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2023-08-22 21:47:49

The Creamy Veggie Pasta My Family Begs Me To Make

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Hey , welcome back guys .

We're gonna make pasta pri baa today .

This is a great one for spring , summer time .

It's not a dish that I order in the restaurant .

So I think it could be made better .

We're gonna do that today .

Here's all the ingredients .

Let's get into it right now .

All right guys , we're gonna go over all the ingredients .

I have £1 of rico .

We're gonna have a cup of white wine .

We're gonna have a half a cup of cream , gonna make a little bit of a pink sauce here .

So to make the pink sauce , we use just about two tablespoons of tomato paste .

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Broccolini is a very mild , not a lot of flavor kind of like broccoli .

I don't want broccoli Rob in this because I think it will overpower the dish and you'll just kind of taste that more , more than the rest of the veggies and the rest of the veggies are about 1.5 cups of English peas .

We have £1 of asparagus that I cut it into about two inch pieces .

I took two very small green zucchini and we had one yellow squash and that gave us about what , 2.5 , 3 cups , cut them pretty thick and not doing really thin .

We did the really thin zucchini for the spaghetti ala Iran , which is a completely different dish .

That's where you're essentially , you're killing the zucchini .

You're mashing it , almost turning it into like a sauce .

Versus if we want them to stay the veggies to stay a little fresher .

Got a little bit of Parmesan cheese at the end .

Parsley , lots of garlic .

Gotta have garlic in this .

You gotta give this one flavor .

All right .

So we have the 14 inch pan here .

We have a ton of veggies .

We definitely need something large enough .

Let's put it about medium heat , maybe about a four out of 10 .

Let it heat up for about 2 to 3 minutes and then we'll put our oil down and our veggies .

Ok ?

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So our pan is heated up .

We're gonna put , we're gonna use a lot of olive oil in this .

So we're gonna put down a coat the bottom amount right now and I'm using extra virgin , but you can use regular olive oil as well .

And we're gonna put down all the veggies at the same time .

We're just gonna get them in there , get them going .

Now , if you have a much smaller pan than I do , you can do multiple veggies and I am leaving the peas in until the end because they'll get too mushy .

Let it sit on the stir for a minute or two and then we'll flip it around and get a little bit of color on these .

It's been about two minutes , flip them .

So we got a pretty good heat on here .

About five out of 10 .

We're going to just get a decent amount of color on these , soften them up a little bit and that will be it .

So it's been about four or five minutes .

You can see how green , bright green everything is getting .

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Now from hitting the heat like that .

Some of the spots there will be a little bit of color on some of the zucchini like that .

If you think you're running out of olive oil , if it's sucking it up , put a little bit more down a lot of veggies we have here .

Don't like hold yourself to like three tablespoons of olive oil or four or what not just use what it needs .

Ok ?

And then what I'm going to do now is add the peas .

So I didn't want to put them in right at the beginning .

These are English peas and these are fresh , but you can use frozen .

Also , I'll make a little bit more room over here .

I'm gonna put some oil in there and then I'm gonna get all that garlic and I'm saving it towards the end here .

This will give it enough color .

Won't , we won't , won't burn it like if we started it right from the beginning and that smells so good .

Right .

When it hits , I just kind of mixing it in , into that oil just lost the peak , maybe six minutes total .

We're gonna season up with salts .

I'm gonna put in a good amount here .

About a teaspoon and a half hot red pepper .

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I'm gonna put in about a quarter to a half a teaspoon .

Do this to taste what you like ?

Those peas don't want to stay in here .

You know , they , you can hear it .

You have like a lively heat there .

All right .

So it's close to done .

Let's just taste it .

Let's see if the , if the veggies are cooked or not in zucchini , this one doesn't look so cooked .

So we'll see delicious .

The other veggies I can tell broccolini , asparagus they're done .

Bring your water up to boil for your pasta .

Let's get these veggies out of here and make the sauce just gonna turn the heat down a little bit while I do this .

People always say like , oh why are you using those metal tongs or a metal spoon ?

Scratching your pan ?

This is the pan that you use .

These type of tools on guys .

You don't use these on non stick , you know , use what you like .

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But it's easy to operate with this one here and what I like to do with this pasta .

And you'll see at the end , I like to separate about maybe about a third of it .

Safe to top the pasta .

So I'm gonna take one whole batch which will go in and then this one will save or after .

Ok , then if you have enough oil in your pan , you're good .

Maybe just put a drop more and I got about maybe a four out of 10 here .

And I'm gonna add the two tablespoons of tomato paste .

We're just gonna cook this out for a minute and this little bit two tablespoons will be enough to give , make this sauce a pink sauce instead of just a white sauce .

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And guys , I'm just gonna turn this off because I'm a little behind with the pasta .

My water is not boiling yet .

It will in a second though .

And if you ever feel like that , that your , your timing is a little off , just take the pan off of the heat .

So you don't burn anything because you can see how it's a little dark right here , but it'll be all right .

If I leave it there too long , then it will , it won't be good .

OK ?

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It's fine right there over there and would start boiling the pasta , two tablespoons of kosher salt .

I'm using more , more tins kosher salt .

I I feel the need to say this now because um people were getting confused thinking I was using the really thick big diamond kosher salt not using that type .

We'll give this a stir for about a minute and then we will wait a couple more minutes and then we'll just make our sauce .

So it's been a couple of minutes .

I'm going to turn this back on now .

So the paste has been cooking long enough .

We're going to put the wine in here and we're going to turn up the heat to high , make sure you keep your head back .

So nothing happens to you .

That was one cup of sauvignon blanc white wine .

It's a dry white wine , but you could use other dry white wine chardonnay , pinot Grigio .

Uh , just don't do any , don't use anything with oak in it .

Yeah .

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I'm taking my wooden spoon and I'm just trying to get any of those brown bits at the bottom from where the veggie caramelized where the garlic hit .

And I'm just gonna cook this out for about 23 minutes just until it reduces by about half .

If it doesn't reduce by half and it reduces by 60% it will be fine too , you know , or if it reduces by only 30% .

But I think that's good right now .

I'm gonna turn the heat down to medium low .

Ok .

Right back down .

Put the cream in .

You can let it sit for a second before you do it .

Normally .

Heavy cream .

36% plus fat .

It's not gonna break even with the acid from the wine in here .

Even lemon juice mostly .

Um , but , you know , you can , you can wait a second before you add it in .

I have the one thing of veggies there just sitting uncovered , they're going to go in the sauce the other bit .

That other third of it I have covered just to keep them a little warm .

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It's kind of like almost like a vodka sauce , but we're not using vodka .

We just use wine .

I get tons of questions about .

I can't have any alcohol .

What can I do ?

You can always substitute low sodium chicken stock for any recipe really ?

That calls for white wine and then for any recipe that calls for red wine , you're pretty much better off substituting low sodium beef stock .

So we'll let this cook on a very gentle simmer .

Let it thicken up just a tiny bit .

It doesn't have to really thicken up much though .

I have this really , really low .

The sauce is fine .

It's very thin right now .

Which is what I want to see this .

I'm gonna put pasta water in here .

I'm gonna put a couple ladles to start .

We're gonna need more .

I always recommend you reserve all your pasta water .

Um , especially for something like this .

You have so much veggies .

It's a big dish .

It's a large dish .

That's why we have the large pan that we're using .

All right .

So two ladles , that's a little less than a cup of pasta water and it looks really thin .

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But , you know , when we get the pasta and all the veggies in here , it's gonna soak everything up .

I wanna cook it to one minute less than we'll just finish it in there for the last 30 seconds to one minute .

That's good .

We'll put it in now , you'll be , you know , wondering most of my sauces are a little thicker than this .

It's fine this way .

I don't want it to be super thick here .

Cook this in here until it gets right till Al Dente .

Kind of saving the veggies till like the last minute because I don't want them to get super soft from this point .

I think that looks so good .

Just , just a perfect summer pasta , spring pasta .

Let's see if we have enough salt and pepper .

Maybe 30 seconds more .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , remember if you're too thick , just add a little bit more of the pasta water right here .

Looking good .

We gonna add , gonna turn this off and we're gonna put in parsley and basil .

All right .

So I'm gonna put in the cheese first .

Almost .

Forgot about the cheese .

What did I do with the cheese ?

Oh , I can't find it .

Here's the cheese and when you put this in right now , this might tighten up everything .

Maybe too much .

And if that happens , you just add a little bit more pasta water .

I just think this looks phenomenal .

I think it's a really nice light spring summer dish .

Don't you think so ?

Right .

It's , it's different too like we , we , we don't make stuff like this very often and we definitely don't order this when we go out to eat .

Right ?

When was the last time you ordered pasta ?

Primavera when you went to a restaurant ?

Never .

Right .

Why , why is that unimpressed .

Right .

Well , hopefully this one will impress lots of nice parsley .

I got some decent basil leaves here .

It looks like vodka sauce .

Right .

And that's kind of what I was going for .

Like , I think it will be .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , you know what , I'm not gonna , I'm not gonna give away anything .

Let's see what he thinks of it .

This is a bunch of veggies in here .

Can you get , can you guess what other veggies are in , in it ?

Asparagus , broccoli , peas , zucchini and squash .

Look , I have all these other veggies here for it .

So , yeah .

So , I like the contrast at the end .

You put a few of the really bright fresh ones on top of it .

Oh , you want cheese ?

Hm .

That's really good .

Try the veggies too .

Yeah , I did .

What's good ?

What's bad about it ?

Honestly ?

Nothing bad about it .

What could be better ?

Maybe a little bit more , a little bit more sauce .

Right .

And that's the pasta water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You do it whenever I wait to get you down here and to do it , everything dries out whenever you make pasta do serve it immediately if you can , you know , 9.5 .

That's pretty , that's pretty good .

I wasn't expecting it to be that good .

And I like , really like peas .

Yeah .

I love peas .

These are English peas .

They're so good .

Tara .

These are amazing .

Like we normally would buy the frozen peas , I think , which aren't the same .


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