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2023-08-22 22:08:35


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It is welcome again back to my channel .

So today's video , I'm going to be showing you a way to get a flat stomach overnight like this .

When you apply it on your tummy , you wake up with a flatter belly .

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So again , if I want to upload videos , so this will have so much to me your belly fat like it works perfectly .

Very good for you in case you are breastfeeding perfectly .

In case you are trying to conceive like this , you don't have to take it internally , you just have to rub it on the outer part of your belly .

So when you apply it , you notice a lot of improvement .

So you want to know the ins , you want to know how to apply it for best results .

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So let's go ahead and make this remedy for you that will help you to get a plaster or get rid of those belly fat of yours .

So in this video , I'm going to be showing you how you can use Coates or any kind of toothpaste to get rid of your belly fats .

This works amazingly very , very effective .

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So you just have to use it the right way for best results .

So we're also going to make use of two more ingredients .

OK ?

So the first thing we're going to do is to get a bowl , squeeze in some amount of toothpaste into a clean bowl like this .

So the next ingredient I'm going to add is a hot bum .

So yeah , it's a balm .

You can make it of any kind of b piece of vapor , any hot b you have .

So I'm going to add just a small amount of this .

All these ingredients are very , very important to supply heat to those tummy of yours , which enables you to burn belly fat very fast .

So I'll just add it into the bowl .

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The next ingredient we're going to use is onion , onion .

Here is super , super effective to remove belly fat to remove fresh mass and minimum .

So if you want to take it like eat it , this will help to get your belly fat .

If you want to apply it on your body , it will remove belly fats like flatten your stomach and also help to prevent satellites and stretch mass .

So you have to cut it into two or seven slices anyhow , you want it like this .

So this is how we're going to do this , OK ?

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You have to use this space , you know , whenever I want to make a of it , you just apply more of this into this , use it to scrub anywhere .

Of course , I'll be showing you how to do it for best results .

So this is how you should use this treatment .

OK ?

Look at the onion , the two slices , OK ?

This is the remedy .

Make sure you mix it very well .

OK ?

And one more thing I want to tell you is that this ban , the hot bun is really very hot .

If you cannot tolerate it , you don't have to use it .

You just have to apply some amount of this on the onion .

It's very , very hot guys .

So you just have to apply it on your skin like this .

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Scrub it with the onion , OK ?

We can use something like this or a knife , you know , just to bring out some of the orange juice like this .

OK ?

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So whenever I feel bloated or I notice the lower part of my belly is big .

This is what I normally do .

Yes .

So after applying it , you just have to wrap it with a waist trainer or if you have a plastic wrap , just wrap your belly .

OK ?

Leave it on like this for like 30 minutes to 45 minutes .

But if you want to , you know , use it to do exercise , you can just use it , wrap it after wrapping with a use it every jogging , ok .

So this is going to enable a faster burning of the fats around your , you know your belly .

You just apply it .

After applying it , you just , you use it and be jogging , you can do it in your house .

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So this is very good for those that are breastfeeding , for those that are trying to conceive those side effects very , very natural .

When you are done with this , you notice the flatter look of your , of your belly .

You may not notice it immediately .

You just have to be doing it once daily every day .

For best results .

This is very permanent .

It will not give you stretch marks , it will not give you a saggy look like most times when you lose weight , your stomach will just , you know , look saggy , this will not give you any of that .

So after applying it , leave it on for 30 minutes to 45 minutes , wash it off and you are good to go .

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