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2024-02-03 15:44:29

NĀ°3 is a game changer šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆ#manipulation #psychology

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I shouldn't be telling you this .

But there are three dark psychology tricks so powerful that you can instantly turn the tide of any argument .

The last one will blow your mind one when the other person speaks , make sure to nod , tilt your head and lean towards them .

In psychology .

This is called active listening .

People are more willing to concede points to someone who they feel truly heard and understood .

Two leverage , probing questions .

For example , if you're trying to convince your friend that pineapple is good on pizza , you could say , don't you dip yours in ranch ?

Trying different things is good , right ?

This doesn't confront their view head on , but nudges them to re examine their stance .

Three .

This is where things get interesting .

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