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2023-08-19 20:39:11

Creamy Garlic Lemon Pasta _ One Of The Easiest Pasta Recipes

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this creamy garlic lemon pasta takes about 15 minutes to cook .

It tastes absolutely incredible , and it's super cheap to make before we get started .

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It helps me out more than you think .

The first thing to do is place a large pot of water over a high heat , put on a lid and then just allow it to come to a boil .

In the meantime , we're gonna prepare the rest of the ingredients .

Here I have one bulb of garlic just gonna lay it on its side and then push down to crush it .

This will just remove the cloves a lot easier .

And for this recipe , we're going to need four large cloves before we peel them .

I do recommend removing the woody tips .

This bit can be quite hard in the actual pasta that we're going to cook .

You don't wanna eat these , and then another easy way to peel .

These is just lay the side of your knife blades facing down and then just push down to crush .

This will allow the pills to come off a lot easier , and all garlic is different .

Some are sticky , some are not , and some methods work , and some methods don't .

So just do whatever's easiest for you .

As for the garlic , now that it's been peeled , I'm going to thinly slice it .

I feel this method works perfectly in this type of pasta , but you can definitely chop it or give it a mince .

On a micro plain .

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It is completely up to you .

Next is one whole lemon .

We're going to need the zest and the juice from this , and an easy way to start is to remove one end .

This is going to allow it to sit flat on the bench without wobbling around .

Then we're going to slice off the zest of the whole lemon , just being very gentle with this .

Just because we're gonna have to go on an angle and try your best to remove as little as the piff as possible .

But it doesn't matter too much , because I will show you how to remove any extra piff later on .

With that done , we can then lay the lemon on its side again and then slice this in half .

We are only going to need the juice from half of this , and then , like I said before If you do have a little bit of piff on there , just lay it flat and then just very gently slice it off with the clean pills .

These can be thinly sliced into the Julien cup , also known as the matchstick , cut or thinly sliced .

And you don't have to do this either .

You can use a micro plain to just remove the zest that way , but this way I find it a lot better , and I'm actually going to use some of this as a garnish later on .

As for the leftover lemon , we are only going to need the juice from half of this .

You can save the other half for a dish or a drink , and we can use a Citrus juicer or squeeze this by hand .

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Just make sure that there's no seeds .

Last but not least , it's a completely optional ingredient , which is 10 grammes of curly or flat leaf parsley .

The choice is yours if you wanted to use it , and we can just give this a rough chop .

Just make sure there's no large leaves or stems , and this is going to be used in the pasta to finish it off .

To add freshness as well as a garnish at the very end .

But , like I said , it is completely optional , right going back to our water that's now a rolling boil .

Remove the lid and generously season with salt .

I actually use rock salt for this , and I'm going to add in 400 grammes of spaghetti , but you can use it any pasture of your choice so I find spaghetti is the best option for this , and then just cook this for one minute less than the packet instructions just until it's al dente .

Next , place a large pan over a medium high heat .

Add in one tablespoon of olive oil , as well as 1.5 tablespoons of unsalted butter .

Allow that to melt , then add in the garlic along with a pinch of sea salt flakes , and then mix this around and just gently fry this off for about one minute .

Don't let the garlic brown too much , though , because it will become really bitter .

And honestly , I made this recipe before .

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OK .

So I'm making pasta today again .

I'm gonna show you how fast it is .

So you can actually time me out actually .

No .

So first of all , about 100 g of flowers , all purpose flowers , right ?

What I do is make it even .

Oh OK .

108 .

Put it on .

There's actually a difference between you put the flour first and then put the egg first .

So I suggest put the flour first on the bottom and it actually make a big huge difference .

All right , I'm gonna see there's a little crumbly fish texture like this .

OK ?

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Now press the biggest style , always press it twice , press it twice in the same numbers so I make it silky .

So fold it , you doing it again so they stick , hold it OK .

There one more .

So I usually do about six times on the dial one and then I do twice on each numbers .

Ok .

Smell that I go to two now , right ?

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Three or give me one more .

So the reason why it twice is you want to make the pasta silky so you can tell the difference it's getting smooth .

It's number five .

Yeah , when always keep in mind is you need to keep a consistent speed .

Six I get in there .

I know .

Bye right now .


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