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2024-05-27 09:06:31

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Benefits

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I would say out of all the vitamins that I have worked with in practice , b one is at the top of the list as far as creating effects .

There are many different other vitamins or nutrients that you take .

You don't really feel much change , at least initially , but b one is different .

You usually see pretty quick changes for a lot of different effects , and that's what I wanna get into today as well as talking about some of the warning signs and how you would end up with a b one deficiency in the first place .

B one is intimately involved as kind of a a helper nutrient for your mitochondria , the energy factory in the cell .

And so if you're deficient , you're gonna have a hard time making fuel .

You're gonna be tired .

Okay ?

That's a big symptom right there .

And relating to that fuel in the mitochondria , you need it to burn , glucose .

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The more glucose that you have running through your bloodstream , the higher the carbohydrates in the diet , the more b one you're gonna need , or you are gonna run out of b one really fast because it's needed to metabolize this fuel .

And when you run out , you can't burn that fuel .

You're gonna be tired .

Now what I mean by burning off glucose , I'm talking about , like , even using your own stored glucose as glycogen in your liver .

So even if you're on the ketogenic diet , you do still , burn glucose to a certain degree .

It's not just completely a 100% fat burning or ketones .

Certain cells , certain parts of your body need glucose .

And so there is a different , levels of different types of fuel that you'll use at any given time .

So b one is , water soluble , which means it doesn't get stored in the body for a long time , like the fat cycle vitamins , like vitamin a , d , e , and k .

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So if you're doing fasting , right , and let's say , for example , you're under a lot of stress and you're drinking tea , all of these things can deplete b one .

And even if you have inflammation , you can use up more b one .

So if someone is a diabetic , okay , they're gonna have higher levels of sugar .

Chances are they're almost always gonna be deficient in b one .

And this is why one of the major symptoms from a diabetic is peripheral neuropathies .

Okay .

So what is that ?

That is a situation where the lower part of your feet , you have this , neurological problem , whether it's numbness , extra pain , burning .

That's because you're low in b one , and that's where it shows up first .

So you need b one to build the myelin sheath .

It's like the coating .

Let's see if you could see this right here , this little wire .

Right ?

This is like coating around a wire .

So that would be like myelin around your nerves , so you need to be one to support that .

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And without that , you start getting a short circuiting , neurological issues .

The autonomic nervous system , the main nervous system that controls the flight or flight mechanism and the recovery mechanism , and that's called the parasympathetic .

And it's sometimes known as , like , rest and recovery , which works through the vagus nerve needs b 1 .

And so there's a lot of conditions related to this vagus nerve b 1 deficiency , like a condition called gastroparesis , where your digestive system is just really slow .

It's just not working .

Food tends to stick around a lot longer than it should .

This is why a b one deficiency can create constipation .

And part of these nerves also control , the valves on the top of your stomach and even the bottom of the stomach .

So if you have a valve problem at the top of your stomach , you have what's called GERD .

Okay ?

So you're gonna have , like , acid reflux , things like that .

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You can also have problems with the valve at the bottom of the stomach , and you can actually regurgitate bile coming up into the stomach and then coming up into the esophagus .

And that can act as a very powerful detergent and irritate the lining of your esophagus all the way up into the back of the throat where you might have hoarseness or a chronic cough , and they can actually destroy some of the connective tissue .

And as far as the autonomic nervous system goes , if you are in this situation where you don't have full sympathetic function , you can have a problem with excessive sweating or no sweating at all .

Excessive tears or no tears at all .

So that has a lot to do with your ability to adapt to your environment .

Like , you might just get out of the shower and all of a sudden just break out in a sweat .

Or if it's really extreme , you might stand up and feel dizzy .

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There's an extreme version of that called POTS , where the body just cannot tolerate gravity stress .

So you need be 1 .

Another common , symptom , probably one of the most common one is you just feel highly irritated .

This nervous tension , this buildup of pressure that , it makes it so you don't have any tolerance for stress at all .

Boy , does b one work for that ?

You give some b one to a person within 3 minutes .

They're just feeling calm .

B one is needed to make GABA too , and GABA keeps you relaxed and calm .

And I'm not sure if this next effect is related to GABA or something else , but b one is known to help someone just have a positive mental attitude .

It's pretty wild .

So if you have people around you that are kind of Debbie Downers or negative people , just slip some b one into their coffee .

There's also other , problems with the autonomic nervous system that you can have .

Blushing , like getting a red face , easily embarrassed .

Even the regulation of temperature .

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If you can't tolerate , extreme cold temperatures or extreme , you know , hot temperatures , you probably need b 1 .

Typically , if someone is b 1 deficient , they're gonna have a tendency to be more cold , and it's gonna be very uncomfortable .

And in their minds , they're thinking , oh , thyroid , but they might just need b one .

And by the way , as a side note , b one helps thyroid cases .

If you're deficient in b one , your pulse rate could go up as well .

So if we think about it from the viewpoint of what causes deficiency of b one , like high carbohydrate diets or , diabetics .

What are the common symptoms for that ?

Well , anything related to the eye , cataracts , glaucoma , kidney problems , artery problems , brain fog issues , heart issues , nerve issues .

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So b one can act as a very powerful antioxidant too to counter some of the oxidation effects that this sugar is creating on the kidneys , on the nerves , on the brain , and the eyes .

So if you have cataracts or glaucoma , taking b one would actually be very beneficial .

But just realize that just getting b one from the diet probably is not gonna be enough , especially if you're trying to , achieve a therapeutic dose to create an effect .

So you'd wanna take some b one .

Another interesting , effect , if you ever driving in a car and someone has motion sickness , give them some b one .

If someone's trying to recover from a canker sore , give them some b one .

So if someone consumes a lot of sugar , like , I used to consume a tremendous amount , you're gonna get what's called restless leg syndrome , which can be relieved with some b one .

I'll never forget .

I mean , in the middle of night , I was getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning .

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I'm pounding my legs like they were so restless .

They would just wake me up .

It was miserable , and I had no idea it was connected to this b one deficiency .

And probably the Ben and Jerry's didn't help .

So remember , more carbs , more alcohol , more tea , the less b one you're gonna have .

Now you could actually develop more serious , problems with a b one deficiency , a severe b one deficiency in a large heart , edema , and swelling in the lower legs , mental confusion .

There's another one .

What was that ?

Memory loss , nystigmas , where your eyes are kind of going back and forth .

You you sometimes you see that in children .

I mean , think about how many kids are consuming so much sugar , and they're highly irritated sometimes , and they're a bit agitated and restless .

Give them some b one , but also cut out the sugar .

There's something else called ataxia , which , affects part of the brain .

And when you walk , you stagger .

Right ?

You're not balanced anymore .

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B one can help that condition .

Hearing loss could be another symptom of a b one deficiency .

Sleep apnea is another one .

This is why taking b one right before bed can greatly help you with not just sleep apnea , but also panic attacks , nightmares , anxiety , and calming down that excessive thinking that goes on before you go to bed .

It's not gonna give you a lot of energy .

It's just gonna actually give you what you need to be able to sleep .

Now one thing that'll keep someone up at night is not being able to breathe .

The respiratory centers in your brain stem need be 1 .

And when you're deficient , you're gonna find you're gonna have difficulty breathing , and that could be the reason why you can't sleep .

I remember in practice giving people b 1 , and they're just like , wow .

I just feel like I can breathe right now .

So it's interesting .

Breathing is gonna help sleeping .

Anything related to brain fog , b one can help .

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And , also , anything neuritis , like inflammation of the nerve , especially fibromyalgia .

Now fibromyalgia , if it's on the right side , think gallbladder , taking a remedy like bile salts .

But if you have fibromyalgia all over the place , take b one .

As far as the type of b one , I would would not recommend synthetic unless you're doing some type of short term detoxification , because the synthetic b one , the way they make it , they use hydrochloric acid , sometimes acetone .

They use ammonia and even coal tar .

So you can't imagine something that's made from that is , like , the same as something from nature .

I personally take it's called Allithiamine .

Alethiamine .

Okay ?

That comes from garlic extract , and I will put a link down below for more information on that .

Another version of the b one is called benfotiamine .

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Now this is a different , form of b one , and , yes , this one is made synthetically , but I've never had a problem with it because it's not made from coal tar , and it's in a fat soluble form .

So they made this water soluble b one vitamin into a fat soluble vitamin , so it can actually penetrate , the nerves in the bottom of your feet .

Apparently , it does not cross the blood brain barrier , but if you have anything related to your feet , okay , feet pain , nerve pain , I would take Benfotiamine .

Another thing you have to realize too , when you take b one , if you are magnesium deficient , you may find that the b one doesn't work as well .

So you might wanna find a supplement with either magnesium or even take magnesium sometime during that day , or just make sure you're not deficient .

Certain drugs will create a deficiency of b one , metformin , and diuretics , certain antibiotics .

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If someone has a lot of inflammation , chances are they're gonna be deficient in b one .

Now if you want a really good summary of all of the functions of b one , I put everything in one download , click the link down below , and you can download it for free .

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