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2023-08-19 21:11:44

Does taking lemon & honey help losing weight in PCOS - Dr. Chetali Samant

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I must say my name is Dr Jay Salman .

I'm an aerobic physician , a diet and lifestyle counselor and a yoga expert .

I practice in two locations in Bangalore .

One is a care between Monday to Saturday and at Wellness also road on first Sunday of every month .

As much as we speak about people and people who take lemon and honey and try losing weight with PC OS without PC OS men , women as much as we discuss .

I feel it's less .

There are several people who vouch by saying that yes , I took lemon and honey early in the morning on empty stomach and I lost weight .

Yet there are people and especially women with P CS who come to us telling that I took lemon and honey for ages together and there is nothing that happened .

Lemon individually and honey individually , we we know that they are super foods by themselves .

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Lemon is extremely good .

It's an alkaline food despite of its acidic taste , to spite of lemon being a citrus food , lemon is extremely alkaline when it goes inside the body .

And it's one of the best foods that we can include in your diet .

So it's honey .

And uh but however , whether taking lemon and honey can directly lead to weight loss , no , each of us is made differently .

And that is one of the core principles of Ida .

Each of us has a different body type or as we call it in .

And not everybody may benefit by taking lemon and honey .

For example , people who have extreme gastritis or acidity , burning sensation in stomach can have aggravated , burning sensation or the acidity levels might peak after taking lemon and honey .

Also how you take lemon and honey also make a huge lot of difference to whether it will work for you or not .

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People who find it easy to lose weight , who have a good metabolic rate and who don't , who are not extremely obese , taking lemon and honey in the morning may help them to boost their basal metabolic rate and you know , help the body process fat better .

But that doesn't mean that that is the only thing you can do to lose weight if you're not following a really healthy diet through the day , including lots of vegetables eating every 3 to 4 hours , including all super foods that you should take losing weight just by doing lemon and honey , especially in P US .

Seems like , you know , it's , it looks like a really tall clip .

So hence if you're doing the lemon and honey , it's not that you should quit doing that .

It doesn't have any side effects unless you are having acute gastritis .

However , if you are not following any other diet rules , apart from just doing lemon and honey , it's high time that you shift over to following more dietary rules , including more healthy fruits and vegetables and foods and complex grains and managing your insulin resistance .

Better .

Also physical activity is very important .

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So whether lemon and honey alone can cause weight loss in P CS .

No , whether lemon and honey done the right way after your doctor's recommendations , following the right dietary rules .

Can it help you lose weight ?

Yes .


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