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2023-08-21 06:33:26

20 Pieces Of Advice Every New Freelancer Needs To Hear

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Here are 20 pieces of advice .

Every freelancer needs to hear flexibility is going to have to be your best friend .

Freelancing comes with a lot of surprises and it's easier if you learn to see them as opportunities instead of obstacles , your creative or artistic skills are only one part of the picture and you have to learn about business .

If you truly want to succeed , rejection is a part of life and the sooner you accept it , the faster you will grow .

Don't let your desperation imposter syndrome or other people dictate your price charge according to the quality of your work and the expertise you bring to the table , small projects can lead to bigger opportunities and help you keep a steady income .

The more skills you have , the more valuable you are to your clients .

So keep learning , never stop learning .

Other freelancers are potential and you can help one another in countless ways by understanding your work , you're not only devaluing yourself but also setting a low standard for the entire freelance community .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A good portfolio and active social media presence can bring you a lot of work .

Not every job is the right job .

And you don't have to say yes to every client freelancing is a whole lifestyle .

And at some point , you may start feeling like you're working 24 7 or even a little bit suffocated .

So , learn to start setting boundaries from the beginning .

A good contract is essential and it protects both you and your client .

Personal projects can lead to some of your best work and to you finding your true style because when you're working with clients , sometimes you have to compromise , which is ok too .

Invest in the tools you need to do your job .

Well , make your workspace no matter how big or small a place where you can be creative and productive .

Don't be shy about asking for testimonials and make sure you add them to your portfolio or website .

You don't have to pick a niche when you're just starting out , tell everyone you know what you do and make it simple because most people don't like fancy terms .

Building a successful freelancing career or really any type of business requires time effort and a lot of patience .

So be very clear on your way .


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