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Creamy Cajun Salmon Alfredo Pasta Recipe _ How To make Alfredo Pasta _ Easy Dinner

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It'll be linked to the number one .

Comment , get yourself these aprons , folks get out here and let's grill , let's cook in the kitchen and guess what ?

Folks ?

I'm out .

Peace .

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And of course the pasta , we're using linguini pasta .

Now , first thing I am going to be doing is boiling my pasta according to the packaging .

So I'm adding salt to the water .

Once the water starts boiling , I am going to add in my pasta .

Now , when my pasta is nice and cooked , it's al dente .

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We're going to remove it from the boiling water , set it outside so we can use it later but do not leave it in the hot water .

It will definitely overcook .

Now we're going to season our salmon .

I am adding a little bit of olive oil to that salmon once you're done , make sure you rub it in .

Now you're going to add in your dry seasoning .

So first thing I am going to do is add a little bit of salt and pepper to my liking to my taste .

Then I am going to use the Cajun seasoning as well as the paprika and the garlic powder .

Just rub that in all over on both side of the salmon .

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Once you are done , you're going to cook your salmon .

I am going to melt about two tablespoons of butter in this frying pan here once melted .

I am going to place my salmon right in there .

Now , I am going to be cooking the salmon for about 3 to 4 minutes per side until it's nice and golden brown .

Then you can flip it over and cook the other side .

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Now look how gorgeous our salmon looks .

I am cooking it on medium high heat by the way .

So now I am going to remove the salmon , set it aside .

We are going to get ready to make our creamy sauce to the same skillet .

I am going to be adding in my mince garlic .

Just pour that in and cook your garlic until fragrance or until they start turning golden brown .

Now I'm going to be adding in my heavy cream , just pour that in and stir it at the same time .

And you guys can see like the top layer with the grease .

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That's where all the flavor is at .

Make sure you stir it so you can make sure this cream sauce is nice and delicious .

Now I'm going to be adding in my cream cheese to make this extreme creamy .

So we're going to add that in .

I'm using the back of the spoon to break that in until it's nice and melted .

Now , if you can just put your cream cheese out ahead of time , so it can be nice and soft .

So you don't have to deal with that .

Ok ?

So now it's time for you to season your cream sauce .

If you taste it right now , it still has some flavor to it .

But of course , we have to take the flavor to a whole another level .

I'm adding onion powder , creole , seasoning , dry parsley and you can also add salt if you want .

Not that I needed it .

Of course , it's always up to you .

There it is .

I added some salt and pepper .

I thought I didn't but I didn't .

So we added that in .

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You want to stir it up and at this point , you need to taste the sauce to see if you need any more seasoning of course .

And you are going to be adding in your Parmesan cheese .

You stir it all up together until everything is nice and creamy .

And then you'll be able to add your noodles at this point .

Guys , you are cooking this on medium low heat .

As you guys can see , it's slowly boiling .

Basically simmering .

Do not leave your stove on high heat .

OK ?

You don't want to burn the cream sauce .

So just add that in .

I am going to take a little bit of that , that sauce set at the side to pour it on top of my salmon .

So just if you want to garnish your dish , just save a little bit of sauce .

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So now I am going to use a tongue to just toss in the the pasta , make sure it's nicely coated with the sauce .

You know , I like my pasta to be nice and you know , saucy .

I don't like it dry , especially cream sauce .

They tend to dry up and get very , you know , sticky .

So I like it to be nice and saucy .

As you guys can see , you can even add some more pasta if you want , but I don't like it that way .

I like it very creamy and very saucy .

So basically at this point , you are done , I am going to use , I am going to use some dried parsley to garnish and place the salmon on top .

You can even break it in if you want just mix it all together , not tiny , you know , just into big chunks , but basically this is the recipe .

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This is how you make an absolutely super easy flavorful Cajun salmon .

Bye .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

Today's recipe .

I really appreciate it .

Please don't forget to give it a thumbs up for me if you did enjoy it and don't forget to drop a comment below .

Let me know if you're going to try this out or let me know down below if you have tried this type of dish before and thank you for watching .

I'll see you guys on the next recipe .

Bye .


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