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2023-08-22 21:50:51

How to Draw Pennywise

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , welcome back to and let's draw the new creepy version of penny wise from it too .

So let's get started with a quick sketch and then I will show you line by line on how you can draw this .

All right .

So let's draw this and let's make him nice and evil .

So we're gonna draw in his mean brow first .

So we can start out right in the middle .

You can just draw two little lines like this first and then from this corner here we go up .

So this is gonna be his mean brow , go up and it's come back down .

Ok ?

Same thing on the other side .

Let's go up , cover it back down .

Ok ?

And then from here we're gonna draw in this eyeball .

So we're gonna start on the bottom first .

Start on the corner here .

It's kind of come around .

So that's gonna be the bottom of the eyelid .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then for the top here on the corner , just go up into the brow .

Ok ?

And then for the eyeball inside , just finish it off .

I'm just gonna add one little dot Right here touching the top .

All right .

So nice .

And mean , and now let's continue on with his nose .

So his nose , we just keep it simple .

We just draw in a little egg shape right in the middle and then right here , I'm gonna draw one circle that's gonna be my highlight and I'll just shade around it .

All right .

So that's easy enough .

And now for the mouth , so it's just gonna be one big curve around first .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So like a big smiley face and then from here just kind of curve in so nice and sharp on the corners and on the bottom , we just round it out .

OK ?

And then we're gonna add some uh thickness to the uh lip here .

So for the top lip just gonna add from corner to corner , just add a little bit uh more space in the middle and the same thing down here , it's gotta draw one big curb going around .

So it's gonna have this lip and then for the teeth , we just keep it simple .

We just gonna add a few lines inside , OK ?

And if you like , you can add in one more curve inside for the teeth , OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now let's fill in the head shape and then we'll add in the details inside .

So we're gonna start out on the side right here , just come out to the side from the brow .

It was almost like a straight line .

OK ?

So right around here and then once you reach this point here , which is gonna come in so it's nice and sharp and then we'll round it out , change a little bit longer .

OK ?

And then from here we join the ear first .

So right on this part , just draw one little curb and then now let's draw in the forehead .

So it's gonna be really big so we can go up from the corners .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

And then right in the middle here , we're gonna draw out the uh it's got a clump of hair so we'll continue up , just leave a little bit of space and then round this off .

OK .

And then let's film the hair first since we've drawn this space already .

So we're gonna go up on this side , just curve all the way up .

This one's gonna curve in and then just round out this curve right here .

So it makes it look like it's flowing a little bit and then from the top here just gonna curve around the head .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We stop right around here , come down and then now I'm gonna go out this curve up , same thing on both sides and then whatever space you have here , we can just kind of curve into his ear .

OK ?

And to make it look like a hair strands , we just add a couple of curves like this on each side .

It's gonna go up and even up here .

All right .

So now let's try in the uh finish up the face with the markings and inside .

So , right here right in the middle of the eye .

I'm just gonna draw one curb connecting to the corner of the mouth and that'll make it a little bit thicker .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , same thing here from the middle curves , one little bracket .

Ok .

And then on the top here , right on the corner draw like a little sharp spike , make it a little bit sharper on the , the tip .

All right .

So that's the face and now let's work on the body .

So the body is a little bit easier .

Um Let's start here right underneath his ear .

He's got that thing around his neck .

OK .

So we just flare out first and then come to the middle here right underneath the chin , just kind of draw one big curve and then from here , whatever space you have here , I'm just gonna draw , I'll just draw three , just like three little bumps all the way around .

So 12 , three and then to finish this off , we're gonna add some lines .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So it's kind of radiating from the center here .

So I'm just gonna draw some lines like this or going to the center , come hit me for the nose .

OK .

So let's continue on with the body .

So right around here , come down .

OK .

Right here , come down and pinch it all the way down .

It's gonna be his waist and we'll close that off first and then we'll add one section .

This is gonna be , well , actually where his belt would be , but it doesn't have a belt .

Ok .

And then I'm gonna send it here .

Let's just add one circle .

Ok .

So , now let's draw in the , uh , the shoulder pads here , here's his armpit .

Let's start up here .

Just one big curve and just close that off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , come here , curve down .

It's come right across .

Ok .

And then for , I guess for the bicep area right here , here's the armpit bracket , smaller bracket and then we'll just close that off .

Ok .

Armpit .

So , come down from here , smaller bracket , close it off with a little bit of a slant .

And then for the lower arms , it's easy .

We just gonna draw in basically like a tube coming down all the way here , close it off and then we're gonna this out and then we can close it off straight or you can add a little bit wavy less to it either way it will work .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's on the other side , right around the waist area , close it off and then we just flare it out and then close it with a wavy line .

All right .

And then for his hand , come right around here , here's his thumb .

So a little line here that's inside the palm and then here's the back of the palm and then for the fingers just curl it , it's round off the tip and then on inside here it's one little bump for the other fingers .

Ok .

So , same thing here on the other side , here's the thumb , one little hook , one line standing down back of the palm .

And then same thing here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We just curve round it out , same little detail inside here .

All right .

So now let's add some details to this uh clothing up top , right on the arm .

Here , I'm just gonna add in some lines across .

So these are just smaller details to make it look cooler .

And then here I just gonna add some lines going like this because there's a lot of little folds and even have you here , just add some line .

OK .

So let's continue down and right here now flare this out and then we'll come across again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It could be straight or just slight waviness to it and then right below it and then draw one big bracket and then we'll close this off and it was a little bit strange and then the middle here , we add one line .

OK .

So now let's continue on .

So his knee is right around here , but we're not gonna draw that because this is pretty much straight .

So we come down straight and close it off first and then we'll flare this out .

And the same thing as the uh the hand part , the wrist part and then we'll close it with a slight curve and then let's draw on the other side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just use this for reference , same thing here , just flare it out and then close it off .

OK .

And then for his legs , his lower leg here just come straight down and come all the way across .

So it's gonna be the bottom of the shoe .

And then from this point here that curve it all the way around .

And then right here , draw another line like this , close it off .

So it's gonna be his foot right here and we'll add in one little circle .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So same thing here , continue with this line , come down and they go across one big curb coming back here , same line as this and then same detail here , one little circle .

All right .

And then let's add in some details right here .

So same thing .

This one just lines all the way across and then here again , few lines and we can also add some lines here just gonna break it up a little bit .

And that is it for this new version of penny wise .

Hope you guys liked the way it turned out .

And if you do , please check out my other videos and I will see you next time .


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