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2023-08-19 21:02:02

How I Lost 10lbs in 1 Day - Lose Weight Fast

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What's up home Slice Lucas here .

So take a look at this video .

This is absolutely 100% real .

There's no gimmicks going on here .

I'm weighing in early in the morning around 7:08 a.m. at about 100 and £96 .

Now this next video was taken on the same day later that evening .

Show him suck it in .

Still a kind of fat but got a weird pimple right there , man .

What's wrong with you ?

What is that ?

I'm weighing in at £185.8 .

That's over £10 of weight lost throughout the day .

Now , I know some of you guys are probably like , you probably just took a £10 dump .

Ok .

Well , first of all that dump would have to be the size of a medium sized child .

All right .

So I did not have a poo baby .

All right .

I'm serious .

Possibly .

Yes , but likely no .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Sorry about that .

I wanna say right now there's no gimmicks .

I didn't like ch two gallons of water or milk or something , something like that and then , then just pee it out and like , oh , look at him .

No , no gimmicks .

This was my natural weight in the morning .

I know I pushed my stomach out .

Look , it looked like I was full , but I was just trying to get a good thumbnail .

So how did I actually lose £10 in one day ?

It's actually very simple .

All I did was exercise intensely for about 4 to 5 hours .

I'm not even kidding .

Uh If you guys who watch this channel probably know exactly what I did .

You know , trampoline tricks , flips , break dancing and K aesthetics .

It was just an insanely crazy day .

I went in tense on everything .

I sweat a ton .

Now , I probably could have just ran like a marathon , maybe a little bit more and got the same results .

So that's how I did it .

Now , wait , hold on a sec before you freak out .

This was not ideal and in my opinion wasn't healthy .

I merely lost these £10 because I wanted to show you guys I could lose £10 in a day for this video .

And then I wanted to tell you guys , this is actually not a good idea and those were not £10 of fat .

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Ok ?

When most people talk about weight loss , they wanna lose body fat .

Me working out four or five hours super intensely throughout the entire day .

Completely exhausting myself .

I lost £10 .

Almost none of that was body fat .

Really like to be honest with you , most of that weight was water weight .

Everything that honestly will just literally come back in two days , two days after I did this experiment , I was back to my weight of 1 96 1 95 1 96 .

There's a few reasons I'm telling you this and you could probably figure them out yourself .

But number one , you're like , OK , I have a goal .

I wanna be £10 lighter .

All of a sudden you're £10 lighter .

You're like , wow , I'm , I did it all right .

I deserve a cake now .

And you get yourself a cake a week rolls by the next , you jump on the scale again and you're 1 to £2 heavier than where you started .

And you're like , wait , did I gain back ?

£12 ?

No , you lost £10 of water weight and then you put on two more pounds because you ate cake every single day .

But it goes both ways .

So there's a bright side to this .

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If you screw up your diet and you eat like way too much one day and then you jump on the scale the next morning and you're like , oh , no , I'm £10 overweight .

I put on £10 of fat .

Well , let me tell you something .

You didn't put on £10 of fat .

You probably put on £10 of water .

Just like if you lost £10 in one day , it's not £10 of fat .

It's probably £10 of water .

So it does go both ways .

So don't freak out if you gain £10 and don't celebrate too hard if you lose £10 in one day .

Now , before I conclude , I just wanna say I am not a doctor .

All this is just based on my experience watching others and based on reading a bunch of research .

So in my opinion , concluding the healthiest way to lose weight is basically just cutting your calories about about 500 a day , depending on your body size .

You know , I could vary a little bit , but being in a slight calorie deficit over time losing about a pound a week .

Once again , depending on your , you know , your goal and your current body weight and your body composition .

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So with that being said , summer is around the corner , you know , if you haven't been eating healthy this winter now is a great time to start .

It's April now .

So go to the store shop around the perimeter , get those fresh fruits , vegetables , lean proteins , cook it yourself .

You know what's in it if you wanna track your calories and know how much you're eating throughout the day .

A great app , my fitness pale , there's also no more apps like my plate , my net diary , all pretty good .

You know , you just plug in your food very simple to use .

You can see how much you're eating throughout the day and see uh your progress .

Just remember to keep it healthy if you lose a lot of weight in one day , just understand that most of it's probably gonna be just water weight .

So don't get yourself down by celebrating too hard being like , oh my goodness .

I deserve a cheat meal now and then blasting up two more pounds above where you started from because then you'll , then you'll send your mind into like this whole like , yo yo thing , you know what I'm saying ?

So I just wanna say that out there .

You know , it's slow and steady .

Over time , over weeks , months , that'll help you lose the weight , help you keep it off and help you feel healthier .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Be healthier , be happier .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

Don't forget to subscribe .

Have more videos coming out peace .

Y'all have a good one .

I'll see you all in the next video .

Moy .


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