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2023-08-21 20:41:14

Forgot Apple ID Password 4 Ways to Reset Apple ID Password in 2023

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Hello , everyone .

I hope you didn't forget my name .

My name is Nickel from a Gigs blog , but you forgot your Apple id and password .

Don't worry here I am to help you out and find your Apple id and recover its password .

But before I start sharing those tapes and tricks with you guys , let me ask you to subscribe to my youtube channel and turn all the notification .

So you never miss a great piece of content from us .

Now , we are done with that .

Let me show you the first trick to find your Apple ID .

The easiest way to know your apple ID is right from your iphone or Mac on your iphone or ipad .

Navigate to settings , tap on your profile picture and it will show your apple id and on your mac open system preferences , select apple id and it will show your registered apple id .

Now , what if you don't have an Apple product like iphone , ipad or Mac ?

Is there any way to find your apple ID ?

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Uh for these two reasons , the process is the same , there will be a slight difference , but you can just follow this guide to create your new account .

So for the first step , you're going to select setting at your home screen , scroll on your left until you see and select icloud as you can see .

Now , my ipad is actually linked to my previous apple ID , which is 98 at gmail dot com .

So if you don't want to use this account or you want to create a new apple ID , you have to scroll down and select , sign out , select , sign out again .

They are going to ask for your password uh for your current Apple ID .

The reason is because if you have turned off , find my ipad function previously , you're gonna need to put in your password now to turn it off .

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So what I do now , I key in my password and click , turn off .

So what you should get is a sign out and this page will appear immediately .

Now for those people .

Now those who are new to Apple , when you click on icloud , this is what you are going to see at your screen now .

So from here , we're going to start the process of creating a new apple ID .

So first , what you need to do is create a new apple ID , put in your birthday , select next key in your name and select next .

What you're going to do is you have to select , use your current email address .

Uh It can be any email address , but it must not be linked to any apple ID .

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So it can be Gmail or E or hotmail or Yahoo , whichever that you want to use , but make sure that you have access to it because you will need to verify your Apple ID later by going into your inbox .

So it's like next and put in your email address for me .

I had it set up , it was a ko one 10,000 at gmail dot com .

Once you have your emails in select next , now , what you're going to do in this step is to create your Apple ID password and it must be at least eight characters and include a number , an upper case letter and a lower case letter .

Uh by keeping this criteria in mind , you're going to create a password for yourself .

Make sure you don't forget it .

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Now let me share last method that is precautionary method and that is with the help of a country Cody Apple use this feature in ios 15 , ipad , S 15 and Mac Os Mon , the only requirement is your friend must be using iphone ipad or Mac and running ios 15 ipads , 15 Mac Os re or letter now on your iphone , navigate to settings .

Tap on your profile , tap on password and security .

Select account recovery , add contact and search for a contact and tap on a and he or she will receive a link to verify the same .

After the verification , you can ask a trusted contact to recover your apple ID password on his or her iphone under the account recovery option .

Select your apple ID from here , get recovery code and follow the on screen instructions and you can reset your apple ID password .

And with that last tape , we have reached to the end of this video .

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So I'm gonna make one for myself once you have your password in , just select next , now you have to set three security questions .

I don't know why they have this but just do it anyway .

So I'm just gonna put this thing once you have your three security question in select next .

This is optional .

But if you want to uh confirm your identity or reset a forgotten password , you can put uh it's like a safety email of some sort , but for me , I don't need that .

So I just select next .

I'm just gonna turn this off .


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