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2023-08-21 20:44:20

How to Connect Headphones to Roku TV Wirelessly

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There are currently a variety of Roku TV products in the market and you can connect wireless headphones to any of them .

Connecting a pair of wireless headphones to your TV , allows you to hear it better without disturbing others .

In this video , we'll walk you through the different methods of connecting headphones to your Roku TV or Roku streaming device .

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Simply plug your wired headphones into the headphone jack on your Roku remote control and you're good to go Bluetooth transmitters .

Look something like this .

You'll plug the Bluetooth adapter into your tv's audio output port in Bluetooth pair your Bluetooth headphones to the adapter .

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The benefits of using a Bluetooth adapter include the ability to connect two headphones at the same time and less audio lag .

When used with a low latency headphone .

There are also headphone plus adapter combos available , they're already paired and easier to use .

If you're not familiar with Bluetooth technology , please note that you may have to go into your audio settings , menu and change the HDMI input format and digital output format to PCM stereo to get it to work .

If your TV has built in Bluetooth , you'll be able to find it in the settings menu .

Get your headphones into pairing mode , select it when it shows up on your TV S Bluetooth menu and you'll be good to go .

But please be aware that this method may have a slight audio like issue , beautiful little girl right next to him .

Still got questions about Bluetooth adapters .

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Feel free to leave them in the comments section below or email us at support at aventre dot com .

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