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Hey everybody .

It's love in a town .

Some of you may have noticed that I've been a little mi a lately .

I had to move from here to here and it was really crazy .

But the good news is it allowed me to find this old relic .

This is the book that got me into drawing .

So I thought today it would be fun to try and redraw some of my favorite images from it and some of them are pretty crazy .

This book didn't age particularly well .

I thought as a baseline , it'd be good to start with one of the earliest and simplest of the drawings from the book .

This is just called basic manga Girl .

I basically just wanted to establish what kind of style I was going to do these redraws in and I thought a simple sort of like neck up face shot would be a good way to figure that out .

Um This one is actually one of the least bad uh drawings in the entire book .

It's basically fine .

It kind of looks like a Pokemon anime kind of early style retro stuff .

Um I actually kind of like the fact that her hair is like sticking straight up , it's kind of cute .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um But I would say that her hairline is a real problem figuring out the negative space around the face and the hairline is something that's really hard for any artist .

And it definitely didn't help that .

The out of draw book I was learning from clearly didn't really know how to deal with that either .

I mean , the eyes are so close to the um the hairline both on the top of the head as well as on the side .

Later in the video , you're going to see the real climax of this problem of understanding the head hair and face and how they are proportionally adjusted to each other .

And it's pretty crazy , but honestly , this one isn't even that bad .

Like when you look at the shape of her overall head , it actually seems fine .

I would say her ear seems a little bit low .

But um other than that , it's totally serviceable retro anime style .

Um I will say too that even when I bought this book , this style was pretty out of date .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um I think because a lot of Americans were getting older anime , like access to older anime much earlier than they were able to get access to modern anime .

Um It informed a lot of like early anime and manga fans to be sort of like lean towards a much older style anime than was actually like current in Japan .

Um something kind of interesting about the differences between people who draw an anime style um from different eras because obviously now , uh we have all these like simul casts and stuff .

So we're seeing anime at the same time as it's being shown in Japan .

But uh yeah , back in the day , it seems like it was really hard to get access to anything that wasn't pretty old , but I'm getting off topic .

So basically I chose the style because I think this was the style that I was wanting to draw in as a kid .

Um Basically , I wanted to do a sort of more realistic mouth and nose closer to sort of like a Naruto style .

And then I wanted to have big Shojo anime eyes and relatively detailed hair .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I'm going to move on to the first like real image that I remember actually trying to copy out of this book .

This is the manga Princess .

The things that stand out about this image to me right off the bat is that she has shoulders like a linebacker and then no hips at all .

And then her head is incredibly huge .

Um Like her , her skull underneath her hair is extremely mysterious to me .

I don't understand why her buns start so far away from where her actual head must be unless that's not hair and it actually is her head .

Um In which case , like dang girl , you got a thick head .

But uh I thought this was the coolest .

I , I just really wanted to be able to draw this and I remember being so frustrated because I felt like I couldn't copy it well enough .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um So the things that I want to try to do today with it are um I want her hair to look more natural and more like the hair do I think he was going for ?

I think they're supposed to be like braids that are coiled up into buns on the side of the head .

Um I'm going to put them up a little higher , not so like Princess Leia straight out just because I feel like it makes it look a little more realistic .

Usually you have to have the gravity help your hair a little bit and not be right on the sides like that .

It would be better to have it sort of positioned over the top of your head .

So it's not pulling so hard .

Um And generally , I just want her hair and clothes to look softer and more like the texture that they probably should be .

Everything is very blocky and hard looking in this book .

Um And it is something that I really had to unlearn and learn how to draw like fabric that looks fabric .

Um It , it took a lot of time honestly .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um But I also really wanted to focus on the facial expressions of these characters and giving them character a lot of these manga girls in this book and the guys honestly , um , have faces that are very blink like it's hard to tell , um , sort of who they are or what they're really feeling because they just have all the same sort of like triangle happy smile and almost no change in their eyebrows .

Um , so it's really hard to understand what they might be thinking .

I just really wanted to make them feel like characters who might have their own inner life .

Um , I don't know how successful I was , but I , I did try , um , and I thought that this dress was probably supposed to be sort of like more poofy and , um , classical looking .

Fortunately for me , I just watched a movie that was set in the 17 hundreds in France .

So I just used the dress that they were , um , using in that movie as sort of the of that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then I copied the colors in a more desaturated color palette for the dress .

Honestly , I think she turned out really cute and I think that my past self would be super impressed that I'm able to draw this , which is fun to go back and sort of remember how hard things used to be , um , sort of appreciate where you're at now and that kind of thing .

I really , really , really remember clearly how frustrating it was to not be able to draw what you wanted .

Um , and it really makes me happy that I stuck with it and kept going all that mushy stuff aside .

I'm also just glad I was able to give this poor girl some hips because she was severely lacking before .

Um , I don't know where that skirt is going but it's like there's , there's nothing there .

She has no pelvis , there's , there's really no way for her , um , proportions to be balanced like that .

So , um , I also just try to generally do some like , nice shading and sort of sculpt out her face a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um There's definitely an attempt there at the original one .

you can see these sort of shade lines on the sides of her face and underneath her eyes .

Um but they're pretty faint and they also don't seem to tell you much about her and she doesn't have any blush , which is really strange for an anime girl .

So I made sure to give her some nice cute blush and just some very soft shading in a few other places .

And now for the illustration that inspired this whole video me familiar face , this girl is um maybe my favorite image in this entire book .

And I think even when I first got this book , I thought to myself , man , her hair looks just a little too big .

Um But now that I'm looking at it now as someone who's been drawing for a lot longer , it is super , super funny to me .

Um the fact that in the how to draw section of this they actually show how far away the end of her pigtail is from her skull .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um is really funny because it's just like , it doesn't make any sense .

Like there's no way that her hair could be doing this even within the realm of manga , which allows for such things as , you know , yu-gi-oh characters and stuff like that .

It's just , it's even broken past those laws .

So in that way , it's really impressive .

Um This was in the section where he was trying to show like movement and sort of like very dynamic stuff .

Um And I think that other than the fact that she has hot dog legs , um and she's sort of like tilted in the air , I think that this pose is still very , very stiff .

So I really wanted to show some more force and impact um on this character and just try to give her a little bit more of that feeling of like something big happening .

Her outfit here is honestly one of the most boring outfits I've ever seen .

It's so clearly just an outfit of like what would be the easiest thing to draw .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's why her sweater is super tight at the waist and super baggy at the arms because arms are hard to draw the shape of .

And um her skirt is just , I mean , her clothes look like they're all made out of vinyl or rubber or something the way that they're shaded .

And um the fact that her legs don't have a bottom to them just really leads me to believe that like drawing limbs is , is hard , which I know is true .

Um But it's really important when you're drawing a pose like this , that you don't just like completely lop off parts of the character to make it easier to draw because it just makes it look really weird .

Um But this is definitely something I used to do all the time when I was younger , I would be like frustrated with something I was drawing and I would just not draw it .

Um A lot of the times my characters would have crossed arms and so I'd talk both of their hands like somewhere in their tingle of arms so that I wouldn't have to draw their hand .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um I honestly think it's something that all artists can kind of identify with at one stage of their careers or experiences .

It's just , it's completely universal .

Um I changed up her outfit completely because , yeah , I just didn't think that it was a crucial part of this illustration and of course , I kept her pig tails because they're very iconic .

But um I scaled them down quite a bit .

I actually love characters where hair is like their sort of thing , their big um signature point of their character design , but I just don't think it's really adding anything .

And I also think it's weird that she has all this hair and none of it is being affected by the way that she's jumping .

Like why would you make the hair so prominent and then not actually have it sort of flow in the um angle of which the movement is happening .

Like we even have speed lines showing that she's jumping backwards and her pig tails are both just completely a Kimbo as if she's standing perfectly still .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And of course , that she's been doused with a bucket of hairspray .

Honestly , as much as I'm being hard on the art in this book , I'm still incredibly nostalgic for it and really grateful to the fact that it even exists because it is the thing that got me into drawing .

I honestly don't know if I would have ever uh discovered my love of drawing if I hadn't randomly picked up this book on a road trip and started doodling and trying to follow the um how to draw instructions .

And while I don't think it's the best book for learning how to draw , I'm still really , really glad it exists .

Um And now it's , you know , providing a lot of entertainment to me just because it's so weird looking in some spots .

But yeah , um if you guys ever want to do this as well , please um like tag me on Instagram or Twitter , like going back through old how to drop books , you used to really try to emulate .

Um I think it's really fun and especially when they're super old like this one .

It can be really funny as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thank you to all of my patrons including bald headed potato fellow story .

Best Bragg Upon Lion Proper .

Construct Joe Doctor Casket , Larry Louie Gray , the animator Griffiths ice cream pal , Yvon Rodriguez J JJ Joseph Co Marina Costa Mic Dach Mr Doctor Pence Nicolette Queen uh nor Corniel Ruin Rain Crow , some mediocre artist , the artsy mousse throat foam X AM and .


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