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It's the modern carbonara better than the classic carbonara .

Why modern chefs tell you to use only the egg yolks when the classic use the entire eggs .

Let's have a look and see which one is best .

Hi and welcome to the Jain sauce plate .

The place where you get to learn how to cook is simple or made Italian recipes .

Today we are making the modern carbonara .

It doesn't mean that I'm making a Gordon Ramsey carbonara .

No , no , no , no .

I'm not adding any new ingredients .

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I'm making a carbonara with the same ingredients , but we are using egg yolks and not the entire egg because modern chef in Rome like to use only the egg yolks .

OK ?

The traditional doesn't use the egg yolks , everything .

Let's make it .

Let's see if it makes any difference .

Who's gonna be the winner ?

You guys tell me , can I be honest with you ?

I love carbonara .

Egg yolks .

Entire egg for me are both delicious .

But let's use the winner to make the perfect modern carbonara .

We need simple but perfect and delicious ingredients .

Now , the most important ingredient is the , it is very hard to find .

So you can replace it with , you have to find everywhere .

So as you can see , the has a lot of fat .

Ok .

Here we have , you know , the herbs on top , we have this pepper is garlic in there .

So there are flavors in this and you know , it's been cured , usually a cure for a couple of months .

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Ok ?

Spaghetti , pasta .

Now the classic spaghetti , a car uses spaghetti .

If you wanna use a different pasta , you can use linguine .

You can use no short pasta .

Like you can use the anything that you like the ingredient that is going to make the cream , the eggs .

We have three eggs because I'm using 300 g of pasta .

So every 100 g of pasta , I use one egg .

So 300 g of pasta , three eggs and last this is Pecorino cheese .

I have kilos and kilos and kilos of pecorino cheese in my house .

I love pecorino , my favorite cheese and I put it everywhere you wanna mix pecorino par .

I know lots of you like to do that .

OK ?

Do it .

The very first thing I want to do is to cut the OK ?

So this is like a 300 g piece of which is too much for 300 g of pasta .

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I say use about 70 g of for every 100 g of pasta .

OK ?

So here we remove the skin , the skin is something that we don't wanna use for carbona .

Now , the car it got lots of fat .

What we're gonna do is I like to cut it into strips .

And when I say strips , I mean , strips .

So what we do is we cut this , OK , we was .

And then here we cut the strips just like that .

The strip has the meat , the fat and the meat again .

Ok .

Actually , not that cut this , I can actually tell you .

It is a nice , I have to say this is not the one from Rome .

It's made here in Australia .

It is not bad .

It actually looks pretty good .

I've been cutting it in the inside .

You can see we have enough meat , enough fat and it's gonna be fun .

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Fantastic for a carbonara because the fat will melt and the meat will become nice and moist .

What's is the pig cheek ?

So the flavors are very different to the .

So right now we're going to cook the on a pan without oil gently on a medium low heat .

Ok ?

We don't want to burn the one .

We don't wanna stress the one what we want for .

The one China is very simple .

We want the fat to create the oil that we need .

So we gently wanna cook the one .

We want to get a crispy and crunchy on the outside , but moist on the inside .

Now , look at the oil that we have created over here .

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It is , this oil is created by the fat of the one chart that oil is full of flavors and that's the importance of the one chart .

If you don't have the , you don't get those flavors .

My friend , you don't get this oil .

The flavors are really coming out .

The key smells like 11 chili is ready .

So , what we do is we start cooking the pasta .

Now , usually when I boil my pasta , I use a large pot .

Like now I'm using a large pot and a lot of water for carbonara paper .

You know , we don't want to use a lot of water .

We need the water to be full of starch .

So I'm using half of this pot full of water and I'm adding half tablespoon of salt .

The reason why I do that is because we need to use the pasta water for a sauce .

So I don't want this to be too salty .

When I reacted to Alex , the cooking guy .

Catch your pepe video .

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You made me realize how important it is not to put too much salt into your water .

And I've done all my life .

So thanks to Alex , I realized I'm gonna put less salt in the pasta water because I'm gonna use the pasta water in the eggs mix to create the cream .

And also I'm using pecorino cheese in the cream .

So I don't want this to be extremely salty .

So thank you , Alex .

As you can see , the water is boiling , which means it is ready to cook your pasta So , what we're doing right now is we put the spaghetti in there and we read the instruction on the pocket .

This spaghetti needs 11 minutes to cook .

So what I'm going to do , I'm going to take them out at 10 minutes .

One minute less .

You should cook .

OK .

The last minute of cooking we do it in the pan .

The water is boiling , the is ready .

What do we do ?

Now ?

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We make the cream for the carbonara made with eggs .

So what we need to do is we need to separate the yolks and the white .

So here use an empty one .

So here we use one to collect the yolks which you know , you can make meringue , you can make a but if you don't wanna do anything , this is gonna be a waste .

I'm sorry .

That's one of the reasons why I don't like this more than carbonara .

So here again we get the yolk perfect .

Here we only have the egg yolks .

OK ?

See that we got the egg yolks and what we do is we get the bag , the important bag .

And what we're going to do is for three egg yolks .

I'm going to use six tablespoons of Pecorino , double the amount .

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Yes , I'm going to be very generous with the Pecorino because Pecorino is everything for this dish .

You do need it .

So here we go , we mix it , just mix it .

I wanna get a paste made with the pecorino and the eggs saying how dense it is the to actually melt , disappear in the eggs .

That's what we want to achieve .

We want to get a nice dark yellow , almost orange mix .

You know , that's what we want to get .

OK , guys , the pasta is ready before we get the pasta out .

You get a nice mug full of pasta water .

The pasta water is extremely important to combine all the ingredients OK ?

To get a creamy , creamy pasta .

Now we're gonna take the pasta out , OK ?

And we put it in the pan together with the .

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So we just want to get the pasta , put it in there .

And what we're gonna do right now , straight away , you add a mug or pasta water .

Perfect .

I'm gonna keep cooking the pasta in the pan .

So what we do now , I use a mug of water because we need to do the cooking of the pasta in the pan called Rio like when you make rice .

So you need to keep stirring your pasta in there .

It's got the water in there .

Now , as you can see , the water is kind of disappearing .

There's not much water left in there and not much at all .

But we do need a little bit of water before we add the egg .

So let's put a little bit more because we want the water at the bottom .

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So when we put the egg inside , we are not getting the scrambled eggs time now to switch off the stove gas is off and now is the moment where we adding the cream .

Ok .

So as you can see , this is very , very dark .

So this carbona should be , must be very , very creamy .

We need to mix now this cream with the pasta .

Ok .

So we want the eggs to melt in this mix .

Look how creamy this is becoming .

It does look like it's creamier .

Yes , it looks like it's less runny .

It looks like it needs to be eaten straight away .

Any scrambles , not scrambles .

No , even though your original carbonara requires a sort of scrambles in them .

Did I forget something ?

Yes , I forgot to put the pepper in the mix .

Can I can I fix this ?

Yes , you can add the pepper at the end .

Nice .

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Must be freshly freshly freshly done on the spot .

Is this gonna be ok ?

Yes , it should be .

Ok .

Plus as much as you can because carbonara means charcoal .

It was created in the mining .

So basically should be covered with pepper .

Look how much pepper we want in there .

A little bit more mix .

And now we serve , let's play this carbonara with love .

OK .

So put it on a white plate so I can see the difference of the classic carbonara .

Does it look different in color ?

Mm .

Uh No , but I want to blame the eggs here because the egg yolk should have made this a little bit darker which is not darker .

It is definitely creamier than the classic carbonara makes .

So the only thing we can do is to try , we have to taste it .

We have to see how this taste before we can say if it's good or not .

Let's try .

Look , I am a carbonara .

I can't really tell you the difference between this and the other wine .

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You know , because both of them are delicious .

I don't wanna judge it .

I wanna say better than the other .

I can say that this is a little bit creamier .

It doesn't mean it's better .

OK .

The discussion of the day is egg yolks or entire egg .

That's the only discussion we should have from 2020 for the next thousands of years .

There is no cream involved and definitely no peace .

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm .

Yeah .

Please guys leave a like and tell us in the comment below .

What version you prefer ?

Egg yolk and egg .

What do you prefer ?

Tell us please ?

We want to know .

So thank you so much .


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