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2023-08-22 21:53:41

How To Install Hik-Connect APP on the FireStick 4K TV - HIKVISION

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Hey , everyone , it's Jason back .

And today's video , I'm gonna show you guys how to get the high connect app onto your fire stick .

So in this video , I'm gonna show you how to get it and uh set it up .

OK ?

First thing you want to do is head over to downloader press .

OK ?

Go to the bar and you get a punch in the following .

So you're gonna punch in Jason's channel dot com .

It's a website that I created just to add some stuff on there for you guys guys .

If you haven't subscribed to my channel , please do .

It , helps this website and it helps my channel quite a bit .

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I really appreciate if you could hit that subscribe button , press go .

What you wanna do is hit the menu two times on the remote .

So now we're gonna head over to apps .

I just set up this website pretty quick .

You will notice some changes over the next couple of days and weeks .

Uh The the apps press , ok ?

You can hit uh subscribe to my channel right here .

So here's the most popular apps everybody keeps asking me for .

So um there's a lot more coming right now .

These are the only ones I added .

So here's the Hike Connect app .

What you wanna do is we need to download this one and the mouse if you already have the mouse .

Great .

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna press , just go on it , press .

Ok ?

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And the download should start .

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Ok .

So once it's done , you're gonna get this just head over to install .

I already have it installed .

But all you have to do is install .

Once it's done , don't hit open , hit , done , then hit delete , then delete again .

And once you're done that one , you're gonna head over to the mouse toggle right here and you do the same thing .

Then once you download both items , you're gonna hit the home button on the remote control , gonna head over to apps .

So we're gonna head down to the bottom .

First app we're gonna look for is the mouse , which is right here .

Press .

OK ?

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So you wanna make sure mouse , the service is enabled .

A BD settings press , ok ?

And it'll take you to here , you gotta make sure it's on , ok ?

Once you double check that , go back and now you can hit the , the back key again .

And now we head over to the Hike Vision app press , ok ?

You have to allow , agree .

This is where you're gonna need the mouse .

So you're gonna hit the play and pause .

But at the same time , are we gonna select our region , gonna head over .

I'm in Canada .

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So I'm gonna head over to sea check mark on the top right hand side .

Now let's head over to , ok .

So now you're gonna go head over to log in .

If you set up your account with the mobile number , just punch it in .

You come over here for email , uh you enter your email here or your user name , whatever you use to create your account .

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I'm gonna log into mine and just head over to your recorder and just press .

Ok ?

So if you got these little locks here , that means you have a uh verification code you have to enter , which is the one you set up when you first got your recorder .

So I'm just gonna type mine in .

You could easily find this information in your recorder under uh the settings .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you don't know this information , you might have to contact your installer .

So once you get the first camera popping up , what I like to do is exit out of the app , then go back into it or just click on all the locks , you'll get this message .

It's up to you .

If you want to get notifications , I'm gonna say uh never show us again .

Now we head over to our recorder press , ok ?

And all your cameras should pop up .

That's Old Stewart .

So guys , if you have any questions , please comment below .

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If you like this video , give me the thumbs up , please hit that subscribe button .

And once again , thanks for watching .


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