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2023-08-06 15:30:44

How To Speak English Fluently & Confidently _ My Real Journey of Improving My Spoken English

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel .

I hope you're all doing really , really well .

I have been doing great ever since I started doing youtube full time and started working on my business .

Things have been so crazy around here .

I have been working day in and day out with creating good quality content and I'm also working on a lot of side projects .

So things are pretty crazy , but at the same time , they are super exciting .

So in all of that , I felt like it's been so long since I need to sit down and talk to you guys kind of a video .

So today I thought I will sit and answer one of my most asked questions on this channel .

And that is how did I improve my command over the English language ?

About a couple of months back , I uploaded a video called a Draw in my life where I told you guys that I was born and brought up in a really small city and English as a language wasn't unnatural to me because I didn't grow up speaking that language .

And when I entered college , I saw so many people come from so many different parts of India .

And English became the norm English was the language which was primarily used to communicate .

And I felt lost .

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I wasn't somebody who was very natural at it .

And because of that , I did really work hard on improving my language skills .

And today I can proudly say that I am at least decent at communicating in English .

So I have uh so I decided to share my story with all of you .

If my story can help some of you learn the language and become fluent at it , I would be so happy with that .

So let's begin with everything that I did and let me share my entire story with you .

But before that , I want to talk about one important aspect of this video , which I think is very important to address here .

And that is the fact that English your audio , our English language does not define you .

It is really sad that in India people equate their command over English language or to their intelligence and smartness when English is just a language , it's like Hindi or Gujarati or Bengali or any other language in this country .

And just because somebody speaks English nicely or badly shouldn't define their intelligence levels or their smartness or just how the kind of person they are .

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So please understand that if you are some who's not very good at English , there is no reason for you to be under confident .

There are so many things that you can do to learn this language .

I know this language is important right now because it's used as a primary means of communication across different job roles and profiles .

And it's one of the official languages of India .

So it's good to know this language .

But just because you don't know , this doesn't make you any smaller or does not really define your self worth .

So please feel confident about it .

Don't feel shy to make mistakes in public .

And I think eventually you will get used to this language .

It's just a language just how you learned the language that you speak at home as a kid , English is going to be nothing different .

So yeah , with that , let's begin my story and let me show you everything that I did to become as fluent as I am today in this language .

So let's begin my story with this important fact , I was never an alien to the English language because I studied in an English medium school , my writing skills were in place .

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I knew my grammar and I was able to understand basic conversations that were happening in English .

There was really no problem in any other part of English except the fact that I was just not good at communicating in English speaking in English .

More importantly because I never did , I grew up in Gujarat .

So I would either speak Gujarati or I would speak Hindi .

And these were the languages that I was just super comfortable with and English was just , I never spoke in that language .

So when I entered college , I started feeling like a loser , my confidence levels were really down and , and stuff and that's when I decided to take things in my own hand and you know , improve my command over English .

And I thought it shouldn't be very difficult because I kind of know how English is .

Like , if you are somebody who watches my videos , I make most of my videos in English .

So I'm sure you understand the language itself .

If you are somebody who's just struggling with how to speak , then that's the easiest uh problem to solve .

Don't be shy , don't be afraid .

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It's going to be a difficult journey , but it's going to be a fun journey and in the end , you're going to really enjoy the end results .

So let's begin with the three part process .

So the first thing that I did was I started having my thoughts in English .

Wait , I know this , this point needs a lot of explanation .

It , it seems stupid .

Imagine you're sitting at home and there's no one around you .

What language do your thoughts come to you in ?

For me that was Hindi , which means that was the language that came most naturally to me .

The language in which you choose to think is the language which comes the most naturally to you .

So what I suggest here is to start forcing yourself to think in English , this is not gonna be easy .

Don't , don't get me wrong here .

It's going to take a lot of time if it will just feel very forced in the beginning , even if the thought comes to you in Hindi , force yourself to think that particular thought in English as well , force yourself to frame it in English .

For example , let's say you're sitting on your bed and you want to come to the kitchen and get a glass of water .

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So the thought that will come to your head is so it's ok if this is the thought that's coming to your head , but try and force yourself to also frame this exact thought in English , which means let me go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water , right ?

It's , it's going to be tough in the beginning , but over time , it's going to become extremely natural and you will start thinking in English and there are a couple of reasons why this works out really well .

One because it's happening in your head .

So there's no one around you to judge if you're thinking in wrong English .

I know it's really sad that you really have to worry about being judged , especially with this particular language , even if you make mistakes .

I know there are people out there who judge you who make opinions about you , but this is a very safe place .

Nobody is going to judge you .

Nobody's going to think anything about you .

So even if you're thinking wrong , who cares ?

At least it's giving you some practice .

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And the second reason why this is a really good thing to do is because you have so many thoughts in a day , which means there are so many sentences that you get to practice in one single day and there's no other place where you will get the maximum number of practice for people like us who think so much anyway , isn't it such a great way to start thinking in English ?

So this is point number one .

And I feel this was the most important thing that I did .

That really made a difference to my personal uh comfort level with this language moving on to step number two , which I believe is another very important important thing to do .

I started watching a lot of English TV shows and a lot of English movies .

I know a lot of people would ask you to start reading books , but I feel books don't really help you out that much .

If you are learning to improve your spoken English , if you're just learning to improve the language , you hold on the language itself .

Yes , books are useful .

But if you're learning to improve your spoken English skills , then TV , shows and movies are going to be much more helpful .

I started off by watching friends .

Then I moved to Big Bang Theory .

Then I watched how I met your mother man .

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And then I started watching every single TV show that was available out there and I started watching so many Hollywood movies .

There are so many reasons why this works out as well .

Reason number one is that you actually get to see how people use words in spoken context .

For example , how we write and how we speak are very different even in Hindi , right ?

We don't say that's but that's how we write .

So there is a difference between the spoken bit of the language language and the written bit of the language .

So when you watch movies and you watch TV shows , you actually get a good hang on how people speak and how people use English in a spoken context .

So believe me , this is going to be essential for you to build a good command on the English language and at the same time will help you build your vocabulary to a whole new level .

So try doing this , do not skip this part , start watching English TV shows and start start watching English movies .

It it is going to make the biggest difference to your life .

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And while you're doing that , you will have so much fun watching such good quality TV shows and movies .

If you're somebody who's looking for recommendations on what to watch , feel free to reach out to me , I'll be super happy to give you a list of things that you should maybe start off with so that it's easier for beginners to understand the third .

And the last step of my personal journey was to dedicated , spend at least half an hour on a daily basis in front of the mirror , practicing , speaking in English .

Now standing in front of the mirror and speaking in English makes a lot of difference because you also get to focus on one important part of speaking any language that is your body language and the gestures that you use .

So this particular thing , I made it into a habit every day from 8 30 in the night till nine , I would stand in front of a mirror and talk , constantly talk .

I know people around you would think that you've gone mad or something , but it makes a huge difference and you should really do this and the mirror is not going to judge you .

So it doesn't matter if you make a lot of mistakes and it's completely fine in the beginning over time , you will just keep getting better .

So it's fine .

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Just make it a habit , make sure that you're practicing your English every single day in front of the mirror .

At least for half an hour .

You don't have to talk about anything in particular .

You can just start talking about how you're feeling or how your day was or what are the things you did today or what are the things you ate today ?

Anything , anything you feel like talking people around you may think that you've gone mad or something .

But trust me , this is one thing that will make a huge difference to your learning journey .

It will really quick in the process and you will start realizing you will start noticing the difference in a matter of weeks .

It's crazy how this technique works out so well .

So yeah , these were just three simple things that I did to just improve my command of English language .

I was somebody who would fumble at speaking even a single sentence properly in English .

And today I make videos in English .

I know that I'm not the best at English , but at least I'm managing and I'm able to come up with content that does make sense to people .

So don't think that it is going to happen overnight .

It of course , it's going to take time .

It took me more than one year to improve my language .

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But you know , the whole point is for you to be consistent and keep working towards your goal .

Make sure that you are really working towards your goal .

You are dedicated , spending some time towards learning a little bit of things every single day .

And it will make so much of a difference .

Just make sure that you're following the three step process as a recap .

Let me recount them to you again .

Make sure that you start thinking in English , even if you're not thinking in English ports yourself , even if you're having your first thought in Hindi translate that thought in your head in India and only then go ahead and take that action .

Number two , start watching a lot of English TV shows and a lot of English movies .

This will make the biggest difference .

Trust me on this .

And number three dedicated start practicing for half an hour a day in front of the mirror .

These three things together itself are going to make a huge difference to your life .

Trust me on that .

After all , this one last bonus tip that I have for you at the end is to also find a partner who's at the same level of English as you .

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And if two of you together start practice , see speaking with each other that will also really help you with speeding up the process .

I wasn't able to find one such person because I was surrounded by people who were just so good at English .

But I can imagine how having one person who's at the same level and having regular communications with them can really help you out if you have a spouse or a friend or a kid who's good at English .

And you think these are the people who are definitely not going to be the ones to judge you , start talking to them in English .

They even if you make mistakes , these are the kind of people who will help you correct the mistakes and not make fun of you .

So make sure that you start practicing your spoken English skills with people who are in your safe zone who you know , are not going to judge you .

So that's all that I wanted to share with you guys .

These are all the things that I did personally to improve my command of English language .

If you're somebody who's also gone through a similar journey and have a story to share , do leave that in the comment section .

Maybe it will help out a lot of people who are thinking of going on this journey of improving their English language .

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It would become a nice place full of resources for other people too .

So make sure to leave a comment down below .

And if you'd like to see more such videos that I'm sitting down and talking to you guys about things , then give this video a big thumbs up and I'll be super happy to make them in the future as well .

If you knew your I make videos on food lifestyle blogs , I make all kinds of videos .

So it would be awesome if you guys would consider subscribing to my channel and I will see you next time .

Bye .


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