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2023-08-19 20:46:40

Could Not Sign in Apple ID - Fixed Here!

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How's everybody ?

Welcome back to the channel and today's video we're gonna talk about could not sign in .

Ok .

So earlier in this morning when we try to in with your Apple account and we had this problem called could not sign in .

So we believe just like us , a lot of people out there are having the same problem .

Now , if you want to really fix this problem , there are a couple of things you just want to go ahead and take a look at the first things I want you guys to take a look at is your internet , ok ?

Now , this problem can happen because of the internet .

Now , the first things you want to just go ahead and swap down from the top and here simply go ahead and turn on the arrow plan mode doing it .

So it will help you to fix your internet related issues .

And after turning it on for 10 seconds , go ahead and turn it off and right afterward , just go ahead and check whether your problem is solved or not .

Now , let's say you have done that as well and , and we're still having the same problem now at this point of time .

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Let's say you are trying to log in your apple ID to your iphone , let's say to this section .

Now , in this time , the next things I want you guys to do just simply just go ahead and open up your browser and then type icloud dot com .

Now you can choose use different apple id .

Now , once you're here , all you have to do is just go ahead and enter your Apple ID and password and try to log in to the icloud account to check whether or not it is working or not .

Even after doing that , if we're still having the same problem .

The next thing you have to do , you have to just send that verification code to your number in order to access your Apple account .

Now just go ahead and tap on , send the code to your number and then you and get the code to your number and simply go ahead and just copy the number and set it up manually .

After doing that process , hopefully you'll be able to access your Apple accounts .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , last things while you're just putting your number , I mean , the code right here , please be sure to enter the correct code because if you're entering the wrong code , then you can have problem .

And eventually you will have these issues which is so called , could not sign in , ok .

So these are the things you guys can literally do on your iphone in water to fix , could not sign in issues on your iphone , especially to access your Apple account .

So this is all you can do guys if this video is really useful for you .

If you think so , you should like and subscribe to the channel to get more useful video content for yourself .

Thanks for watching guys and I'll talk to you later .


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