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2023-08-21 20:34:37

How to Make TUNA PASTA in RED SAUCE Like an Italian

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This is the ultimate tuna pasta in red sauce with a cake .

Oh Yeah , we have beautiful fresh made ingredients in here that you're gonna love it so much .

You are going to thank me for the rest of your life for this dish .

Come on , let's make it together to make the ultimate tuna pasta in red sauce .

We need tuna .

I have a nice tuna from Calabria .

It's in a jar .

300 g of beautiful tuna .

Otherwise you can use 300 g of tuna from the can or even fresh tuna up to you .

200 g of Cher tomatoes , two hot peppers , chili and that's up to you .

You don't have to use it if you don't like it .

Two chopped garlic , cloves , chopped parsley .

Very important capers .

Oh The beautiful flavors of capers .

I'm using capers from .

They're nice and big .

You need to remove the steam .

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You can find them great .

Otherwise use the normal cap so you can wine .

They come in salt or in vinegar .

Make sure you wash them very well .

Before you use it a bottle of pasta .

The tomato puree 300 g of rigatoni pasta .

I love to use rigatoni .

I recommend you to use a short pasta .

You can use otherwise use any pasta .

You want salt pepper and extra virgin olive oil to do .

Now is to cut the cherry tomatoes enough .

I like to use cherry tomatoes because I want this dish to be as fresh as possible .

So the fresh tomato , it's it's so important for the flavors .

The is gonna help us to make it a little bit more .

But I want the sauce to come from the cherry tomatoes .

Now , I like to cut the chili nice and thin .

This is very , very spicy .

Yeah , it's up to you .

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How spicy you want your pasta and if you don't like chili , if you don't wanna use spicy flavors , don't do it .

We're going to do here to the cables .

They nice and washed .

We'll remove the stain just like that because we don't want to eat .

This guys are so good .

They can go anywhere .

Salads , pasta , chicken , uh beef , anything .

Mm .

Beautiful flavors of in a nice pan .

We want to put a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil .

45 tablespoons , extra virgin olive oil .

So important .

Here and here we go .

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Now we want to cook the garlic and the hot chili we saw for about 30 seconds .

No more .

After 30 seconds , we add the cherry tomatoes .

Now what we want to achieve from this is we want the juice from the to go in the pan .

This process might take about 5 to 10 minutes .

Beautiful genuine simple flavor coming out of the pan .

Mm Now the juice from the cherry tomatoes are releasing and going into the oil .

That's why seasoning and at the same time is helping not to burn the garlic .

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Very important because you don't want burned garlic .

Nobody wants to eat burned garlic .

But the seasoning is from the juice from the tomatoes when the tomato get so you can stop pressing .

So you release juice .

See that ?

See , so we help the to release the juice to the pan .

This is the goal you need to feel the food when you cook .

It's all about the feeling , talk to the food , get to know each other .

So the juice is out now it's time to add the tuna .

We gently wanna cook it .

So they make love together .

Now while you put the tune in there , make sure you crush it is .

We want to break the two into pieces .

If you want to use more tuna , less tuna , it's ok .

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You choose I think in this case , the more the better the tuna is making love the cherry tomatoes in a press .

We kinda , we kinda wanna get a mince , a ground tuna .

Now we're gonna add the capers .

Now it is the moment for us to add cables .

You can add more cables or less .

It is up to you .

Beautiful , beautiful flavors , beautiful , amazing flavors .

Now at this point , we want to add the pepper , black pepper .

I do love black pepper on my , my food is the moment for the pass .

So I can use half a bowl or you can use the entire bottle .

This is up to you .

Depends how much you love the sauce .

Half bottle of sauce for me is enough because look at that .

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Now all the ingredients are making love the sauce helped to combine all the ingredients .

Look how beautiful this is .

Look stunning .

Very thick sauce .

Honestly , it doesn't take long to cook in 10 minutes .

This is done .

Look how beautiful .

Look how nice and thick be .

Let's put some as well to the sauce .

We can add more .

Now it's there and here we go guys , honestly , less than five minutes and it is ready .

We wanna make sure we do not burn the sauce .

See how thick it is .

There's not much water in there , extremely , extremely thick .

In this case , I might add a little bit more extra virgin olive oil , just a little bit more .

And here we go , we can go and boil the pasta .

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If you do this .

Can you see that ?

It's a dry day ?

We don't have any and then running liquids .

This means that the sauce is pretty much ready .

We just wanna make sure that we cook this sauce for at least 10 minutes because it needs to make the love with all the ingredients .

10 minutes are more than enough .

Usually when you make a bolognese sauce or any other sauce , you need one hour , two hours .

In this case , this is very quick .

The just needs to meet the other ingredients and get to know each other guys .

Also , let's put a touch of sea salt .

Two nice sea salt .

They love each other .

Now , the water is boiling and we're gonna add one tablespoon , a generous tablespoon of sea salt or rock salt .

Here we go .

Now we can add the pasta .

My choice today is rigatoni .

Always follow the instruction on the packet .

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This rigatoni needs 13 minutes guys .

The pasta is ready .

Oh , beautiful .

So what we're gonna do now we get a mug of pasta water .

Now it's time to put the pasta in .

Just put the pasta in the pan , put a little splash of pasta water in there .

Not too much .

Mix all the ingredients .

This is why I love to use a nice large pan because I can play with this .

I want the pasta now to make love with all the ingredients .

A little bit more pasta water in there .

That is where the magic begins .

The tossing right and you toss .

So here you spread the sos everywhere .

Can you see that ?

Can you see what you've done ?

Little splash ?

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A little splash and we help to toss again .

Look , look , look .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

Look how rich this is .

Oh Yeah .

Yeah .

I just want to look at the details come and have a look at the details .

Look , we got the sauce everywhere , got the pasta wet from the sauce .

We have the capers mixing with the tuna .

You want the ingredients to go inside the the you see , look how beautiful this place is .

This is the ultimate tuna pasta in a red sauce .

The flavors are unbelievable .

It's time to serve .

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Look how beautiful and juicy .

Look at that .

So now we did a be very generous .

This is what food is all about .

Ladies and gentlemen , please please extra tuna .

Here .

Little bit of ladies and gentlemen and here we are a beautiful simple Mediterranean dish made with love .

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Look how beautiful .

Ah look , let's find the see we got there when I see when I get the fork , I get the capers , I get the cherry tomatoes .

I get the pasta and all of this now can go in my mouth all together and now I can eat it .

Mm .

All right .

Mm .

All that big .

Mm Nice with this beautiful view .

Enjoying a beautiful Mediterranean dish made with love .

Mm .

The the the kick of the chili the capers .

Such an important detail .

Oh yeah .

It elevates the the the dish to the next level .

The juice or the cherry tomato made love with the It's beautiful pasta .

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It's saucy full of flavors .

The tuna inside the hm .

Hm .

Look where I am .

Look at the view behind me .

Look at the dish I'm eating .

Who wants to be in my place right now ?

You tell me uh mm the chili , the hot chili .

Mm is really there .

Mm Thank you Vincenzo for bringing this dish to all of you today .

I'm gonna say this to myself .

Bravo , bravo , bravo guys , this is a must .

A must make .

So thank you so much for watching this episode .

I will see you in the next Vincenzo plate video recipe .

Vincenzo plate .

Hm .


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