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2023-08-21 20:35:07

How to Draw a Cute Puppy Face Step by Step - Art for kids _ CC

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In today's lesson .

I'm gonna show you how to draw a cute puppy face .

So keep your wrist nice and loose and start by drawing a circle at the bottom of the circle .

You're gonna draw a rectangle and the top of this rectangle is gonna be part of your landmarks that you're gonna use later on .

So draw your intersecting lines in the middle of the circle .

And the reason why you have two is because it's gonna help you mark where the point of the ear is as well as the top of the eye to the bottom of the eye and the nose .

So go ahead and draw on your nose upside down triangle and begin marking out the mouth and the chin next .

It's time to draw the eyes .

They're gonna look like two egg shapes and I've got them pointed a little bit towards the middle .

So it looks like the puppy is looking up already .

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And for the ears draw two very loose organic shaped triangles because puppies have very floppy ears , they're not geometric at all or static , they're very floppy .

And I'm gonna put a little tuft of hair which adds to cuteness and eyebrows .

So now I'm gonna draw in the eyes .

Oh , he's looking up just like a real puppy and adding all that reflective light makes him look even cuter and also gives your puppy dimension , makes his eyes look a little bit rounder .

So I'm gonna outline this puppy's face , smooth everything out .

We're going for organic here .

Organic means it's smooth and very few angles .

Yeah , I'm gonna get a little bit of a fold in the ears , give them some weight .

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Next , I'm going to give a little more dimension to the puppy's nose by adding in nostrils .

And I'm also going to smooth out the mouth , the front of the mouth and add those cute little dots on the cheeks , which is where the little whiskers go .

So it's time to outline and keep your wrist nice and loose as always .

So when you're drawing , you're outlining , I should say , um , you'll have smooth lines always good for a finished piece .

This is always the fun part because the hard work has already been done .

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Only have about 15 or 20 minutes to make dinner tonight .

No problem .

I'm gonna show you three delicious , easy to make classic Italian pastas that you can make tonight .

The first pasta we're gonna get into is one of the four classic Roman pastas known as , which translates to cheese and pepper .

Very easy .

Four ingredients .

Here's how you do it .

Speaking of pepper , we're going to add two tablespoons of black peppercorns to a medium size saute pan .

We're not gonna need that much pepper .

But while we're doing this , why not make a bunch , we're gonna add it to the cooktop , turn the heat to medium low .

What we're looking to do is toast up the peppercorns .

The reason we do this is because the pepper will become very aromatic and actually a bit spicier making this very full flavored .

Now , it's only going to take about two minutes or so .

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It's time to erase the pencil lines and looks like the pencil lines here are kind of stubborn .

So just as a rule , whenever you are drawing with your pencil , try to keep it kind of light , don't press hard .

And of course , as you can see the best of us still do it as a habit .

But if you draw light , then you can erase it a lot easier and you don't have any marks showing in your your final product .

All right , now I'm gonna color in my little puppy eyes .

And as you can see this image is coming together beautifully .

Just look at those eyes .

Makes you wanna pet him , don't , doesn't it ?

Yeah , puppies .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there's your cute puppy face .

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and please share and subscribe with your friends and let me know what other animals you'd like for me to draw .

Thanks .


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