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Hey , everyone .

I'm preparing myself to present one of the most beneficial videos to you all .

Today's video is about sneaker cleaning and in this Diy that is do it yourself video .

I'm going to show you step by step process and help you with tricks that you can use to clean your sneakers at home .

So let's go ahead and check this out .

What's up guys ?

My name is Ahmed Pande .

I'm an entrepreneur and a sneaker edit .

I've been studying shoes for the last 15 years now .

Welcome to this channel , Smart Kicks and this channel is all about shoes .

I delete this video should have been the first one on my channel because there are so many people looking for constant help related to shoe cleaning because it's such a tedious task .

I feel I'm the best guy to present this video related to sneaker cleaning because back in 2009 , I started a shoe care company by the name of footstep Professional shoe care that is still operative and offers shoe cleaning and restoration services to a shoe across India .

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So during the last 11 years , my professional team has revived almost 1.4 lac pairs of shoes that include some of the most popular and expensive sneakers as well .

In this video , I'm going to share easy to do tricks and step by step process so that it helps you to clean your sneakers at home .

And this knowledge which I'm sharing with you is backed by my rich experience in shoe care industry .

But before we get into this , I want to make one thing honestly , very clear with you all that .

I'm going to share steps and tricks that can be done at home with minimal expense and minimal efforts within quick time .

Please do not expect me to share what professionals or what my team and footstep does because those activities require big setups and machineries as well .

So now without any further delay , let's get going .

First thing when it comes to taking care of your shoes or sneakers or kicks , whatever you want to call them , make sure that you clean them within two days of them getting dirty .

Don't wait too long , the longer the dirt or mud stays on your shoes , it's going to be more difficult for you to remove that .

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How to clean and what all would you need to clean these sneakers coming up in the next section ?

Well , there are thousands of videos that talk about various cleaners by different companies and they might sometimes ask you to buy some products too , but that should be done only when you don't have any resources around .

But just in case you want to clean your shoes very often , here are a few things that you can find within your home or at a nearby store , grab some cleaning powder or washing powder , don't go for any washing powder , but a good quality one .

Thereafter , you need a liquid cleaner and a softener .

Sometimes you get a liquid detergent that has a softener inside like this one .

I will tell you the reason why I'm suggesting a softener as I clean these sneakers in this video .

So that's why stick around and listen to this carefully .

Have a good quality soft brush handy when you are cleaning your sneakers , make sure the bristles are soft enough .

Otherwise they will harm the upper of the shoes .

Also , if you feel that the shoe upper is very delicate .

It , you can use a sponge instead of a brush , the amount of water will depend on how much your shoes are dirty .

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The more dirty shoes or muddy shoes will require more water and cleaners .

Here comes the most important thing and that is a good quality microfiber cloth .

I'm using a premium quality microfiber cloth that I've been using for the last seven months now and I regularly clean my shoes using this .

This also means that a good quality microfiber cloth will also be very durable along with being effective .

Thereafter , you will need a decent shoe perfume or you can also use some Deol or Epalle balls .

There are some shoe freshener balls also available online , but they would be very expensive since this is a personal choice .

I leave it up to you guys to choose what kind of shoe freshener you would go for .

And the final thing that you need is a pair of shoe tree .

So that after the cleaning process , you can keep your shoes in the right shape .

First of all , remove the laces from the shoes .

What I generally do is while I clean these shoes , I will just dip these laces in a bowl that has a cleaner and water in the ratio of 30 is 2 70 .

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That means in a bowl of 100 ml , I will pour 30 ML cleaner and 70 ml of water and I will leave it and let the cleaner do the magic of separating the dirt from the laces .

By the time I clean the shoes , half of my work here around cleaning the laces will be sorted .

Then ideally start cleaning the outsole first , it's important to remove the dust or dirt from the outsole first .

So initially , we will not use a lot of cleaners .

Instead , we will use more water and a bit of cleaner .

We aim to first remove the extra dust that is just laying over the surface of the shoes .

Once that's done , use micro fiber to wipe it off .

Now is the time to use more cleaners and less water .

So that we aim to get the hard stains removed as much as possible , then we move on to the sides of the .

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So it's also very important to see guys how I am holding the shoes that will help you get a good grip on the shoes .

This way , you can clean all the sides of the shoes efficiently .

Once you have cleaned the sides , wipe it off with a microfiber cloth .

Again , overall , a microfiber cloth is the most performing item in this whole scenario and an important one too .

So as I said earlier in the video , make sure that you invest in a good microfiber cloth .

I'm going to be very careful while scrubbing the brush on the upper and apply forces on those areas that are more dirty .

I try to regularly use the cleaner and mix it with the softener .

Now , the softener has a very important part to play .

The softener will make the upper of the shoes relaxed and the material will start responding to the cleaning process precisely .

It will start leaving the dirt automatically .

Once that begins , it will be easier for us to remove the dust .

Again , using the microfiber cloth to wipe off the leftover dirt on the upper surface .

Now , using the same brush we will wipe off in soul as well .

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Also , it is suggestive to put your shoes under the sun for not more than 15 minutes .

Since the sun rays are natural disinfectant , it will kill the germs and fungus within the shoes .

But please be very specific that you don't do this very often doing this once in a month is a good practice .

So now I will start cleaning the laces thoroughly .

And if required , I will use the brush to put a bit of pressure on the laces to clean them .

Well , once they are done , I will squeeze away the water from them and put them to after 15 minutes .

It's time to put back the insoles and laces .

Finally let's spray some good perfume inside the shoes .

And the ultimate step is to place the shoe tree within the shoes so that the shoes remain in good shape .

Neat and clean pairs of sneakers in quick time .

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This is how you too can keep your sneakers clean by just following the dos and don's and smart tricks that I've shared with you in this video .

I hope this will be of great help to you while you perform this activity .

Also , you must check footsteps profile on Instagram where you can find their amazing work on some of the most exclusive and popular sneakers .

A lot of sneaker heads at least and celebrities rely on footsteps for their shoe care need .

Also , it is highly suggestive to get your shoes cleaned by professionals once every two months if you use them regularly , because what we do at home just can't be matched with what professionals do .

They will clean your shoes thoroughly from inside and outside and will also disinfect it and that is very important to prolong the life of your shoes .

Thank you so much guys for taking your time and watching this video till the end .

Please share it with your friends .

Also , if you found this video really helpful and don't forget to subscribe to our channel before you go away .

I'll see you very soon in our upcoming video .


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