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2023-08-21 20:38:16

How to Draw a Unicorn Donut Easy 🦄🍩Cute Food Art

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Hi , Cutie Sweney here today , we're gonna draw a unicorn doughnut .

So let's get started to draw this yummy .

Let's first start by drawing a circle .

And because I'm drawing really big , I'm just gonna use this bowl here as my circle template .

And because I'm using a sharpie , I'm going to leave a little bit of space at the top right here open because I have to draw some um the main of the unicorn .

So I'm gonna leave a little bit of space open .

But if you're using a pencil , definitely go ahead and just finish up the circle all the way around .

So there I got this circle .

I'm just leaving a little bit of space at the top .

Now that I have my outside circle in , let's draw the inside .

And since I'm using a template anyways , I might as well just continue as well with the inner one .

So I'm not gonna draw it too big because I need some space for the eyes .

So I'll say about right here , I'll use that one , try to find my center and about right there .

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I'll go ahead and draw another circle there .

OK .

So now we have our doughnut almost complete .

And then from there , let's start to bring in all the details .

So I'll start um about , let's see here , bring this up a little bit more when I a little bit higher I'll start about right here and I'm going to go ahead and draw a curve down and another one here and one more and just sweep it down right in here .

So then in this space right here , I'm just going to go ahead and just pop this out .

So that's why I'm leaving this space open , pop it out and one more .

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But if you're using a pencil , like I said , definitely , just go ahead and finish your circle and then erase that part or if you're drawing pretty small , you definitely don't need a cervical template .

You just go ahead and draw your circle .

OK .

So then now that we have the main in , let's um come to the center right here .

Nice and high , I'll give myself a point , but right there and I'm going to round off the corners , round off the tip by me and bring an angle lying down for the horn to make it our unicorn .

And then I'll come in here and just draw some curves so we can add some color to our horn all the way across .

And then of course , we need to pop in some ears .

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So in this area right here , I'm gonna go ahead in the straw ear curve , soft curve and then the inside and let's do the same thing right across .

So , but right there , then right here , I'll drag those points across .

So approximately where my other ear should be round off the tip and down and the inside from there .

Let's go ahead and bring this to life with some cute eyes , of course .

So I've left myself enough space for some eyes .

I'm gonna come about right here and go ahead and draw a big circle .

Then I'll come right across about right here and draw another circle and because I'm drawing pretty big , I have in those space , I'm going to make them draw circue eyes .

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So two small circles inside for highlights and then the curve line at the bottom and shade in the top .

But if you're just drawing a small unicorn doughnut , you can just add one circle for a highlight just this way I get to add some color to my eyes .

So right here , the lines at the bottom and same thing over here from there .

I'm gonna go ahead and add some lashes right here .

So I'm just gonna put in two soft curves right here on the side for some lashes .

And this , I'm just the soft curve on top since I have enough space .

And then of course , a big smile in the center .

So I'm about right here in between eyes .

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Let's draw a big curve and cap it off there and then we're going to go ahead and let's uh draw some uh drizzle over our doughnut .

So I'm gonna come right here and I'm just gonna start to wobble all the way around then connect back up .

So that's pretty much it for this unicorn doughnut .

And when you're coloring , just add all the sprinkles .

You want any kind you like ?

I really hope you enjoyed this drawing and I made it fun and easy for you to follow along with me .

Thanks so much for watching .

And if you loved it , please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell .

So you won't miss any new dry cute videos .

See you later .


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