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2023-11-10 19:44:29

Fast News

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pro Palestinian supporters have clashed with police in Melbourne .

The standoff happened in Caulfield around 9 p.m. on Friday after the group decided to hold a rally outside a synagogue .

Vision obtained by the Herald Sun shows protesters clashing with police and pro Israel supporters .

Some officers were forced to use the spray after rocks were held at them , resulting in the arrest of one person .

Premier Jacinta Allen has called for unity on social media tweeting .

It is our diversity that makes us great and our compassion that unites us .

There is never any place for Anti-semitism or Islamophobia .

In Victoria , Australians are being warned they will have to endure falling living standards for at least another year .

The Reserve Bank's quarterly monetary policy statement says rising migration and infrastructure spending could leave inflation stubbornly high in 2024 .

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It also forecasts the drop in household disposable income , which had been earmarked to fall by 2% this year .

It follows the central bank's decision to increase interest rates for 1/13 time this week to 4.35% .

She delighted Australians at the World Cup and now Sam Kerr is preparing to walk down the aisle .

Her partner , Christy Muis , has confirmed to People magazine .

The couple are engaged .

Muis is also a professional footballer and represents the US at the Women's World Cup earlier this year , the pair met in 2019 while the Matildas captain was playing in the United States .

It's been revealed Vaping companies have recently tripled the amount of nicotine in their products .

A study by the University of Wollongong shows the move has resulted in more teenagers become addicted to vaping .

It also found that tripling nicotine was the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day .

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One in three teenagers have tried vaping despite sales being illegal to those aged under 18 .

A light plane crash has occurred off the Sunshine Coast .

Emergency services were called on Friday from the plane as it had lost one of the twin engines while en route to American Samoa .

Two people were winched to safety after clinging to a life raft near the crash site .

They are being assessed by doctors at Sunshine Coast University Hospital .

It's unclear what caused the crash .

Precious cargo has arrived in China three giant pandas returning home after a long stint at a zoo in Washington DC before being flown back on a special Boeing aircraft , The Panda Express .

The family was farewelled with great fanfare in a motorcade through the US capital .

Their departure ends 50 years of So-called panda diplomacy , which saw China lend bears to the Smithsonian National Zoo .

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Now for a publicity stunt in every sense of the word , singer Jared Leto has climbed the Empire State Building to promo to promote his band's new World tour .

He ascended from the 86th floor to the 104th , becoming the first person to legally scale the Manhattan landmark , which stands at 443 metres tall .

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