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2024-06-27 08:13:17

57% Of People Have This Problem!!

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So let's chat about the most dangerous symptom of a magnesium deficiency .

As you may be aware of , magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions .

At least 57% , probably more people have low magnesium .

Magnesium is involved in energy protection , the transmission of nerve impulses , the ability to allow muscles to relax , blood sugar issues , and the list goes on and on and on .

Now several reasons why people are deficient .

Either they're not getting it from their diet because they're not eating the right things or they're eating the wrong things like processed foods , carbohydrates , alcohol , and also inflammation in your gut .

Any type of , like , bloating or chronic inflammation in your gut , that can prevent your absorption of magnesium .

And you have something called phytates that prevent the absorption of magnesium as well .

Fluoride blocks magnesium .

Soft water versus hard water blocks magnesium .

In fact , they've done tests on this .

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There's a high correlation between people that have these water softeners and a higher risk of getting heart attacks versus people who just drink hard water , spring water , things like that .

They have a much lower risk of heart problems .

And then you have just all the food additives , very specifically the phosphates in the food additives .

And you probably see it when you start reading the labels on ultra processed foods .

But I wanna cover 12 symptoms of a magnesium deficiency starting with number 12 and working backwards until we get to the most dangerous symptom , which you need to know about .

Number 12 , muscle cramping .

Number 11 is loss of appetite .

10 is nystagmus , where your eye is kind of going back and forth .

Number 9 is fatigue .

Number 8 , high blood pressure .

Number 7 , abnormal heart rhythm .

Number 6 , low vitamin d .

It's interesting .

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You need magnesium to help vitamin d work in the body .

Number 5 , a potassium deficiency .

You need magnesium to allow for potassium to work in the body .

Number 4 , migraines .

Number 3 , blood sugar issues .

Number 2 , high levels of cortisol , which is gonna affect your sleep .

But number 1 , the most dangerous symptom of low magnesium is pathological calcification .

Let me explain what that is .

Magnesium is the master mineral that controls other minerals .

Magnesium stops calcium from building up in the cells .

If there's too much calcium in the cell , it causes the cell to commit suicide .

Magnesium also prevents oxidative stress from occurring in the mitochondria , but that can be related to neuroinflammation in the brain , which also involves accumulation of calcium as well .

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I'm talking about the calcium that builds up in the heart tissue that can cause a heart attack .

I'm also talking about the pathogenic calcification that can build up in other soft tissues too because you have vascular calcification , and then you have nonvascular calcification .

Both scenarios have calcium building up in the wrong place because the calcium should be in the bone , not in your soft tissues .

And I've talked about vitamin K2 helping protect against calcium building up in the arteries , but you don't wanna forget about this magnesium .

It's also important .

Now when we're talking about this pathological calcification , we're really talking about a calcification that is not normal .

It usually follows inflammation , and some of the key factors that help regulate this and prevent it is magnesium , vitamin k 2 , zinc , vitamin d , and boron .

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If you have not watched my video on boron , this is a very neglected trace mineral that is fascinating , and I'm gonna put that video up right here .

Check it out .

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