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2023-08-19 21:03:37

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT & Stay Healthy! Raw Vegan_Plant Based _ Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free

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Yeah , you classic .

Shit .

Hey , guys , Welcome back to my channel .

I hope you guys are all good and well as promised .

I have said I was gonna give you guys a what I eat in the day .

So here's the video .

I hope you guys enjoy if you're new here .

I recently made a decision to go plant based and vegan , a raw vegan , to be precise .

So I only eat raw foods .

So raw living foods , whether it's fruit or vegetable .

So let's start with my breakfast .

So I normally break my fast , which is basically what a breakfast means with fruits .

I find this really good for my digestive system .

It kind of gives my digestive system a nice boost .

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And it also helps on an empty stomach to eat fruits as the nutrients and vitamins are well digested that way .

So yeah , for this juice , I'm gonna be making watermelon a cucumber , Um , mint leaves , lemon and ginger juice .

This juice tastes so good .

Like I'm not even just saying that this is genuinely one of my favourite juices .

If you follow me on Instagram , you will see this juice all the time .

I absolutely love it .

Um , as the name suggests , watermelon is 92% water .

So you're basically drinking water without drinking water , which is great for hydration , especially with the weather that we have right now .

You wanna keep your body hydrated ?

Cucumber is also high in water as well .

So super hydrating .

And it's so good for your skin .

It prevents cancer .

It strengthens your bones .

It manages blood sugar .

It reduces inflammation .

So many great benefits about cucumber bit leaves are obviously good for your oral health .

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But aside from that , they're a natural stimulant that relieves the body of fatigue and even depression .

So I would definitely encourage this juice has so many good benefits to it .

I normally put my juices in a plastic little container like this and store them in the fridge or drink them straight away .

So , yeah , that's my I am going to make myself another juice .

So this is just kind of like my juice after the juice .

I find juices just a quick , easy way to get your nutrients in .

Cos I'm not the best with eating vegetables , but I'm really good at juicing them and getting them in my system .

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So This juice consists of apples , pears , cucumber , um , turmeric , ginger , kale , celery and spinach .

So it's very nutrient condensed , and it's gonna give you so much benefit to your body .

Also , guys , make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables .

Very important , they'd be putting some stuff on there , especially with the spinach .

It has loads of sand .

I don't know why , but we moved little fat about spinach as well .

Spinach is very high in fibre , which makes you super full super quickly , so you can either eat it or you can juice it .

Either way , you're getting the nutrients and you're getting full .

It's also good for preventing cancer .

It's great for glowing skin again .

Good at fighting diseases .

It lowers blood pressure .

It improves your vision .

It strengthens your immune system .

It strengthens your bones .

It helps the brain and nervous system function .

It's just all round .

Good to get your greens in , most especially for your skin .

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If you want glowing skin and you want less like symptoms of acne and things like that , either drink or eat your greens .

Greens are so good for the skin , so yeah , and they're also very high in um protein , so that's a good way to get your protein in as well .

Oh , and I forgot to add that this also tastes amazing literally .

It's such a nice blend of fruits and vegetables .

So it has that sweet and savoury balance , which makes it taste so good .

And it's also very , very refreshing , too .

Typically for lunch , I normally do salads as it's another way to get my greens in , but as I've already had quite a heavily dense and leafy green juice , there's no need to kind of like go in with more leafy greens cos that's already in my system .

So I'm gonna make a nice , sweet and savoury salad .

You guys may have seen this on my instagram before .

This is one of my favourite salads , and it was introduced to me by , uh , Fash hair on YouTube .

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I'll leave her channel down below .

If you're like , kind of not really into salads , but you wanna get into salads , I would definitely recommend this salad .

It contains remain lettuce apples , dates which are so good for you .

Dates encourage healthy bowel movement .

So if you're struggling to go to the toilet , definitely try the salad .

If you're anaemic and you want a boost of energy .

Dates are great for that .

If you want a boost or great vitamins as well .

It's high in potassium , very high in vitamin B six and also very high in copper as well , which is good for your body .

So , yeah , I basically put bung all those ingredients into a bowl , and then I add my seeds , which consist of sunflower seeds , flax seeds , um , hemp seeds , just a mixture of seeds that I got from Morrison .

I put that in my salad as well .

Seeds are also a good source of protein and fibre .

Pumpkin seeds , especially are high in zinc , which is just great for your immune system .

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And then I also add a nice vinaigrette and almond flakes on top , which gives it a lovely little crunch .

So it has a nice blend of sweet and savoury .

I absolutely love this salad like it is literally one of my favourites .

I eat it so much , it's so good for you .

The remain lettuce is very good for heart health .

The more you get this into your system , the more you're gonna have a good , healthy heart .

It's also very high in vitamin A and vitamin K as well as that .

It's a great source of fibre , protein , iron and calcium , so you don't necessarily need to drink cow's milk or any animal produce to get calcium into your body .

You can literally just eat your veggies , and you have all the calcium that you need for your body to thrive .

Also , little facts about almonds Co almonds are in the salad as well .

Almonds are a great antioxidant , and they're really , really good for decreasing high blood pressure .

So if you suffer with blood pressure issues , definitely try some almonds in your diet .

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They will definitely help a lot as well as that .

They help reduce cholesterol levels .

So if that's also an issue for you , definitely try a snack of almonds .

So after a leafy green salad , I'm normally quite full , so I'll probably go for a snack .

And my snack of choice today is celery and hummus .

You guys know if you don't know , you should know .

This literally has me on hook .

I eat hummus with celery , cucumber , red bell peppers , anything that's water base and celery is basically 95% water , so I'm basically just drinking water and getting more protein into my system with the hummus as I'm trying to build more lean muscle protein is definitely something that I'm trying to bulk on and eat more of so I can get that air .

I normally don't eat dinner .

I know that's really bad , but I need to get used to eating dinner again .

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I get pretty full pretty quickly on this high plant-based diet .

I know you guys probably think like , huh ?

You're eating plants , you're basically eating like a rabbit and you're telling me you're full .

It really does make you full .

Another food that I absolutely love to make is obviously is made from avocados , which is a great sauce with vitamin E , vitamin K , vitamin B , six potassium as well as that .

It also helps reduce cholesterol levels .

It is very , very high in fibre .

It's good for your gut health and digestive system , and avocado can actually keep you feel feeling fuller for longer .

Sometimes I have them with , um , tortilla chips if I'm feeling a bit funky , but most times I don't so I can really get all those nutrition into my gut and into my system without messing up my digestive system .

And last but not least , another recent self-care routine of mine has been taking bubble baths .

I absolutely love taking a nice , relaxing soak .

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At the end of the day , it really does make a difference into my mood , my sleep , everything .

And normally I like to have a really nice chilled cold beverage .

With this , this can be any juice , but today I am drinking orange juice .

If you don't know , oranges are a great way to get your vitamin C in .

That's pretty obvious , but they also help prevent the formation of kidney stones .

They fight against viral infections , and they help you with your vision .

They also help promote glowy skin .

So cheers to good health .

Guys , Thank you guys so much for watching .

I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys again soon .

Bye , guys .


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