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2023-11-25 09:27:52

Momo Mania Case Study Video

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During last quarter for financial year , the quick service restaurant industry experienced a significant dip in revenues .

This downturn affected major players such as Domino's KFC and mcdonald's impacting their financial performances in the midst of these challenging times .

Wow , Momo set out with the mission boost , transactions , enhance dine in footfall to drive profitability , win back , lost customers expand the user base reaching those who are price conscious but eager to explore .

W Momo presenting Momo Mania at just rupees 69 .

In our research , we uncovered a common desire .

People wanted a quick budget , friendly bite under rupees 100 chance to not just target but but customers .

This is where our journey begins .

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So what's our strategy , a vibrant and captivating campaign for a top tier product priced at eye catching number rupees 69 .

Also the mom mania at just rupees 69 .

Ok , sir .

What must Lake in KK you have all Momoka Momo Mana at rupees 60 nine , we enlisted renowned content creators , comedians and even rap artists to join the rank .

This collective effort garnered the attention of the younger generation on a national scale .

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They reached millions of people while Momo launches Momo Mania .

India's best veg and Chicken .

Momo is now just at RPE 69 online .

We dominated Facebook , youtube and a multitude of third party apps and portals .

A TL BT L activations reached unprecedented heights .

Everyone craved Momo mania and our sales shot up like a rocket .

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Did Momo Mania mean to us a delighted wow , Momo customer , a team fueled by passion and a boundless possibilities lying ahead .


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