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2023-08-06 15:54:39

mashed potato waffles _ RECIPE! ep #15 (hot for food)

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Can we start now , please ?

What's up ?

It's Lauren from Hoffer food back with another recipe .

So today we are going to do a recipe .

But the only thing I know that I'm going to do is make waffles because I got a new waffle iron .

If you watched my personal youtube channel , you would have seen a few weeks ago .

I said we really need to get a waffle iron .

And so I did , it was only $30 on sale , pretty inexpensive appliance .

And now we can make sweet waffles , savory waffles , full waffle , waffles , pizza , waffles , pancake , waffles , grilled cheese , waffles , potato waffles , mm , breakfast sandwich , waffles , spaghetti waffles .

Basically anything can be waffled now .

So I'm very excited .

We're gonna make something today .

I've never used one of these in my entire life , which is crazy .

I can't believe I've never owned one .

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So we're gonna see what's in the fridge .

What kind of leftovers I have going on and make some type of waffle magic .

As usual .

We are going in the fridge to see what we have and I know I have a lot of leftovers because it was just Thanksgiving on the weekend for us here in Canada .

I've got leftover almond feta .

I've also got some leftover , like potatoes I cooked and seasoned that nobody really ate at Thanksgiving .

I've got leftover lasagna .

No , not a lasagna waffle .

But I think I did mention potato waffle .

The , the most logical thing would be to mash up these potatoes , which I think we should do and then make some type of sauce with the leftover cheese because otherwise we're just making a waffle from scratch with like batter .

And I , we might as well just use the potatoes and then we've got lots of greens so we could put that in on top with the sauce .

Ok .

So let's work on these potatoes .

So I'm more into a savory waffle .

Anyway .

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So I think potato waffle is good .

Plus being that we just had Thanksgiving .

But you guys watching in the US have Thanksgiving coming up .

Now , you know , you could make a potato waffle with your leftover potatoes or leftover mashed potatoes .

I think that this is the perfect idea on how to use leftovers in our recipe .

I'm gonna run these through a food processor to get them really smooth .

We should caramelize some onion and put that in there in the , in the potato kind of like to hold it together because I think waffles normally have eggs in them to make them really like stick together .

Um So caramelized onions is another good binder .

Let's do that .

So I'm just gonna cut up this leftover onion into thin slices and we're gonna caramelize this in a pan with a little bit of oil and get them nice and brown .

OK .

So caramelizing onions takes anywhere from 10 to 16 minutes , depending on how many onions you're doing or whatever .

So these will just be a little bit longer .

We are going to season this a little bit , there's already salt pepper and a little bit of basil on the skin of these .

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Um So I'm just gonna add some more spices , nutmeg chili powder and maybe more , a little more basil and we'll put a clove of garlic in there .

OK ?

So I think these are close to done .

They're good enough .

Oh , little stuffed in here .

Um I'm gonna need some liquid as well .

I forgot .

So I wanted to make like a buttermilk which if you watch some of our other videos I've explained is almond or soy milk with apple cider vinegar .

Um And you kind of just let it sit .

I should have done it like 10 minutes ago .

But anyways , we're gonna do half a cup and a teaspoon of vinegar .

Just stir that together and let it set for 10 minutes .

Basically , it curdles and that's like buttermilk .

Plus you get a little bit of acidity , which is always good to balance things out .

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Oh , I think it needs a little bit more salt and I'm gonna add nutritional yeast and then we're ready for the waffle iron .

It's good though .

I like the nutmeg , close the lid .

Plug , the cord in the ready light will come on to indicate the unit is heating .

When the ready light goes out .

After five minutes it is ready .

The iron is ready .

It's very hot .

Ok .

I think I have to wait like 4 to 6 minutes .

I set the timer for five minutes .

I think the key with waffles just like pancakes is patience .

It looks good .

If I open it and it's not crispy , then the whole thing is ruined because it's just gonna peel apart .

It's OK .

Don't burn yourself .

I think I wanna go a little longer .

A piece stuck .

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Hi Rowan , welcome back to Lame TV .

Today we're going to start a series of segments where we're going to look at waffles and you can do a lot with waffles .

You can put stuff inside , you can make them sweet , you can make them savory .

They're really not that difficult to make .

And it is the sort of thing where you can make the batter a day or two ahead , cover it with plastic wrap , stick it in the fridge and it's ready to go when you need them .

So if you don't have time on a Saturday or Sunday morning to get up and make the batter , you can do it the night before or two nights before and it's ready to go for you .

So , before we get started here , I've already got the waffle iron preheating .

It does take a little while to heat up .

So I get that going and then I make the batter .

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We have to salvage this people .

I'm just gonna add about another quarter cup of almond milk .

Right .

Let's do this again .

Less batter this time .

You have no idea what's happening under here .

Why don't they make like a clear top ?

Does it smell like it's burning ?

It's a little crispy .

Now .

Maybe this waffle iron sucks .

Ok .

Well , that's better .

So , this one looks good .

I guess we'll just make a couple more .

We'll see how many we can get out of this .

Ok .

I'm gonna make a quick little fresh tomato salsa type stuff for the top .

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So we're going to start off first with some flour and this is just a regular all purpose flour gonna put in a little bit of salt , some baking powder and sugar and just want to , uh , whisk that together just to incorporate it all , get it mixed in , get the baking powder and the salt mixed in throughout the flour .

And to this , we're going to add some melted butter , some yogurt .

You can also use sour cream .

If you don't have yogurt , you just kind of eat that sour acidy type flavor .

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Now , this first one I'm gonna do for 3.5 minutes .

I flip it over and fill the other side , close the lid and we flip it back , flipping it over , fills both sides of the plate .

You get even cooking and you get a nice fluffy waffle .

So the buzzer tells me that 3.5 minutes are up .

They should be cooked .

But you just never know .

Now , I look at that and I think it's not quite done enough for me .

I'm going to let it go just a little bit longer .

And the timer on this one starts to count up .

So when I go to cook the next set of waffles , I know how long to set the timer .

So there we go , crispy and golden brown , just the way I like them and very carefully pull them out .

This is non stick .

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So I'm using rubber tongs and we just flip it over and pull it out from the other side .

Now , that recipe makes enough for five of these waffles .

So , what I would do is wait for it to come back up to temperature and just continue the process .

These waffles are really good with some strawberry jam on top or some peach preserves on top .

And of course , the old standby maple syrup .

Hope you enjoy this one and I hope to see you again soon .

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Let me know what you think about this one and the little experiment we did with the Waffle Iron in the comments below .

Make sure you're subscribed because we post new videos every single Wednesday right here on this channel .

I also have a personal youtube channel .

Go check it out .

I'll link it below as well as here and I post extra food content like what I eat in a day .

Uh Sometimes some vegan snack taste tests , different kind of stuff and vlogs so you can see what's going on in my life and you may or may not know this , but Hoffer food is working on a cookbook .

So it's not coming out for a little while because we need some time to work on it .

But just so , you know , I'm working on like the best of the best recipes for that .

So stay tuned .

I will be showing behind the scenes of that whole process on my personal youtube channel .

So you can also subscribe to that for more content , more free content .

All right .

Also , I'm just gonna plug a lot of stuff right now .

Go to hoffer food blog dot com because we've got hot for food shirts on sale .

Yes , we do .

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They say hot for vegan food so you can wear them loud and proud and tell the world how much you're vegan and how much you love .

Hot for food .

Thank you so much for your love and support always and we'll see you back here next week with a brand new video Uh And if you're posting photos of either this recipe or other ones we've made uh make sure you tag at hot food and hashtag hot for food on social media so we can find your creations .

All right , that's it .

Bye .


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