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2023-08-21 20:18:43

How To Make A Paper Boat

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Hello viewers .

This is John Sea 000 and I am outside .

This is one of my first videos that's gonna be all done outside .

Now , here's my pool .

I'm gonna show you how to make a paper boat if you do know how to make it and you're just watching my video just for fun .

It should look something a little bit like this .

If you wanna make a rowboat , you just crumple this down like this .

That's not , not what I'm showing you now .

So then it would look like this , but this is for another time .

Now I'm gonna get you all set up over here .

I'm gonna get in my pool .

You're gonna watch me make this boat and now I'm gonna do something that was added for just some , a little bit of fun .

Ah , the water feels great .

Now , get a piece of paper like this .

I know there's little drop marks .

Sorry .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now you fold this like this , try to get it as even as possible like this fold that go across .

Now with this open , you're gonna want the open side over here , then you're gonna go like this and then you're gonna fold the one of the first flap up from the bottom , do the same on the other side .

And then you should have something like this and then you're gonna , you're gonna have to open it up and then fold it over like such as this .

Now you have to stick your hand in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you want to get it all even then you just fold these flaps underneath like this and then you fold the bottom flap up such as so and then you fold this up like this .

Now here's the fun part .

You open this up like this and then you fold it over .

Now you're gonna wanna get the side that looks really like it's not supposed to be there and then you go like this , then you go like that , then you get , then you should have a paper boat .

If you don't , you either missed a step or you just Yeah , you're either Mr Step or Yeah , that's about it .

Now , this one is not written my best because there's water and there's a little bit of holes , but it doesn't really matter .

Now you're gonna want to stick your hand in .

Try to get this as like cone like as possible .

If you want to make a rowboat , it goes like this .

Now to show you that it actually does work .

I think you can see the water .

Can you see the water ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , I hope so .

Now here's the boat now to see the show that they actually do float , they float .

See they all float now to reenact something from Jaws da na na , na na and oops the votes go bye bye .

Yeah .

So that's just about it .

That's how to make a paper boat .

Please comment , please subscribe and yeah , also they do float but not for long and this is probably what they're gonna turn out with .

If you do the the little Jaws motions .

I did .

Um Yeah , you are also going to see some more videos with me and my pool over here .

Um Either underwater or above water like I am .

Well , you'll see .

Um Yeah , so not much else to it .

Um You can watch this video over again if you don't understand it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , well , I'm gonna go dry off now because I'm soaking wet .

So I gotta go .

So 321 , we're out .


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