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2023-08-08 12:49:56

How to Tie a Tie in Five Seconds on Your Hand

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Hey , welcome to the tutorial on how to tie a tie in five seconds on your hand .

So , just like we talked about in class here , it is just sitting on your hand .

Um , a couple of things to remember for the first step .

Um Remember the three steps are the flip , the twist and the pull through .

So for this first one , for the flip , just remember that um the two things you need to pay attention to are what side of the tie you flip on .

Um And so you , you need a flip over on the side that's closest to your arm .

And the other one is just to uh pay attention to your length , make sure that you have a good length to get your tie in the ballpark that you want it to be on .

So there's your first one .

So we flip over on that side and that's step one .

That's the flip for the second one .

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Remember we um stop , we rotate our hand towards the tie and stick your thumb out and then you're going to grab the big end and flip it again on the side that's closest to your arm .

Just like that .

So you've made a loop over your hand and the tie falls right between the loop and that small end from there .

For the last step , we're gonna slide it right there into our hand .

And then we come around , come around at the small end of the tie .

We grab it with these two fingers , grab the small end and then we pull it through all of those loops we made and then we just play around and we adjust and so we have it just how we like that .

That's how it goes .

And now this one time fast , I'll show you just to see what it looks like .

Once you get the hang of it , get the lengths right .

And then here you go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And just like that , you'll never spend more than five or 10 seconds on tieing to tie .

Thanks so much .


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