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2023-08-07 14:22:28

How to Install Application on 7.1.2 version IOS Iphone 4 and 4S (100% Solved)

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Hello , everyone today .

I will show to you how to install an application in your iphone four or four s with a version 7.1 0.2 .

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And now let's begin .

First , I will show to you what is the problem occurring on your phone or iphone by pressing get and install .

There is a message popping like this one , it says that you must update your I OS into version 9.0 in order to download this application .

And like this one , this one says that you must have a version 10.0 and now your computer will do the cure for this problem .

First , you must have this application named uh three new tools .

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I will indicate the link on the description below so that you can download .

And no , this is the application look like .

Let's search an application .

Ah for example , messenger , Facebook , messenger and tear .

You can up the download .

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It will ask you to bend your Apple account and click the bin , then sign in , put your Apple ID and the password here and below .

After that click bend will send you a verification , a two factor authentication .

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Just put it in then , ok .

After that , you'll see that uh you've been successfully in Bristol , you'll be able now to download the application , click download and wait until it's done .

After the download is done .

You can check it on your iphone and try to download the application .

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Go to your phone , open the app store and look the I can't change that .

But oh sorry , I forgot to open my Wi Fi and take note , it will take time if you have a low internet connection .

So I suggest to do this .

If your internet connection is very good , wait for the message to pop up .

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The message will say the current version requires IOS 9.0 or liter , but you can download the last compatible version and just press download some error might occur if your internet connection is very low .

That is why I suggest to to this .

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If your internet connection is good and now press home to see the progress of your download , then look , it says waiting after that , you will see the loading and that's it .

Just wait until it's totally occupied the circle and that's it for our topic for today .

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Thank you for watching .

See you on my next update .

Bye .


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