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2023-08-22 21:51:42

Connecting your SMART TV to a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Mhm Hello everyone today .

I'm gonna show you how to use your iphone or Android phone as a hotspot um as a wifi connection with your smart TV .

So let's go , just go to settings first .

You need to go on your phone and activate um activate uh the first and then I'm gonna show you on your TV , what to do next ?

Go on sit ins on your phone and enable data , data usage .

It's enabled .

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Now go back on settings and look where it says um connections again , mobile hotspot and Ted tap that make sure it's enabled just to , to , to enable it once it's enabled , just step mobile hotspot to get this information .

You will see the name of your phone , you will see the same and your TV .

Remember this name Android A P and the password .

Take note of the Bazzel because you need to , to enter that in your TV .

So let's go now to my TV .

I'm gonna show you on my TV , how to do that .

I'm not on my TV right now .

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So just go to sit ins in your TV , look for network , set up network or connection where it's ok to display available networks , wifi networks .

And you will see the name of your phone .

If you remember it was Android A P , you will see a different name .

You just enter , press that and enter your password , the password that was generated on your phone .

So I'm gonna enter the password .

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Now , once you enter that password , you're done and just connect , you will see wireless connection and internet connection are both connected and green .

So you will see it's connected .

Wireless .

Excellent .

And you have the IP address , you have everything is there .

So you're connected now to your hotspot .

That's it guys .

That's what I wanted to share with you today .

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Please subscribe , leave your comments if you have any questions .

Have a good day .


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