull it all through and then take a peek .

So you can see there it is that mean there's the big end of the tie going through these loops .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now you can tighten these loops a little bit , you know , to use , you're gonna pull on that to tighten that one .

You're gonna pull on this one to tighten your left one .

I mean , there's a lot of practice making perfect kind of going on here but tighten them up a bit and then take this around the back .

Sorry , let's do that again .

So I have this here .

Now I'm gonna take this up through the back .

OK , guys .

All right .

And now this is gonna go through that middle part you made that's in between this one that's going down through there .

You'll notice this , this tie is a double sided .

So it's got plat on one side and paisley on the other .

That's what makes it cool , but I'm using the paisley side .

All right .

So now you can see it looks kind of like a mess .

Um That's true .

But a lot of this knot is in post production .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I like to call , like I say , now you gotta sort of tighten up a lot of little pieces and keep pulling on it and keep on doing it until you get it the way you need .

Um There's sort of a lot of ways to go with it .

You can tighten it tight and then it becomes like a really strong knot with like cool lines on it or you can go like me and I like to loosen it up a little bit so you can actually see the horns of this torus shape .

That's what I like to do .

So just gonna give it a few tweaks , it does hold together quite nicely .

It seems like it's really loose , but it does hold together .

You put your collar down , tighten it up all the way and there we go , the Lynwood Torus .

Now , this was brought to my attention on Instagram .

Um Linwood Dark is the Instagram and Twitter name and , or sorry .

Crazy .

Lynwood is a Twitter name and Lynwood darkest seems to be his name .

Uh , I hope that's right .

I'm sorry if it isn't .

But , yeah , Lynwood definitely is .

Right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , he invented this knot originally .

It was called the , uh , the Lynn .

But , uh we , we convinced him to call it the Torus the Linwood Toru .

He's , uh , check out his youtube channel .

He's a real innovator .

He's got these , uh like uh rings , he uses to do knots and there's like these metal rings that he gets and he's got some pretty cool stuff going on .

I think I'm gonna tie some of the knots .

I I see in this channel uh in the coming episodes , but this one really jumped out at me now right now .

My tie is normal length with this uh big strong uh head .

This , this head though , I think is almost too strong .

I would use this with a vest usually because the vest would keep the tie under control .

And this big , it's kind of a knot where the knot is just so powerful .

I think it's pretty awesome .

So , yeah , with , I've worn this twice out and about and I've worn a vest both times or cardigan once and a vest once and people gave me really great feedback .

They say it looks like a trophy or a bowl .

I get both of those .

So I hope you enjoyed the video .

Hope it's easy to follow .

Uh this is a pretty complicated knot .

So , you know , I watched it a few times .

Uh Thank you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thanks for watching .


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