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2023-08-21 06:35:31

Time management techniques to supercharge your productivity

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If you're here , that means you want to be more productive and make better use of your time , right ?

Who doesn't ?

So today , I want to share with you several time management methods that can help you increase productivity throughout the day .

If you don't know me .

Hi , my name is Mayada .

I'm a Brandon , I designer .

I'm a freelancer and I believe that running a business shouldn't be hard .

You shouldn't have to work crazy hours .

It shouldn't feel overwhelming .

And that's why I talk a lot about , you know , productivity , creativity , Lily , I know I've been talking a little bit too much about A I , but that's just because , you know , I'm obsessed with it and A I does help us business owners , you know , to run our businesses be more productive .

So it's connected , I promise .

And if you've been around for a while , thank you so much and welcome back to the channel .

So we don't really waste time around here .

I'm gonna go straight into uh this list I have here .

10 time management methods that I want to share with you go over my experience and all of that stuff .

The first one being the Pomodoro technique .

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The Pomodoro technique is probably the most popular method there is .

And it basically consists of breaking your workday in two blocks of 25 minutes , followed by five minutes like a five minute break .

And then after four rounds of 25 minutes , you can take a longer break .

That's usually around 15 to 30 minutes .

I've tried that and honestly , it's not one that works for me .

And I , I know I started this video with something that doesn't work for me , but it does work for a lot of people , people .

But for me , when I'm in that , you know , flow state , when I'm creating something , it doesn't work .

Like if I stop for 5 , 10 minutes , I just , I lose my concentration .

But that makes sense .

For example , when I was studying , that's something I would do a lot because your mind needs a break or if I'm doing some kind of admin task , then yeah , if that starts to drag out a little bit , I will take a break in the middle .

But when it comes to creativity , I don't think you can really time that I think you have to try it for .

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So there are a bunch of apps like Pomodoro apps that can kind of , you know , you set a timer and then they remind you that you have to take a break .

So yeah , it's , it's quite popular and then we have my favorite and number two is time blocking .

The time blocking is when you schedule , you know , blocks of time dedicated to a specific task or a category of tasks .

And what this does is it really helps you focus on one thing at a time instead of multitasking .

I know a lot of people take pride and multitasking , but that's , that's not good for you .

You know , I used to be one of those people and now that I focus on one thing at a time , I see how much more focused I am , but also how much more attention to detail I have .

So my projects are better , you know , my work quality has definitely improved because of that .

And the way I do time blocking is just on my Google calendar .

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You can use a notebook , your note app , you can do it anywhere , just say from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. I'm gonna work on this and then 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. I'm gonna work on that .

And then here is like my lunch break very important .

So that's how I do it .

And if you want to see a video on time blocking , you know how I organize my Google calendar , let me know in the comments and then we have the Eisenhower matrix .

That's when you prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency .

So I'm gonna read this but the matrix has four quadrants so urgent and important , important , but not urgent , urgent , but not important and not urgent and not important .

So yeah , you will want to complete the tasks that are on the first two quadrants at first .

I honestly haven't tried this one .

Let me know if you have , if it works , then there's another one that I really like , which is the two minute rule .

And basically , if a task takes two minutes or less , like just do it , don't edit your to the list , to your calendar , to your apps just , just go and do it .

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These small tasks tend to pile up and make everything seems so overwhelming .

When in reality , like if you take 10 , 15 minutes at some point in your day to do them , that's it .

You're done .

I am so guilty of that because sometimes I just don't want to forget stuff .

So I'm just going to add it to my Google tasks and then like it looks like I have such a full day .

But then when I start to do it , it's just like I could have done it in five minutes , like I could have done it in the moment that I thought of it .

So , yeah , this is really good one to follow .

And then I added to my list the 80 20 rule , which is the principle .

And that's , that's not so much a time management method as it is like a life rule .

But when it comes to time management , you will want to focus on the 20% of tasks that bring 80% of the results or the benefits .

So let's say social media content is working well for you .

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Like you're getting clients through social media , keep doing that .

But if code emailing is what's working for you , then you will want to dedicate yourself to that .

So that's more or less how this works .

Then we have GTD getting things done , bitches , get stuff done .

This is a productivity method developed by David Allen and it involves capturing all these tasks and ideas , clarifying them , organizing them into lists and taking action based on their priority .

I do something similar to that , which is like a mind map .

I love mind map and I do it for a lot of things in my life , not just work , you take that , you know , big task or a keyword or something and you start to break it down .

And another way you can do that that I have been using quite a lot is GP T GP T can break down tasks for you .

You , you know , just go there and say like break this task down for me into smaller ones .

So it doesn't feel so overwhelming .

It does a great job .

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So I've been doing that quite a lot is eat the frog .

And when I first heard this expression , I was like , what ?

But you just have to like do the hardest thing first tackle the most challenging the most important task .

First thing in the morning .

And you're going to feel accomplished , motivated .

And anything else that comes after that is not going to feel as daunting .

Now , the next three , they are like more or less uh time management methods .

But the next one is smart goals , smart stands for specific measurable , achievable , relevant and time bound .

So this helps you set very clear goals , very clear deadlines .

So , you know , you can deliver something on time , you can launch something on time .

And we usually do that , you know , at the end of the year , at the beginning of each quarter .

But that's something you can do really any time .

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Like whenever you have a big task ahead of you , and number nine is delegate or outsource if you have tasks that don't necessarily need to be completed by you and let's face it .

There are a bunch of things in our days that we could be delegating free up your time for more important focus like specialized tasks , just focus on what you do .

Best .

Number 10 is not really a time management method , but it definitely impacts your productivity , take regular breaks , prioritize self care , you know , take care of yourself .

Burnout is a very , very real thing .

I have experienced it .

And now I know better .

I take breaks and especially if you are a business owner , a freelance .

So , you know , you work from home , you can definitely take like 30 minutes after lunch to go for a walk around your neighborhood , even one hour , two hours .

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I prefer to work less hours during the week and then work , uh , one morning the weekend , you know , or one afternoon , the weekend , then working like 10 hours from Monday to Friday and then just having those two days to kind of rest and do everything that I have to do .

So sometimes I would go to the supermarket in the middle of the afternoon and , you know , a Wednesday , but it's there .

It's just , it's so great .

So definitely prioritize yourself .

It happens quite often that , you know , I'm designing something .

I hate it .

And then I would just go for a walk and when I come back , I look at it and it's like it's not that bad or I will have like a new idea .

I'm trying really hard to be more mindful of that and I've been adding short breaks to my Google calendar just to remind myself that I have to get up and go do something else every now and then .

Of course , you can combine a bunch of these .

Like I said , I love my maps time blocking the two minute rule .

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Combine everything , just experiment , see what works best for you and for your workflow .

Remember to work smarter , not harder .

So cliche but so true .

Thank you so much for watching this video .

I really hope that these tips will , you know , help you in your daily life if you want to keep the conversation going , you can leave a comment or you can reach out to me on Instagram and I will see you next week .

Oh .


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