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2023-08-08 12:40:44

Chicken Biryani Recipe _ Chicken Biryani made by our grandpa to celebrate Orphan child Birthday

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Hi , everyone .

I'm si and Red grandson of Nara and Reddi Nara and is our grandpa .

First of all , thanks to everyone for supporting us for this good cause and we are not expected this much of love and support from all around the world .

Thanks for all .

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We are able to feed our phones two days a week and we are trying to do even more than that .

And we are also getting a lot of mails and messages to help us to do more .

Thanks for all few years back .

A kind hearted person donated some money to do something for those kids .

We spent that money to celebrate 11 year girl birthday , first time in her life , friend .

Definitely , you're given a good memory to that girl in her life .

Thank you , my friend .

Hi , everybody .

I'm Donovan Wong .

I'm from Singapore .

I love to eat and explore food .

So I'm a food in shock when I first saw grandpa , the kitchen , what attracted me was the food .

It was cooked in a very village manner which is very different from what I usually see in Singapore .

But as more and more videos were posted , what attracted me changed .

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Now .

What attracts me were the smiles of the kids and the people that ate the food made by grandpa .

I feel that the kids and people deserve to taste more delicious food .

Therefore , I decided to take a leap of faith and I donated a small amount of money .

Be it just one or two meals ?

I know I did something .

I hope everyone can also support just by sharing the videos , subscribing to the youtube channel or even by donating small amount of money like myself .

I really hope that Grand pa kitchen will grow bigger in size and they will continue to provide more happiness for the kids and also other needed people .

Thank you , loving caring , caring .

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You see my family .

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399.48 --> 497.35

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Thank you uncle .

Thank you .


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