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2023-08-22 21:47:53

How to make fresh homemade pasta with Philips pasta maker

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And welcome to Simple Italian cooking dot com .

My name is Liz and I'm so grateful that you're watching this video .

Um This is about my Phillips pasta maker um machine and I love it .

And in fact , it's a very timely video .

I thought I take um advantage of the opportunity because we are going to be going to visit um our in-laws , my in-laws and my mother in law who is from Sicily loves this homemade pasta that this machine makes .

So I thought I would do a quick video while I am making the pasta to show you how easy it is because I have a review on my website that talks in detail about this awesome machine .

Absolutely .

My favorite in the entire kitchen .

Mm .

Ever .

OK .

Using the um fettuccini uh dye cut because she loves the fettuccini and this just comes open and this is where we're gonna actually put all of our ingredients .

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So first thing to know is you need to be using a scale that does it by weight , not by measurement size and you want to do it in grams .

Now , Phillips with the Phillips pasta maker , you can do pasta , a bunch of different ways .

Um With this one , I'm doing a mix of semolina and white flour .

It actually comes from their recipe book that I have right here , which is a great , great book .

It's full of colors and everything .

So , and this , this is all , all the different dye cuts that I have .

I keep it in a bowl because they don't fit in this drawer down here because I , I bought extra .

So anyhow , I'm going to do 200 g of the uh Selina and I'm going to do 50 g of the white flour and that gives us 250 g .

Now I'm doing a single batch which will make about 10 ounces of pasta .

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Um This does have a setting to do a double batch .

I like to do them in single batches .

Um It comes with this um measuring cup .

This is for your liquids and it will tell you if you're using egg , you want to go by these lines and if you're not using egg , you want to go by these lines on this side and we're just doing a single batch .

So that takes me to 90 mL .

I'm just gonna mix it .

I just , you can use whatever you want .

I just use a whisk all good .

So we're done with this , put this aside and I use distilled water whenever I cook .

So I'm gonna do 90 mL .

OK ?

So now with the pasta maker .

Uh This is very nice , very nice panel up here .

You just power it on and you set your size , you can do a single or a double and you just simply put the ingredients in .

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Oh And I should say this will be done by the time I have the water boiling or close to it at least .

All right .

So we do that .

I leave this here .

I actually use the same bowl for the pasta to come out and then I cut it with this and you'll see it .

Why don't we get to that part ?

OK .

So we got that .

So let's put the lid back on and we set it to a single .

All right .

And you just hit start and it takes 10 minutes from start to finish and it will first mix it for a little while before it it starts extruding .

So we wanted to go ahead and add the liquid gradually add it .

And now we wait just about 23 minutes and it will start coming out the front here .

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Quick note , if you ever see that the uh pasta dough is getting stuck to the side , you can just quickly open this up like this and just push it down .

OK .

So it has just started .

It's at seven minutes and you can see it comes out and these are definitely a little wet , not a big deal .

That's why I just like to Sprinkle it a little bit , wait till it's the length that you're comfortable with just like that .

Put it on your drying rack .

These will dry in no time .

Now with these noodles , what I'm going to do is I'm not going to actually cook these , but I did want to do the water just to kind of prove a point .

But these , I will just put in a Ziploc bag , lay them flat and take them right over and I have frozen them .

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So I've made multiple batches , put them in some Ziploc bags and stick them in the freezer and then pull them out when you need them and pop them in the water and you got yourself some homemade pasta , whatever you want .

I don't know if you can tell in the video , but these are really , really delicate , homemade pasta definitely has a different taste and texture than store bought .

And if you're not used to it , you will get used to it quickly and you will not want to go back .

I , I've gotten to the point now where when I have store bought pasta , I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy the homemade pasta .

Ok .

So there's about 30 seconds left .

I'm just going to go ahead and push stop because there's just no need .

It's not coming out any further .

So our last batch right here , let's go ahead and hang it up and we'll just leave these here and that's it .

That's exactly how easy and this is , the water is steaming .

I don't know if you can tell , but it's not even out of boil yet .

And that I did that with under 2.5 quarts of water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm actually gonna do a few more batches , uh some for myself .

And then , um I wanna make sure that she has um more uh than just what we're going to be having when we go over there today .

So I hope that you enjoy this video .

I recommend that you go to my website .

You can check out my full detailed review of the Phillips Pasta Maker .

Um It's a real life review .

I love it and I explain why and I , I tell you say the good and I say the bad .

Well , thanks so much for watching this video .

I appreciate it .

Make sure to sign up for my newsletter at Simple Italian cooking dot com .

Thank you .


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