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2024-05-27 10:30:29

Why Does Eating Sugar Deplete Vitamin B1

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So what is it about a carbohydrate that depletes your vitamin b 1 ?

Well , vitamin b 1 is necessary for the metabolism or breakdown of carbohydrates .

They call it carbohydrate catabolism .

K ?

So catabolism means the breakdown of something .

So the more carbs someone consumes , the more b one is necessary .

Now this also goes for alcohol , dextrose IVs .

Let's say you're in the hospital and they're feeding you dextrose , which is a synthetic sugar .

You will eventually be depleted of vitamin b 1 .

Stress can also deplete you of B1 .

And also being a diabetic because you have this high amount of sugar that's flowing through your your blood vessels .

And b 1 is critical for biochemical pathways .

A lot of your brain chemistry , neurotransmitters , like GABA that makes you calm , dopamine related to pleasure , all require vitamin b 1 .

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Nucleic acids , that's your genetics , Fatty acids , and even steroids , like steroid hormones , need vitamin b 1 .

Also , b 1 defends against oxidative stress .

This is why when you're on a high carb diet , you become a prediabetic and a diabetic , you become deficient of B1 and then you start getting peripheral neuropathies or neuritis , which is nerve pain , using your fingertips or your toes or the bottom of your feet .

And just as a side note , if you have peripheral neuropathy and you're diabetic , the simple remedy is to take Benfotiamine .

Okay ?

Benfotiamine is a special type of b 1 .

It's a fat soluble b 1 , so it penetrates the nerves , and it's very effective against diabetic neuropathy .

Now the 2 most sensitive tissues to a vitamin b one deficiency are , number 1 , your nerves slash brain , and number 2 , your heart .

If the nerves are involved , you're gonna get neuritis , neuropathy , anxiety .

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You're gonna feel very agitated .

You're gonna have a lot of nervous energy built up , and it's going to be very hard to relax .

If you have a severe B1 deficiency , it can cause , what was that , Dementia and confusion and even nightmares .

And so if your kids are having nightmares or you're having nightmares , b one it'll handle it .

Now if the heart is affected with a b one deficiency , your pulse rate will start going up .

You'll start developing edema in your lower legs , and you could even experience heart failure .

But other than that , you're gonna be totally fine .

And , of course , the best source of b one is a natural source .

I recommend nutritional yeast .

I put a link down below for more information on a pretty good source .

Alright .

Thanks for watching .

Hey .

Before you go , if you're benefiting from any of my content , I would love to hear about your success story .

Please share it in the link down below .

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